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  1. Leon82

    Optirough and tilt holder to avoid gouge

    Only on finishing. You can trim to holder Or triangle mesh can rough spinning c axis
  2. Leon82


    You can edit the post where they call the format statements for number of places
  3. I baked a motherboard in my oven to re flow the joints. I ended up doing it 7 or 8 times before I bought a new laptop. But in your case if it doesn't work I guess your down a bunch of machine time
  4. Leon82

    Tool break test

    Same think with us, the raptor base plus dove tail and workpiece added up to erratic open alarms. We twisted the housing on the ots. There are about 7 holes to pick from and index it
  5. Leon82

    Tool break test

    Is there a chance the eye is obstructed?
  6. The ihmi panel has a spot for names for the 550to 999 variables but setvn doesn't work. I can't find anything in the ihmi manual. The yellow Fanuc book only covers 500 to 550
  7. Leon82

    Metric Thread milling

    Under pitch type .5mm or what ever it is.
  8. I'll check the actual brand. In not sure what it is Ours is a Habor
  9. We had a couple capacitors go bad in a chiller on our makino. It would only turn on if you flipped the breaker twice in short succession. They replaced one of the boards in it
  10. Leon82


    Started happening to my coworker. No explanation. Restarting mastercam seems to fix it
  11. Leon82

    How to

    Under solids there is a button for layout
  12. I haven't. I can ask my boss tomorrow. It is an ITAR file

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