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  1. nofalloff

    StartPoint for Surface HST paths

    Thanks MCM. When I get a break or prehaps after work I'll try this out.
  2. nofalloff

    Defining Round Profiling Tools in Lathe

    I think I got it. Adding a small entry arc of 2.5x the DOC through 45deg is giving me a gouge free tool path. Now I need to see how it cuts.
  3. I'm trying to set up a tool in lathe that has a round head for profiling. The tool Is a Sandvik Q-Cut with this insert: Button Head Insert The insert is in the default Sandvik insert lib in mastercam but only if you define the tool as a grooving tool. This seems to be causing problems with the lead in gouging. This is the first time I'm trying a cutter like this in Mastercam so I could have the parameters of the lead in set wrong. Right now setting the lead in to tangent seems to offer the most gouge free tool path. This seem like it should be pretty straight forward. what should I be look out for when using full round inserts in Mastercam for profiling? Is setting the tool up as a grooving tool part of the problem? Thanks
  4. This seems simple but I can't seem to get it to work. I have a part that has the finish pass starting at X0 Z0 and profiling and arc and then a flat that ends at an o-ring groove that is at Z-.56 X1.125. Id like to cut this with the tool moving away from the chuck (reverse) or in the Z+ and X- directions so that the tool path ends at Z0X0. I can create a finish path that works fine when the tool is traveling in the Z- direction but if I try to reverse the chain or re-chain from the opposite direction I get a rapid boundary violation error and a tool path that is just straight and nowhere near the profile geometry. How do I create a reverse tool path like the one I need? Thanks X3 BTW
  5. nofalloff

    Sunset Sale

    Oh and gcode, this is the only time to my knowledge that CNC has offered a discount anywhere near this big. When we upgraded from X to X3 we got raked over the coals for expired maintenance blah blah blah. For a level 3 seat it was frigging expensive to the point that I think we should have just bought a new seat and had another that we really could be using now. The investment value in upgrade path/right argument is so BS it's embarrassing to someone of your intelligence.
  6. nofalloff

    Sunset Sale

    Our investment in Mastercam was to make parts not to save money on a future upgrade. AFAIK V9 will still function exactly as it did the day before the offer expires as it will the day after and therefor there will be no investment lost. I didn't buy my car with the hope that someday the dealer will offer a fabulous trade special in on that particular model. I just hate fear tactics in marketing as I do in politics and that's exactly what that was.
  7. nofalloff

    Sunset Sale

    I only post here about once a year so of course my opinions, to the high count old boys, don’t mean diddly but..... I remember a similar flap over screen shots of X when it was about to be released 6 years ago. Someone posted these screenshots and got all the chickens in this hen house totally in a tizzy. Even one or two CNC employees entered the fray here on this board and chastised the poster. The fact was that the screen shots in question were off of a promo tri-fold flier that CNC was handing out at IMTS 4 days before the emastercam fracas!!!! What we have here is a failure to communicate. Or maybe it’s evidence that within CNC the left hand doesn’t know what the right is scratching. FWIW once an authorized reseller releases a Promo PDF (essentially a press release) to the general public it is public. It’s not illegal to distribute it further regardless of whether there was an internal misunderstanding. I’m personally dealing with a very similar situation involving hundreds of photographs and the Getty archives. It's this last line that really pissed me off. quote: If you don't act soon you will lose your valuable investment in Mastercam! Exactly how? Or should I just be so scared that I stop thinking and hand over $ to CNC. We have one seat of v9 that hasn't been updated since Godzilla last attacked Tokyo. It's still working fine as is the Old timer who's using it. He refuses to use X4 and I refuse to share so we happily make parts.
  8. nofalloff

    Lathe Mill/Turn RANT!!!!!!

    Can I join the gripefest? I only use lathe for simple 2axis work on two older machines. MC lathe tool library/management is terrible. Whats the point of being able to save a tool offset # with the tool if it's not brought into the op when you choose the tool? Likewise if you change inserts and edit say the nose rad, MC resets the tool offset number and if you don't catch it you can watch you tool go somewhere you didn't plan. I assume these are "features"?
  9. nofalloff

    MPLMaster editing question

    Bump. Any help?
  10. About a year ago with the help of Ron and others here I edited a copy of MPLmaster to work with an old Sinumerik 810T lathe control. Specifically we were tweaking the threading cycles to output correctly. I've been using it for about a year with no problem till yesterday I tried to cut an ID thread and found the code was completely wrong (yes I haven't tried to cut an ID thread on this machine till now). I've been going through the post and the post guide but I'm hitting the limit of what I understand about MP programming. The first problem I'm having is that sign of the R24 parameter value tells the control whether the thread is an ID (+) or OD (-) thread. So the thread height needs to be (major dia. - minor dia.) or vice versa depending on ID or OD. Right now all I get is a positive value. I pretty sure that this problem is not in the format statement but in how the height is calculated. I don't see how to change that in the "pre thread calculations" if that's where it need to be changed. The next problem I'm having is the R26 which is the Z approach value is not picking up the data entered in that field in the operation in Mastercam. No matter what is entered in the operation the nc output for that parameter is always 0. The variable is lcc_zcst. Where does this pick up the value for the entered parameter in the op in MC? I have spent hours trying to figure this out and have made no progress. Can someone please offer some advice? Thanks peter- Threading parameters for Sinumerik 810T R20 = Thread pitch R21 = Start point of thread in x R22 = Start point of thread Z R23 = # Spring passes R24 = Thread Depth R25 = Finnish pass increment R26 = Approach distance R27 = Run-out Distance R28 = Number of rough passes R29 = Infeed angle R31 = End point Z R32 = End point Z L97 = Cycle call Sample code for threading: R20=.0769R21=.4167R22=.05R23=1R24=-.0416R25=0R26=.05R27=.05 N20 R28=3R29=0R31=.4167R32=-1.1 N30L97P1 Format statements current # Thread output # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- fmt R21= 2 xmaj_thd # X major dia thread value fmt R22= 2 zstrt_thd #Z Start fmt R23= 4 nspring$ #Number of spring cuts fmt R24= 3 thddepth$ #Thread height absolute fmt Q 16 thdfirst$ #First depth cut in thread fmt R25= 2 thdfinish$ #G76 thread finish allowance fmt U 3 thd_dirx #Incremental X move for G76 mult starts fmt W 3 thd_dirz #Incremental Z move for G76 mult starts fmt R26= 2 lcc_zcst #Z Approach fmt R27= 2 thdpulloff$ #Z runout fmt R28= 4 thdncuts$ #number of rough cuts fmt R29= 2 thdang #G76 threading angle fmt R31= 2 thdrdlt #Thread R delta G92 and G76 fmt R32= 2 zend_thd # Z finish fmt R34= 2 thdpull #G76 thread pull off fmt R35= 4 thdlast$ #Last depth cut in thread The post block for the threading cycle output. pg76new #G76 threading new style thdrdlt = xmaj_thd + abs(thdrdlt) pbld, n$, pffr, *xmaj_thd, *zstrt_thd, *nspring$, *thddepth$, *thdfinish$, e$ #*thdpull, *thdlast$, pbld, n$, *lcc_zcst, *thdpulloff$, *thdncuts$, *thdang, *thdrdlt, *zend_thd, e$ #pfxout, pfzout, *thdfirst$, pbld, n$, "L97P1", e$ Some history on this here
  11. nofalloff

    X4 web DL available

    This link was emailed to me by a friend who works at another company. I haven't gotten anything official from my reseller but this seems to be it... [ 06-06-2009, 11:24 AM: Message edited by: Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming ]
  12. nofalloff

    high speed surface toolpaths

    quote: Hey Chris, if you can program highspeed on this - Isn't that what the Haas control is based on? Or was that the TRS80?
  13. nofalloff

    X3 Install vista 64 problem

    Thanks, I didn't know about that. Now when I try to run the hot fix it tells me there isn't enough storage space is available to complete this command and the install fails. There is 932GB unused on this drive.
  14. nofalloff

    X3 Install vista 64 problem

    My computer died Monday. The owner got me a new machine built by a local computer shop which has Visat64 ultimate on it. This morning I try to install X3 on it and the installer won't run. Vista pops up the screen asking if I want to run the app, I click yes then nothing. Looking in the task manager under services you can see the .exe is running but there is no CPU time and no matter how long you leave it, it does nothing. I looked on CNCs web site and they have a hot fix that need to be run that may solve the issue, but when I run it Vista tells me I don't have permission to update windows and that I need admin privileges. Well I am logged in as admin. I tried with the web download of X3 as well and have the same problem. Anyone else have the same problem? Is there a work around? thanks
  15. nofalloff

    Remachining question

    Is there a way to break the associativity between the remachining opp and it's parent? I'm machining a contour with a .25EM and remachining corners with a .125EM. I'd like to drag the .125EM op down the op manager list so that I can have all the contours that are done with the .125EM consecutive. is there an easier way to have all the op that machine with one tool together and so minimize tool changes? thanks X2MR2 BTW What if you didn't want the remachining op to update when it's parent op was modified?

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