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  1. Copper pipe has a maximum flow rate before it begins to error. You need bigger pipes
  2. You can try heatinghelp.com they are steam boiler experts. Adding chemicals can cause it's own problems with water level stability
  3. Leon82

    Set stock plane to model

    When using stls I always set stock to top plane. In the stock tab That's mastercam default top
  4. Sometimes the switch can get stuck in on older machines
  5. Leon82


    Step it down with a contouror dynamic then convert to 5 ax with 4 axis output
  6. Leon82

    Dynamic mill random cut order

    There is an optimize cut order check box I think
  7. This thread was made 13 years ago. They may not be on the forum anymore
  8. Leon82

    Clock face on an operation

    Is it set to batch
  9. Leon82

    New computer.

    Our original IT company didn't think we needed a good graphics card
  10. Leon82

    New computer.

    When they buy from the it company it seems to cost twice as much.maybe it comes with support I don't know but I saw an invoice for my company's computer one time
  11. Leon82

    Contour Skipping Sections

    Your stock setup may be a little bit lower than the roughing path also. You can also use optirough with upcuts to rough
  12. Leon82

    Illegal Command in G68.2

    There is another g53 1 at the bottom You could have active offset too
  13. One of Our customers doesn't allow Edm machining for the last .005 for a lot of features. The matsuura hold nice. The feelers we usually will load the ballscrew with the approach ref point
  14. Leon82

    Taking too long to generate a 3D toolpath.

    Depending how big the surface that's a lot of calculation. Set it to .25 mm and see if it generates. Certain surface operations do not like check surfaces And for me have driven up calculation time
  15. I opened an old file and forgot all about it.

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