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  1. Have them save a step file for you
  2. Leon82

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    The same thing happens with the feedrates if lock feedrates is unchecked in configuration. In that case I would make 2 tools with the same number and put the correct pitch in each tool. Then hit no when it asks to generate a tool change.
  3. Leon82

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    I think they are setting the pitch in the thread mill field and not in the tool. So if you click the tool it resets the field to match the tool value
  4. Sometimes I want to turn it off to look at something. I keep the level manager open most of the time.
  5. Leon82

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    Maybe they can put a lock button under pitch and teeth. It uses cutting length and pitch to get the teeth so if you don't alter the tool it always reverts if you edit stuff.
  6. Leon82

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    It probably doesn't tie the pitch to the tool library definition
  7. Leon82

    Editing Tools

    The standalone tool manager. It's in the mastercam file folder
  8. Leon82

    Verify stock doesn't match stock setup.

    click the use stock setup values button
  9. Leon82

    Tiny icons, regular buttons?

    There's a setting for large icons
  10. Leon82

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    You need to change the pitch of the tool in the threads per inch field. The field in the tool edit screen If you click the tool it overrides modal values
  11. I'm not sure, but you can easily test it by picking a recent program and see if you get the whole thing
  12. You can use an actual file as a manual entry keep it in the path you are going to remember and just pick it at the beginning of your program. You don't have to copy or paste just use the explorer to find the file
  13. Almost always and in titanium. Sometimes if the endmill is prone to chatter I don't
  14. Leon82

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    So the top two boxes are slightly incorrect. I can copy the correct macro calls.
  15. Leon82

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    Also there is a setting you have to check to recognize the force tool change in one of the settings pages
  16. Leon82

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    I did it I have a post somewhere here about it You need two format macros. One in the 3+2 transition block and another at the top of the 3+2 start block The start block needs basically the tool change. The transition macro needs to cancel the two, tool change, reinitialize twp.
  17. Two computers out of 6 lock up after clicking the icon that they have to be powered down with the power button. Happened all of a sudden with 2 after years of use. I turned off hardware acceleration and they worked but one still locked up. I wonder if a driver update is screwing it up. All the machines have the same video cards
  18. The IT company updates everything these computers don't have internet so my boss is checking with them
  19. Leon82

    Variable feed in a chain

    Have you thought about mailing it down and steps with a thin wall method. The depth cuts in finishing screens have thin wall settings for adding finish cuts
  20. Leon82

    Variable feed in a chain

    Can you manipulate the high feed feature settings to do this? It's like aicc but at the tool paths level for machines without ai contour control
  21. You have to hit the offset key and scroll with the right + untill the work error soft key shows up. Unless it's PC based there may be a soft key on the display
  22. Leon82

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    It has TCP although I'm not sure if you could switch in and out of modes. It has g64 .1 p value. So you can set the amount of deviation for high-speed paths I haven't experimented with it too much
  23. Leon82

    Changing smoothing setting in or out of cut?

    Does mastecam have a cut type# for cutting and a type" for the backfeed?
  24. Leon82

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    You can do quite a bit with Linux CNC and mesa I/o cards Linuxcnc is free and the Mesa cards aren't expensive either.
  25. We have been using these. They work really well. M4, ccw spindle mill top to bottom(g42 climb). They are 3 teeth but we is single and spiral down In titanium they are amazing compared to the sct we have been using

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