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  1. Leon82

    Add G0 first line after G41

    That sounds dangerous. I would probably use stock to leave in that case.
  2. Leon82

    I will admit

    That the new drill cycle with the changeable axis output is kind of interesting.
  3. Our cam workstations have no internet access and work fine
  4. Leon82

    Duel Hasps

    We got our camplete on a network dongle. One computer on the network just has to have USB plugged in.
  5. Leon82

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    We always use our "5 axis home" which is basically top top top. It may work otherwise, but our dealer recommend to use the a0c0 wcs
  6. I second the thin wall approach. Leave the wall thick, finish with Stepdowns
  7. Leon82

    Duel Hasps

    Have them each take 10 paces and turn. Winner hats both keys
  8. You can also back up your sram in there if I recall. Motor origin too if your absolute battery dies
  9. Leon82

    Changing WCS

    The only time I've found incremental buggy is when there were geometry at different heights for a pocket or dynamic type feature where 2 or more chains are used. Then it is hit or miss what depth it uses. But for 5 axis work we just move the 5 axis home WCS and repost if simulation is needed. Mostly now we just use the probe to set the face of the fixture
  10. We do a spindle and axis warmup on all our machines. One of our parts that has close profile tolerances we set a 5 min dwell and m99 so it always runs without a part in the fixture. During lunch, break, and waiting for QC. It works pretty good
  11. It helps so if you pick up your offset 15 minutes later it hasn't drifted from thermal expansion.
  12. Do you have some random value saved in the override geometry diameter box
  13. Leon82

    Job tracking software

    We have e2. Previous shop had vista
  14. The last CNC software update to it was in 2005. But what I am experimenting on is a manual entry test for camplete. It uses what it calls a custom gcode label for manual entry. So the format is ME1, m00 ME2, (comment) So instead of a sub program for probing or a dovetail op on the table wings it would output directly into the program via manual entry text file.. Camplete won't simulate it, but neither will a sub program.
  15. Ok I'll look at it. It is a generic fanuc post, it's been here for at least 10 years. I only see a seq reference for knot sequence numbers CD var and it say no as I checked it to output them

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