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  1. Leon82

    Lathe Simulation True Threads

    There should a button in the verfy tab I think
  2. Leon82

    Adding a Peck Field to the Toolpath Tap Menu

    I would use custom cycle 9 labeled as peck tapping. In the control definition you have to un comment peck And in the cycle you have to copy the tap code and add the peck in there. Our dealer did ours with the misc drill parameter. That is another way
  3. Use steep shallow cut depths to stop it from going past the depth you want. In geometry there is a box for floor and wall stock to leave
  4. Leon82

    Jump over bolt

    70 fast ho tracks 83 trifecta backwards
  5. Leon82

    Jump over bolt

    Chain it manually in an order that won't touch the screw.
  6. Leon82

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    You define a flat on the tool and save it to your library
  7. Leon82

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    There is that function with the depth calculator
  8. Leon82

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    You can also right click and select diameter of an arc to into the size field I think
  9. Leon82

    Hello looking for help

    I think they last a year and a half after the release. And after x9 is when the interface changed
  10. There is a program in the system folder that says 20k prediction. I wonder what this does. Matsuura can use m203 to run the spindle un confirmed so you don't have to wait for it to spin up. I wonder if this is an expansion of that
  11. Most of that was the endmill, but there is a ring at high speed.
  12. It's a high pitch ring I guess like here before it starts cutting the grease has a hum to it .
  13. The actual sound level from the bearings
  14. It's loud like the vplus. I guess grease is quieter
  15. Leon82

    mind blown

    I think a lot of stuff is like that. Even the new machines seem that way.

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