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  1. 6 decimal places in inch. The control is fanuc but it looks like you can put it in ihmi, or the old style . Not like a matsuura where you use both. The old style looks good too. Not all pixelated . Should be interesting
  2. I don't actually think it'll hold a million of an inch. I had never seen her before so I was intrigued. We also have a makino that for some reason has five decimal places but it is terrible I don't know if it's a sevo package or what.
  3. I have a surface 360 degrees around the part. It's cutting perpendicular to my curves. Can I make it cut 90 degrees so it follows my curves (rotations c axis ac machine). I'm using tilt lines Thanks
  4. Ok thanks. It's a funky surface so flow was giving me an edge error.
  5. 2018. After I generate the path if I go back in they don't show when I click the show button. I tried restarting mastercam but it still does it.
  6. Leon82

    Desktop lathe

    Precision Mathews has lathes that are said to be higher quality than the grizzly. A lot of the Chinese ones should be considered kits and be taken apart and cleaned up. You can find Atlas and Logan's for sale too. I ordered a grizzly for home but it was back ordered so I ended up finding an old Logan for 1/3 the price
  7. Split the solid face and change the color
  8. Do they have keep relays like in a fanuc? It's probably there( whatever they call them)
  9. This happens if you make the program on one workstation and add more paths on another sometimes.
  10. Leon82

    2D Chamfer Problems

    Do you have a combination of depth steps and multipasses and machine finish at final depth?
  11. Leon82

    Choppy verify

    You have to turn the speed all the way down then
  12. Leon82

    Vision system with probe?

    We had a vertex micro vu at my old shop. It was camera and had an option for a hard touch probe I think We made some plexiglass fixtures with magnets and would inspect about 30 at a time for medical parts.
  13. You can use dynamic mill and select stock also. It will chop the corner away at the step over of your choice. Helps to keep the flutes from loading up and breaking
  14. Leon82

    Choppy verify

    Turn the speed down or the precision up Then it needs time to enhance the model You can use accurate zoom too
  15. Well, the sensor died and they had to replace it. Maybe it was on its way out.
  16. If you ever get a pmag 410 alarm there is a prox switch behind the apc door. This pic is taken inside the machine facing the pallet station, left side. It had a layer of slime which caused it to think there was a pallet in the machine. It is a good idea to wipe it clean once and a while.
  17. Leon82

    Camplete help

    The planes other than the world top 5 Axis zero can be anywhere as long as the wcs is the same world top for all of them.
  18. Leon82

    Camplete help

    If you click on the program in camplete where the crash is it will show the g code. Maybe there is something there than someone can see. Post a screen shot of it
  19. Leon82

    Camplete help

    I don't know if anyone will be able to pull up your CS4 file because the machines are tied to the sim
  20. Leon82

    Milling Wood

    I did that with carbon fiber. Try to make it so it will move with the machine and not pull apart. You can run a vacuum thru the top and taper down the nozzle near the spindle
  21. Leon82

    Best method for closed circular pocket

    Ramp the center then finish with cuttercomp
  22. Leon82

    Camplete help

    Using hole axis if fine. Make sure all the wcs are at "5axis home position" and the other 2 to the right are at the hole axis plane, or other features. In mastercam you don't need it to be in the "correct" orientation, it will figure it out during posting
  23. Leon82

    Tool numbers

    Unless they are in perfect numerical order disable number tool sequentially if you are importing paths to new drawings.
  24. Leon82

    Camplete help

    You can override common codes there as well as load the machine parameters

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