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  1. A is an optional Input, any thing in brackets is
  2. Do you have the sheet that says what all the optional and mandatory inputs are? A could be a specific angle or it can even call up a specific macro like one of the easy set ones
  3. M165 may also be mapped to a program somewhere . If that has a folder system it may be in system or mtb. You have to back out to the previous level
  4. Parameter 3202 I think. There is ne8 and ne9. One is write protection I think. Ne8 is for 8000 series program and ne9 is for 9k series. double check the fanuc book
  5. I've gotten that alarm on a fanuc calling a feed rate of 1000. Could be from a spindle speed also. It could also be something in that macro program
  6. Leon82

    Filling hole in a solid

    Modify feature remove. Make a copy if you need it there. I had one where it would not remove it but I was able to move the feature off the part. I'm still not sure how it worked lol.
  7. Leon82

    G43.4 and G68.2 Error Questions

    Yes you can't turn it on with active height offset
  8. I don't actually think it'll hold a million of an inch. I had never seen her before so I was intrigued. We also have a makino that for some reason has five decimal places but it is terrible I don't know if it's a sevo package or what.
  9. Ok thanks. It's a funky surface so flow was giving me an edge error.
  10. I have a surface 360 degrees around the part. It's cutting perpendicular to my curves. Can I make it cut 90 degrees so it follows my curves (rotations c axis ac machine). I'm using tilt lines Thanks
  11. 2018. After I generate the path if I go back in they don't show when I click the show button. I tried restarting mastercam but it still does it.
  12. Leon82

    Desktop lathe

    Precision Mathews has lathes that are said to be higher quality than the grizzly. A lot of the Chinese ones should be considered kits and be taken apart and cleaned up. You can find Atlas and Logan's for sale too. I ordered a grizzly for home but it was back ordered so I ended up finding an old Logan for 1/3 the price
  13. Split the solid face and change the color
  14. 6 decimal places in inch. The control is fanuc but it looks like you can put it in ihmi, or the old style . Not like a matsuura where you use both. The old style looks good too. Not all pixelated . Should be interesting

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