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  1. Brad St.

    3rd wave

    I'd recommend to Just use safe travel practices. It's here and it's not going away anytime soon. At least your heading out just ahead or at the beginning of flu season and not the hightide of it.
  2. We recently brought a tool room mill into our area from off of the production floor and are trying to set it up on our network to be able to pull files. We are getting the error message on the network settings page stating "Drivers Not Loaded" when we go to input our path information. We've got a good connection to the machine and it seems like we're missing something simple on the control (or something isn't configured correctly). We have a HaasVM2 with almost the same control and have no issues with it. If anything we're copying and setting up similar settings as it has for the tool room mill. When we called service they simply said they'd have to send someone out, the wouldn't even try trouble shooting it over the phone with one of our guys. Before we do that I am wondering if anyone might have a suggestion we might be able to try. TIA Brad
  3. Brad St.


    Jean, I've used it for years and when it became an item to purchase it was a no brainer for me and thankfully the company I work for allowed us to purchase it. The ease of use and simplicity makes it a great time saver. There are some really nice Mastercam setup sheets others have shared that you could work with depending on what your looking for if cost is an issue.
  4. Brad St.

    Regen times skyrocked suddenly.

    Interesting Gcode, if you were to create surfs from the solid of only the geometry you need to process (I know not ideal) does it crunch differently?
  5. Brad St.

    Regen times skyrocked suddenly.

    One other thing you may wish to try is if your working over a network save the part locally and try regening it. Our network is good but we have some complex parts that when they start to take time crunching numbers we begin to work local and it helps a lot. Just remember to save your part back to the network if that's your protocol
  6. Brad St.

    Custom Tooling

    Solidworks standard top view is equivalent to Mastercam's front view ( it's a cad world vs cam world thing, Creo is the same way ) You can either rotate the part when you bring it into Mastercam or create another coordinate system inside Solidworks and use that one upon import or opening inside Mastercam. When you open the solidworks file inside Mastercam if you have alternate coordinate systems available in the SW file you should be prompted which one you'd like to use. Hope that makes sense
  7. Brad St.

    Dynamic Milling on 316 Stainless Steel

    Ron, does it include libraries for known tooling already or do you as you said enter the specs as you go?
  8. Just curious MIg, can you share what you had to do to fix it? Thanks
  9. Brad St.

    Off-Topic: My house and car were destroyed last night

    So sorry to hear this Collin and in line with Tyler's response I'd like to offer another perspective. if there's something damaged that you don't claim they may not cover it at a later time. They may say it was damaged previously from something else. I went through this years ago with our roof on our home after a hail storm. I waited almost a year before one of my neighbors had asked if I had our roof inspected. I said no that I thought it was fine (I've help build houses over the years). I ended up calling the insurance inspector and he found it was damaged. long story short he stated just what the neighbor had said. in the end of course it's your choice and as many here have said we're glad your all safe more than anything.
  10. Brad St.

    Operation display multiple tools by default?

    How about using a generic start part that has your tools and ops already in it. Simply merge in your new geom and reapply it to the toolpaths.
  11. Brad St.

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    See if you can get a graphical output of the scan with images of the outlier points or areas that are out of spec. That will help you dial in on if it's the machine or the inspection. What Matt stated above is what's been on my mind all along. They sound like their doing the right process but just like cnc programming tool selection is crucial for the right results.
  12. Brad St.

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    Yep, never argue with an inspector. if their numbers are not right they will be the next time you ask. Alignments, alignments and alignments make a world of difference. Seen too many things to argue with em (even when I was one of them I was my own worst critic. The item that is standing out to me is you've tried it many different ways and they are getting the same results in their inspection. that alone is making a statement to me that they are measuring it the same way as before. may not be correct but it's repetitive thus the measurement is looking for the same thing (right or wrong) worst thing is measuring good parts bad and you go through what you are. of course if you measure bad parts good that's not going to help your reputation.
  13. Brad St.

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    interesting and all great feedback my quick question would be "how are they measuring the profile?" it's easy to say a CMM but what if the probe is too large for the corner rad.....? just asking
  14. Brad St.

    Why do tiny endmills cut deep?

    Matt, one other thing we used to run into and still do is if it's a carbide tool post in the tool setter look real close at it and see if you see small pitting from the tool to post (carbide to carbide). We'd see this quite often and have to pull the post and re-grind them flat. One other option is to move the tool to different placements randomly to see if your getting different measurements.
  15. Brad St.

    New Machine for Micromachining

    what kind of material and operations are you looking to do? Steel, graphite, plastics or aluminum..., Milling, drilling everyting...rigid tapping? most milling in my experience especially in micro machining the rpms don't matter as your machine moves will never allow you to achieve optimal feedrates. You have to consider what will cover all your needs, but if you into any kind of small hole drilling then your looking at another beast and could need up to 80k spindle speeds. One application I had run across in the past was we were working on MP35N material, milling and drilling with .016 bullnose em and drilling with .008" drills. we had mounted a 40k NSK spindle speeder in our mori which got us by but that was up until we got our 80k in for the drilling. But on another hand when we set the machines up originally and were doing test cuts for using the look ahead I programmed one the hs sample parts from mc to a feed rate of 999 IPM for an aluminum block. We ran it and it never achieved anything above 300 ipm. That's just an example per se, your requirements should drive what you need more than anything. your budget sounds right though you lucky dog =)

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