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  1. You can filter it and use arcs, or some machines like matsuura have the ipc for corner rounding and smoothing. The dynamic air moves have also gotten better over the years also You could also get linear motors and eliminate the ball screw all together.
  2. Leon82

    Why have duplicate tools when using transform?

    I think he wants it to cancel g68 , index ,and re issue 68 without a tool change
  3. Leon82

    Why have duplicate tools when using transform?

    Having reread, I wonder if you need some logic in the post to do that Or do you have a safe retract misc integer?
  4. Leon82

    Why have duplicate tools when using transform?

    When I do it I use make new offset but set them to 0 and increment 0 so it always uses g54. I'm not sure if this helps
  5. Leon82

    Tool break monitor

    It's called dynavision. It will actually take a picture of each flute and it has a TV screen to see it.
  6. Leon82

    Triangle mesh question

    *they can't find anything wrong
  7. Under wireframe there is an icon with a surface and a single line and a surface with multiple lines Single for a single curve on a solid edge The other, triple click on the model to select the entire body. Single click selects a face In 2d construction mode it will squash the curves to the cplane. In 3d mode it will apply the curve to the model. In model prep you can remove solid history and delete your creation entities
  8. If you ever get a pmag 410 alarm there is a prox switch behind the apc door. This pic is taken inside the machine facing the pallet station, left side. It had a layer of slime which caused it to think there was a pallet in the machine. It is a good idea to wipe it clean once and a while.
  9. Leon82

    Triangle mesh question

    We sent a copy of the file to our dealer. I can't find anything wrong with the nci file. It's programmed at 100 ipm and is about 5 inches off center. This equates to 3to4k feed on the display for the rotary moves. This is on an mx 850 and the ipc setting is on max precision.
  10. Leon82

    Tool break monitor

    Big dashawa makes a camera touch off system. We have it on our yasda
  11. Leon82

    Strange error

    No it happens with 5 Axis drill also
  12. Leon82

    Triangle mesh question

    I'm using constant cusp from point 5axis and it's leaving material on the walls but cutting the radius to size . It's a square pocket with .5 rad, 3/8ball mill. Gouge check is set to zero and even off and get the same result.
  13. Leon82

    Strange error

    It can't simulate the move to the opposite size so it's going to go thru the part to reach it
  14. Leon82

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    If you edit the machine using the secret button combo you can edit the tool changer cycle and tool break cycle You can upload all the control macro variables and the fanuc parameter file. You can make custom parameters also but you still need to tell it what to do when it sees the parameter
  15. Leon82

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    Is that a new feature? We had them look at ours and they did not mention that.

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