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  1. wenteq

    Posting hotkey

    Is it possible to remove the hotkey 'P' when the mouse is in the toolpath manager for enabling/ disabling toolpath posting? (The ghost icon)
  2. wenteq

    Lathe Chips

    There is an option to save the chuck part, cutoff part, or both. I believe its on the tool page
  3. wenteq

    Appearance Settings

    How do I save the appearance settings to default on with outline shaded and material applied?
  4. wenteq

    Tool List

    I just purchased the report program from Jim Varco. I also highly recommend it. It is so easy to customize exactly what you want in a few minutes.
  5. wenteq

    Origin hot key

    When I use dynamic transform, in 2018 and previous I could press the "O" key to snap to the origin. In 2019 this no longer works and it opens fast point mode. Is there a new button to press to allow it to snap to the origin?
  6. wenteq

    error editing tool holder

    So I just got one that would not open to open. I had changed the lower connection to ER16. I changed it to 0 and I can open it now. I tried it on every one that was not working and it works now. It did not like any text in the field
  7. In Mastercam 2018, some of the tool holders I have give me an error when trying to open them in Tool manager. I get an error saying 'Input string was not in the correct format' It is not on every tool holder. Any ideas on a possible problem?
  8. wenteq

    CoroPlus in 2018

    Sandvik changed the name of it.
  9. Has anyone used Sandvik Coroplus in MC2018. I didnt play with it in Beta and was told it is a puchase option. Not sure if it's worth the price. What were the benefits of using it?
  10. wenteq

    Deburring paths

    Featurecam has the wall check feature. It makes it nice to get the chamfer as close to wall as possible with out hitting.
  11. Is it possible to use a solid model as a tool for lathe tools? I know how to do it easily with Milling.

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