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  1. Leon82

    cutting axle spline 2018

    If you set the retract and too of stock to zero (same as cut z depth) and don't keep tool down it will rapid without lifting up. Use clearance only at start and end of operation
  2. Leon82

    measuring spindle runout

    The Comanche was in metric but there were a lot of 12.7 and 9.5 mm holes lol
  3. Leon82

    CAmplete TruePath

    I ran out of space here so I uploaded them to an image hosting place https://postimg.cc/gallery/9M2MTn4 So you basically have to make a macro called MANUAL_ENTRY with the custom gcode dialog. There is one box to add a new line up at the top and at the bottom there's a box that says add codes. So insert like 10 lines and copy the example
  4. Leon82

    CAmplete TruePath

    All of those will insert the respective macro when the misc real it set to that value. It looks like that's setting the g131 values The manual entry will be similar, I don't remember the exact parameter name off the top of my head
  5. Leon82

    CAmplete TruePath

    I can post some screenshots of my macros tomorrow if you want. If you have active maintenance they would probably do it for free for you I believe.I sent them some things on my personal email once I don't know if they ever charge us for it or not. The boss never said anything to me so I'm assuming It was free
  6. Leon82

    CAmplete TruePath

    I also have a couple other macros (mt1, mb1,) to insert it in specific points before and after a tool change once you figure it out it's easy to work with I have a separate machine definition with probing cycles in the drill paths. The post I changed to output the mb1, instead of block numbers. So from manual entry you choose pick a text file and pick the program. And it's seamlessly inserted to complete. Now we don't need subs for probing cycles. Currently it supports 500 lines of code. But when I'm bored and have time I add more and more it's just slightly labor-intensive on the camplete side to add the g-code label lines
  7. Leon82

    CAmplete TruePath

    You need a format macro with a custom gcode label So when you type a manually entry it should look like this in master cam ME1,M00 ME2,( change clamp) Some NC formats have it in there otherwise you might have to add it. So if camplete sees me1, in the NCI it outputs it as unsimulated code On our NC format it's located in the start path block
  8. Leon82

    Weird camplete issue

    It's posting software that simulates the G code. It's supported by Matt Serra so it has a very detailed model Had another weird issue today also. On a 2D dynamic milling path I had hundreds of arcs going through webs and walls of the part these were triangular shaped pockets. Now it didn't actually cut the walls and I haven't quite figured out what it is. But there's an expensive part I'm not going to chance it on the machine so I made it so it didn't post out any arcs and it's fine I play with step over minimum radius filter options nothing worked.I don't know if it's a warning telling you that it's a small arc or what
  9. I was the only one on the file at the time
  10. So I'm defining my tool for a 5-axis flow line path. then it switches another tool from a different operation to the same type of tool I just definedand geometry and completely overwrites it. this also happened to my coworker except it overwrote like four of his operations with the wrong tool after they were already made
  11. Leon82

    Weird camplete issue

    Forcing canned to tip seems to have worked. Everything else was on top already
  12. Leon82

    Weird camplete issue

    I'll check them out, thanks
  13. Leon82

    Threadmilling Metric Threads

    25.4/.8 Type that in the box for tpi That's is one inch divided by the pitch and you will get tpi
  14. Coworker makes a drill path to chamfer a hole with a ball endmill. Mastercam looks good, verify backplot, tool lines in screen. In camplete it plunges into the hole too far by the amount of the ball radius. Adding it to the depth in Mastercam actually plunges the tool further into the work in camplete.( Opposite of what was soposed to happen. If you change the tool to a spot drill it will post fine in camplete at the correct depth.
  15. Leon82

    Threadmilling Metric Threads

    It's about the same for inch thread minor diameter also, the drills in the charts are within a few thousanths

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