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  1. Leon82


    Is it set in the tool or just the parameter page
  2. Leon82

    matsura mx-520 pc4

    We have one and another on the way. It runs pretty good. It has some nice features for tombstone work also. Camplete is good also. I have modified my nc format to be super awesome also. For bt they just have to switch the atc arm fingers
  3. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    That's hour ours is setup. Pallet 4 runs a secondary so I run them in the morning then the other 3 run at night
  4. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Also if you forget to reset the m30 key it will shut down after the first part. I did that today and mon to sat the machine is always on lol
  5. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Yes. 1 program for daily 1 for 2days off One for more than two weeks off Our compressor also starts itself.
  6. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    It's on the machine near the breaker. It starts the machine and will run a warm-up program of your choice Also it will shut the matsuura off after an m30. Kind of weird how matsuura handles that. Even the cheap machines have auto power off.
  7. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    The oil spindles are loud. Our vplus1000 and the oil 520 have that ring when they are up there
  8. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Our yasdas will delay the program untill it feels it's warm enough. Of the 2 newest mx machines we got the 15k grease had the factory timer and the 20k oil we had to wait 4 months for the timer to be installed. They spin a prize wheel at the factory and whatever it lands on is what they install.
  9. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    the manual that came with our 12k machine says warmup is not necessary. On the oil air machine the factory warmup is 45 min for one day 55 min for more than two. So you need the timer option if you don't want to wait for it to warm up.
  10. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Our newest 520 has the air oil spindle. Our pc4 #2 hasn't arrived yet but we will see what it comes with. Our first 520 ate a hydraulic pump and they wanted to sell us the whole motor assy and not the pump because of some efficiency thing. We just bought a pump from somewhere else. 520#2 hydraulic pump currently sounds like a diesel engine We do run a daily warmup program
  11. Ihmi? Is there a key with 6 squares? That should bring you to a menu with pc access
  12. Leon82

    Old Mastercam X- Operations in Mastercam 2020?

    I once loaded a file with 5 axis flowline into 2018 and regenerating it broke the clearance area settings. I had to delete it and start over
  13. Yes set it to channel 4 Use the memory card button to the right. There are 2 Also fanuc doesn't like large cards. We use 256meg cards. 2gb would hang up on the control Go to the setting page in-between tool and work offset page down there should be the channelsetting Also the parameter write setting. Must be in mdi to write them
  14. You can set the DNC from the memory card from the program screen . You can't edit it but you can skip to block numbers. I believe you go operator device change memory card and set DNC in the directory.then when you hit start from DNC mode the program comes in like you were drip-feeding. You can use sequence number search function go to your blocked numbers. This is how our feelers work It's amazing the machines only come with a half a megabyte of memory
  15. Leon82

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    On our 520 we hold 50 micron true position with the tilting work plane easily. The same part has a 20 micron true position on another face. It would bounce all over the place. The matsuura guy came down and the consensus was thermal growth. We used the g54.4 and I would have an moo and indicate the datum faces. Pain in the rump as the offsets were not linear (45 degree angle)but it worked. Now that we have the probe it runs by itself. The boring bar op has it own sub program with a separate work offset. It runs around 10-15 micron true position. Sometimes under 10.

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