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  1. I use allied machine threadmills in kovar and monel with good results. 2-56 and up and usually they don't require much adjustment.
  2. 20 degree change in room temp is a lot. the fine print for accuracy for all the machines is +- 2 degrees
  3. I always use user selection. it doesnt check collisions for surfaces you don't check. Ive noticed for clearance when you select plane it uses the top view. so the front of the part would be y- clearance plane
  4. Harvey 300 degree lolipop mill You have to check the allow undercut box and possibly uncheck gouge check. And play with direction to lead it on and off You can lock debur path to 3 or 4 axis also
  5. i got 12 in the last day
  6. I didn't find about that one untill I saw it here
  7. But you would describe the diameter in inches otherwise your simulation is going to be slightly out of whack
  8. Make sure the threads per inch is correct So m3x.5 is 50.81300 threads per inch
  9. Uncheck start at midpoint in closed contours. If you have roll around corners on it will wrap around the last radius and lead off
  10. It's easy to move the part in mastercam and I would leave everything how it is. Once in a great moon a part comes in 100 inches away from zero but now there is an alignment to origin transform. Last time I messed around in the works of solid moving the origin was added sketch or operation.
  11. Be sure to tell them accounts payable is too busy to issue a check
  12. Ptoolcomment is the field in the tool page. Comment is the manual entry
  13. Harvey corner rounders have a 5 degree angle tangent to the radius I would cad it out to dee if the pilot clears the IDs

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