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  1. Futchoy 8-55MM/50mm-75mm Wire Control CNC Self-Centering Vise Precision Milling Machine Vise Clamp Electrode Fixture Machining Parts Tool Kit (8-55MM) https://a.co/d/aUbDfFy I don't know why it didn't come as a link. But this is the Aisn number. B09PDHL7MP
  2. I got one from Amazon. Shipping from robot dig was the same price. It looks pretty solid. I wasn't expecting it to be as nice as it is.
  3. Yes, i've had m1.6 hole gauge fine with a plug gauge and a screw would basically push into the threads from a chipped drill.
  4. It sounds like it's trying to make a compound angle. I get that warning if I post from my Camplete Machine def from mastercam because the post is only a 4 axis post on a 5 axis definition.
  5. I might get one of those for my house what do you just have to make an account and you can buy them?
  6. We have a few of those RWP 502 vises. The Jaws lift up when you tighten it because of the design. I'm not sure if the new version fix that or not. They hold well though.
  7. We have dnc max and used the moxa boxes. Most of them blew out so we use cf cards now.
  8. When we use our 5 axis as 3 axis machines we use a copy of a 4 axis post we made and put A0C0 in pcout . It is possible to run the machine and have the 4th and 5th axes not at zero. I had this happen with a hand written program for fly cutting. At the very least you can put the A0C0 coded with out the clamp and unclamp and it will wait instead of cutting on an unwanted angle
  9. if you set it to not finish you will get warnings you cant get rid of when you try to edit the tool until you check it as finishing. this is by far the worst warning dialog mastercam offers.
  10. Yea, sometimes you can use pocket with high speed roughing pattern and do the .5x down .5x over and really rip it out in aluminum. But you need the horsepower to avoid alarms. dynamic uses less horsepower and can keep the flute wear more even.
  11. When I did it it was a for an angles hole before we got the 5 axis machines. First I made the fixture with the locators and hole for the ball. I cut the surfaces with the same tool. Then flipped it over and machined the angle. I used the relative screen and indicator to make sure I had the angle right. Then when I put it in the vise it was on the correct angle. I indicated the ball and touched off the top and set the bias to half the ball.
  12. Just model the ball with a point in the center. McMaster has the 3D files if you get it from there.
  13. We have an old grinder dedicated for this. It has some sort of sliding jig with a micrometer head on the end. You can also use a whirly jig and a skinny cutoff blade on a grinder too.
  14. there are a few arc settings in the advanced tab. i haven't really looked but i believe it supports those arcs.
  15. we use dynamic on out matsuura with an 11m control. you have to drip feed but it runs well. we just take it easy with the back feed.
  16. I use allied machine threadmills in kovar and monel with good results. 2-56 and up and usually they don't require much adjustment.
  17. 20 degree change in room temp is a lot. the fine print for accuracy for all the machines is +- 2 degrees
  18. I always use user selection. it doesnt check collisions for surfaces you don't check. Ive noticed for clearance when you select plane it uses the top view. so the front of the part would be y- clearance plane
  19. Harvey 300 degree lolipop mill You have to check the allow undercut box and possibly uncheck gouge check. And play with direction to lead it on and off You can lock debur path to 3 or 4 axis also
  20. i got 12 in the last day
  21. I didn't find about that one untill I saw it here
  22. But you would describe the diameter in inches otherwise your simulation is going to be slightly out of whack

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