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  1. They mail us the camplete usb in a separate package. We've gotten them before the machines If that's really the case call them and ask them for a 30-day license to get you going
  2. Leon82

    G68 and G69 codes

    Don't you use IJK to define the rotation?
  3. Leon82

    aligning fixture to tables using 2 dowell pins

    Use a parallel vertically
  4. Geometry takes longer to regen I have noticed. What does it mean when it puts the repaired nci in the comment box?
  5. Leon82

    5 axis help

    I use an NC program as text file. Store in mastercam file. It won't update of you repost it. But is immune from file path changes. The other option. Reads file when posting so it's always up to date. Any filename or path changes will need to reselect the text file
  6. Leon82


    It was a hertl brand double-ended stub. It was doing a good amount of roughing but compared to CID and imco it lasted longer. It obviously cut slower but it was a first run of a part.
  7. Leon82


    I got the best life out of cheap solid carbide endmills
  8. Leon82

    Tool Filter always active

    Mine is always where I left it for that particular path.
  9. Leon82

    5 axis help

    That is going to leave a weird cup finish. Side mill it with old swarf
  10. Leon82

    Surfaces from solid

    Is the main level visible?
  11. With twp if you preposition x and y with the rotary there will be another shift when 68.2 it turned on
  12. Leon82

    Nominal Models Rant

    I had a model where they dimensioned radii in a pocket to the center point. They have the radius at .118 with a .120 floor radius. I couldn't use a quarter inch ball endmill because it would have changed the center point of the radius. So i had to order 6mm ball endmills
  13. Leon82

    G08 vs G05.1

    We use the er11 extension in an |r 25 collet. But that tool doesn't sound over 1000 rpm so it's ok
  14. Leon82

    G08 vs G05.1

    Yea hsk32

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