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  1. You should be able to post the share link in the reply box and it'll format it for an embedded video automatically
  2. That is actually good thinking. I have seen situations where the motor will move as soon as the power is turned on. I got to used server motor for a old kitamura from our local repair guy. As soon as I hit the power button x axis went full speed and smashed up against the stop. He came back with another one and said you might not be able to get the nut on the end of it. It was clearly dropped and the shaft was dilapidated
  3. Does the head come crashing down when it drops?. We had an excell that would smash the head when the chain snapped.
  4. Leon82

    Matsuura MX520

    You have to go to the mims or handyman or side panel button on the machine to see what you have You can use a manual entry in mastercam or make post changes to use mic values or canned text
  5. Leon82

    My cycle time in verify is abnormal

    Are you taping or drilling?
  6. Leon82

    Matsuura MX520

    There is also an hon setting for full custom values without Messing with the factory settings
  7. Leon82

    Matsuura MX520

    There are 3 tables in the ipc settings. You can fine tune each one. There is a column for 1 and for 10 the middles are extrapolated from the two. On ours they are very similar. There is a slider for 1-3 4-6 and 7-10. If you use p you are using where the slider is. You can program r7 for non critical stuff then go to r 10 for a tight contour and back to r7 without having to move the slider.
  8. Every Siemens truck I drive by, the guy looks miserable inside.
  9. Yes you can ad it. In the line that has the pwcs. The asterisk will force output
  10. What does the pspindchng post block look like. Also the ptlchng (not the null)
  11. There may be a switch in the beginning to force it out, Based on the way you are doing that I would go intothe prapidout post block and change the speed to *speed. It may be spelled differently I haven't look in a while. Better of using a force tool change with manual entry in my opinion. You are getting lucky because the control is remembering modal commands
  12. Is it a hardened pen can you use a pulley tap?
  13. Leon82

    Matsuura MX520

    G131 p1 or r3
  14. Leon82

    Force head and table rotation

    I did this in our matsuura by modifying a generic 4 axis post. But it kept posting on the right side and I needed it on the left and was I unable to get it to do that. I ended up having to do it transform operation and I was able to hack my way through it. Camplete offers a pretty good utility to accomplish this though

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