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  1. Leon82

    y move triggers x over travel range

    Is the control reading ahead? Sometimes it will stop before the line has been executed. Also your y move may put the machine in a programed saftey zone. Our yasda is like that. There is a 3d area it won't travel to because of the tool change setup.
  2. Leon82

    How to save just tool holder

    I always right click and save tool holder. Then I saved the toool library after.
  3. Leon82

    cast magnesium

    Back when I was a lowercase machinist I ran a casting magnesium job. I forgot to run one piece so I took the tap out and indicated it in as best as I could.then proceeded to drive the tap down through the casting because I had to use that part of the program to get it in position and never went back to the top. Luckily the casting just cracked.
  4. Leon82

    Dynamic Milling

    I work with a guy that thinks if it takes more than five clicks to make a five-axis path that's too much work. I was showing him tilt lines one time and he said that the butcher way to do it.
  5. Leon82

    Fanuc 10m and DNC

    There is definitely a position on the dial maybe it's called remote? Okay I just looked at the picture so maybe not
  6. Leon82

    Fanuc 10m and DNC

    We use moxa boxes on our 6m control. Dnc works fine. You have to have it on tape, but there may be a parameter you need to change
  7. Leon82

    Dynamic Milling

    I even made 3D chains when a combination of multipasses and depth cuts wouldn't do what I wanted.
  8. It should be .5mm or 1mm at the most. When zeroing it is not finding the pulse and cant go further because the limit is there.
  9. It took them 5 or 10 years to successfully make the ball for a ball point pen.
  10. That's overrides the soft limit. This same as putting 99999999 in for soft limit switch(1320). The may have crashed the machine and it may need a grid shift.(1850)
  11. Leon82

    New WCS and some dimension tips

    Should be able to open 2 instances of Mastercam. You'll have to right click and click master cam so it opens a second time. For work orders you can pick from geometry and pick the two corners of the rectangle and I believe it will straighten it. Or dynamic it will give you a gnomen manipulate with the mouse
  12. Put g131 on. You can use p2 for roughing. I use 500 and 1000 ipm backfeeds and they run fine on our mx machines
  13. The control always seems faster looking for an n number in memory or run mode instead of searching in edit
  14. It may not be possible. Maybe a baud rate increase? Our matsuura PC4 will read a program and compare it against the tool list to spit the pallet back out if there is a broken tool. With a million character program this takes about 30 seconds. If you're on the offset screen you will actually see outputting blink. So you may be limited by hardware communication speed.
  15. M198 or are you setting dnc file from program library?

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