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  1. Here are the steps on how I start in the middle of the program using the OSP-P300LA control. I’m using Mastercam with N-sequence numbers 1)Auto page 2)Restart 3)Enter the sequence number you would like to start 4)Press okay 5)Automatically starts searching for the sequence 6)After the program stops searching 7)press Sequence restart #14 on the control panel. The number will be located on the button ( it’s a square symbol with arrows going around it) . 8)cycle start - after this step you’re good to go! make sure the machine is sent home for clearance purposes before attempting the above.
  2. just an idea lol was bored during break CHAMFER.mcam
  3. i started at $12 as a CNC waterjet operator/programmer. Worked my way up to conventional machinist. then worked as a tool a die for a couple years. After that became a set up for CNC machines, then to CNC programmer. Been with this company for 10 years. Now im the lead programmer/machinist, i program 5 axis parts, design tooling for parts that need welding on the sheet metal side. Some tooling designing for punch presses. and now learning an EDM. and now currently at $42 an hour
  4. we currently have a umc 750 post we are in the process of buying a umc 500. will the umc 500 machine need its own post? or would i be able to use our 750 post on our 500 machine?
  5. Unified worked perfect! i was also playing around with 5axis curve and got it to work, all i did was changed the start point of my toolpath and it works. Not sure how or why lol
  6. Im trying to use a curve 5 axis to machine the floor radius, but my tool keeps gauging into my part, Can any one help me, thanks in advance. also, i've seen a lot of programmers use the unified toolpath as well, how can i program this using unified toolpath 5x curve.mcam
  7. i recently been getting side jobs to program for different companies. not sure whether to charge hourly or per job, to me, hourly, doesn't seem right. i know this is off topic but would like to know what other people charge, Hourly or per program?
  8. but when i do, why does it say its going to cut "conventional milling" if you run backplot, isnt that showing "climb cutting"
  9. First Time Thread Milling with a left hand cutter. i was told to use a left handed cutter because it was best suited for the type of material (titanium) The call out for the thread is 1/4-28 UNJF - 3B i Define my tool correctly and chose the spindle direction CCW. On my cut parameters, i chose "ID Thread". when its asking "right hand thread" or "left Hand Thread", is that asking for the thread on the blueprint call out or the type of cutter you're using? I pressed the "help" button, and it says its the "thread you are cutting" so i chose "right hand thread" since thats the call out on the BP. then i chose "top to bottom" for the machining direction. and it says its going to be "conventional milling" but when i run backplot, i believe its climb cutting. am i missing something?\ i have attached a file. i am using MC2022 trial.mcam
  10. try unchecking "support coolant using coolant value in post processor".
  11. yes, you were right. the face interpolation integer is set to "0" by default. changed it to "1" and everything looks good. thanks millman
  12. @crazy millman, thanks for the suggestion, tried it and still no luck. yes, i did send the file to my dealer but some techs are at a trade show so it might take a little longer for them to get back at me.
  13. trying to learn how to use the c axis to machine a hex on the sub spindle. i am getting a rotary/tilt axis unwind when choosing "C axis" as my rotary type, if i choose "y axis", i get no warning. i cant use the "y axis" because it'll crash into the sub spindle. i am using a 2d contour toolpath i have tried "face contour" as well and gives me the same warning. thanks in advance. Machine " Okuma LB3000 EX II i have attached a file Hex Trial.mcam
  14. i only get 7 days of vacation and 3 days sick time. i can never take more than 2 days off because "they" say i have too much work. smh
  15. doesnt the omax software do this already?

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