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  1. nperry

    2020 Horizontal

    I'm seeing some funny behavior with Horizontal that I hadn't encountered before and was curious if anyone else is seeing the same stuff? I just changed the holder and stickout in an already generated horizontal path, went to regenerate and it gives me a fail error. Hit regenerate again and it goes. I saw it the other day where I had to hit regen about 3 times before it went...I'd say it's happened maybe 4 or 5 times total now, but I also don't use horizontal a ton.
  2. nperry

    Active Reports Z Depths

    Damnit...I had forgotten. MIN-Z-TPLANE outputs NA for 3D operations.
  3. nperry

    Active Reports Z Depths

    Looks good so far. For some reason I had operation/min-z-tplane in mine.
  4. nperry

    Active Reports Z Depths

    I've got my active reports set up sheet tweaked in pretty nice, but still struggling with one issue. Say I have one tool cutting at different depths, in different paths, the setup sheet outputs the depth of only the first cutter path of said tool. Is there any way to get it to output the greatest depth out of numerous paths? Or is this a matter of me just getting unlazy and only grabbing that last path instead of selecting all of them?
  5. nperry

    Clarification on MIll level capabilities

    One hour and I'm there.
  6. nperry

    Clarification on MIll level capabilities

    Got it. Thanks Old Bear, this has been a very insightful conversation for me.
  7. nperry

    Clarification on MIll level capabilities

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks to me that when you drop down into that surface rough menu it's explaining to you what you can get away can do pocket with multi surfaces, or "one surface" with the other paths. If you drop down into surface finish does it use the same verbage? Unless I'm reading into that incorrectly.
  8. nperry

    Clarification on MIll level capabilities

    That drop down is helpful. So when he did a multi surface parallel he was using a finish parallel path, I take it?
  9. nperry

    Clarification on MIll level capabilities

    It's a mold for some sort of concrete block. Based on the pictures he sent me I can imagine he might be able to cobble something together, but it's beside the point. It seems like the more he shows he can do the more complicated work they're putting in his lap, and he's only been using Mastercam since February of this year. I've advised him to try and get them to upgrade to level 3. Are you saying that with mill level 1 you're able to put down a rough multisurface pocket path and post it out? He claims to have had licensing issues, but I wasn't there to witness it. He's also running 2018.
  10. nperry

    Clarification on MIll level capabilities

    It almost seems like tribal knowledge or something. My buddy is working with level 1 and asking questions...he's got a mold to work out of plastic, sent me a picture of it and asked what he should do. I told him if he can get multiple surfaces with legacy paths (confirmed that he can do multiple surfaces with parallel), then try out pocket. Didn't work, not licensed for it. He ended up calling his reseller for some support and they also told him that legacy pocket should be capable of multiple surfaces with level 1. He then doubly confirmed that it is not. I told him try multisurface pocket for good measure. No dice.
  11. Tried searching for this one, but results were watery at best. Does anyone know what capabilites Mill Level 1 has anymore as far as surfacing goes? I know it used to be that you were limited to one surface at a time, but now it seems like there are certain paths that can handle multiple surfaces...can anyone give me the rundown on what's what at this point in time?
  12. nperry

    Where is the active reports tutorial

    Learning should be front and center after you log in. Congrats on retirement. Dicking around with active reports should prove a relaxing way of easing on into your twilight (sarcasm).
  13. nperry

    Where is the active reports tutorial

    Follow Bear's link, after logging in click "learning", then to find the active report tutorial you need to select Mastercam 2018 (or older, from the looks of it).
  14. Had to use a variable instead of a string, but this got it where I want it. Thanks Jeff.
  15. I thought about doing that but my neurosis doesn't allow me to view G80 G0 or just a G0 floating out in space as an acceptable way to program. Would much prefer to keep it on the same block as the first Z movement. Been hunting for the Cinci parameters to make that change, but not having any luck so far.

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