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  1. Is it supposed to have a g91 in that line? That seems dangerous. Had cutter comp been deactivated from the previous path?
  2. H#518 on the matsuura. We have Camplete set to output the variable instead of tool number. That gets updated with the tool life
  3. I believe the output for data is there too
  4. You can do it in the tool manager from the main control. On our 850 with 60 tools I added 30 for a job. I go in unload the data for the tool I'm taking out and load in the data for the tool I'm putting in. Then put a tool tag on it. You can only load it into a free pot. I call up tool zero because if you unload the tool while it's in the spindle it won't recognize it untill after a tool change
  5. If your plan is to share them I would do a mastercam Library
  6. Can you use a system variable to warn in the program? Like if dia comp is greater than .005 issue alarm or program stop?
  7. G184 on the 840di Siemens
  8. A couple guys when they verify with a manual entry it opens and immediately closes Has anyone experienced this in 2023?
  9. What does the ptool_inpection look like? Personally i would copy some of the ptoolcng block so it re issued everything. This way if for some reason somebody goes to start the program from there it's going to have the right tool and the spindle.
  10. Did you do it in the tool change block? Don't do it in the null or pretract or prapidout
  11. There should be a post block labeled subsequent holes underneath the drill cycles
  12. It sounds like the spring pass is removing lots of spring
  13. You could try an asterisk In front of the sgplane *sgplane

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