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  1. Leon82

    Changing smoothing setting in or out of cut?

    Does mastecam have a cut type# for cutting and a type" for the backfeed?
  2. Leon82

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    You can do quite a bit with Linux CNC and mesa I/o cards Linuxcnc is free and the Mesa cards aren't expensive either.
  3. Roll tapping is good, but once and a while it can be a pain to controller the minor diameter. Especially if your pilot drill doesn't match perfect. We have been tapping m1 in invar with an emuge. It's 70 bucks per tap but it's worth it.
  4. Leon82

    standardizing metric taps

    You can also type a number followed by mm and it will automatically convert it for you in most of the fields in mastercam
  5. Leon82

    standardizing metric taps

    Also, you can open the external tool manager and open your tool library and edit your speeds in there.
  6. Leon82

    standardizing metric taps

    I just make them as inch spec with the correct threads per inch.
  7. Leon82

    Macro For Pallet Change

    I always used to put a pallet confirmation code in between the rapid positioning line and the g43 line. That way you can never run the wrong palette unless you deliberately try to crash the machine
  8. Leon82

    Random M5's

    Do you have a spindle override for a finishing pass set to zero
  9. Leon82

    Macro For Pallet Change

    Why don't you include the exact model number since you don't want to call maybe somebody has the same one
  10. The 256 was .065 cut dia .
  11. 2-56 are only 2x and the larger are 2 or 3 x. We have had to spin them back also
  12. We have been using these. They work really well. M4, ccw spindle mill top to bottom(g42 climb). They are 3 teeth but we is single and spiral down In titanium they are amazing compared to the sct we have been using
  13. Leon82

    G60 and Fanuc 0i-MC Control

    We use it sometimes for tight bored holes . We use approach in the ref points. And the post was modified to position x and y individually
  14. I don't exactly remember but I think on our machines it's only about 5 microns this is assuming it's not the distance from the center of rotation to the face of the table I don't remember what that one was called
  15. Those v19700 alues have to be set with the actual kinematic values.

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