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  1. You could make a sub program and program the feature incremental. But you can adjust to go by operation type and order. You would need one for each tool that has multiple ops to use the minimum tool changes and prevent feature jumping
  2. So you would transform the 2" and then do a rotate and ghost the transform 2" op out
  3. I have rotated translates and translated rotates. It works, just don't go crosseyed trying to follow it after your done
  4. personally i don't like negative depth facing. if the next time the stock is different it could wipe the jaw out or make the part ull. I would set off the bottom and start with the shortest piece
  5. when you have duplicate planes the t/c will jump back to the first one when you change the views. this has been like that for a while
  6. rough, flycut on 3m tape, finish. leave material for a final flycut if needed
  7. I'm doing something similar on our pc4. Base work offset is g54 I used g55 and 56 so rotate up on an angle to skew datum b which is under a lip. Then use system variables and math to add 90 degrees and write to 54c then rotate again to get b under the lip at 54 c0. Then back to 54 and get Tatum c. Datum a sits on 3 target point pins and there is a 4th match milled to prove for z. It's working really good.
  8. I'm pretty sure that was a star trek episode too.
  9. you may be able to use the high feed feature in the ops manager
  10. What happens when you do stuff on the PC? Mine will idle at 2.5 but once you move the mouse it goes up to 4+.
  11. It's called file repair now
  12. Ok, i made a 5 axis home plane .00001 different and it worked. and camplete didn't yell at me either so i think it will work like this.
  13. I would think it would be fine as long as they remember to rotate it. It's still a mechanical number It would have to omit the rotary moves to prevent an alarm for non existent axia
  14. We have the small lang. It works but you have to make a few facing passed to clear big pockets. The center doesn't really provide push because the blade isn't there. I put an approximate tool length in and tweak it as needed. It will suck loc lines into it and destroy itself if they are too close.
  15. it doesnt like the wcs im using. if i change all 3 planes to a different one it works. if i use the wcs i need and swap the tool and comp plane i get the error still. my wcs plane is 20mm above the system top plane.
  16. right click in op manager make tool list, cimco nc utilities make tool list camplete output
  17. what does this mean in the debur path? I restarted the computer and it still does it
  18. I remember that back in the before time at my old shop. I think it was 5.5.
  19. the smaller tools seem to hold up better to me in some of the tougher materials
  20. I think it was the sleep settings. It must have screwed around with it because I had it on performance and it was switched back to balance
  21. have you tried clearing the solid history? save some is what i use for exporting
  22. the sleep was set so i turned that off. It has it set so the power settings need admin password. it makes updating stuff great because the boss has to type it in every time
  23. We have a server hasp. Only started with update 3. We've been on 2 for a few months now without any issues. They did upgrade e2 also. Maybe they changed a sever setting

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