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  1. PacificMachinist

    Preferred method for routing holes

    Hi Daxman77, After you have selected the contour tool path type there is an option under the cut parameters tab on the right side that states contour type and in that drop down you should have 2D, 2D chamfer, RAMP, Re machining and oscillate. If i am wrong please correct me, as i am not sure how to check what i have, but believe i do have router 1
  2. PacificMachinist

    Solid disappears after toolpath regen, Mastercam 2020

    Hello Ajmer, Knowing myself I double checked to make sure I hadn't hit those buttons, due to the fact that I am an impatient clicker...But have been unsuccessful at getting the solids to come back. Appreciate your help though Kind regards, Shane
  3. I have a reoccurring issue when programming relatively simple solids, they are there up until i re-gen the tool path. It seems to hide all of the solids even ones that do not have tool paths applied to them. Rather confused. Running 2020 as stated in the title and haven't had this issue prior. The tool paths still reference the solids just fine and they show in the solids manager. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time! Shane
  4. PacificMachinist

    Lock rotation when nesting

    If you set the part to horizontal in grain direction and leave all other parts on ignore and tell it the sheet itself is also horizontal. Also you can set the step angle on the part to 180 degrees and it'll remain in the orientation that you drafted it in. Best of luck!

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