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  1. Charlie Pierson

    Vision system with probe?

    Shameless plug: Check out what Starrett has to offer !
  2. We have a new Haas VF2ss with a next-gen control. I am confused as to which feedrate format to use ( ipm or ipr ? ) . Is the feedrate value dependent upon G94 or G95 ? Is there a default format ? An internet search mentioned using a G99 for ipr on a Haas lathe, but this is a mill. Haas 'help' on control or pdf of the mill manual was of little help as some example programs used ipr and others used ipm.(w/out showing feedrate mode of control) Thanks in advance
  3. Charlie Pierson

    Mastercam 2020 migration

    Use the migration wizard and make sure you are updating the 2019 files to the 2020 folders ?
  4. Charlie Pierson

    Tapping Speeds and Feeds

    As a starting point, I adjust (all sizes of taps) the rpm to achieve a 20-30 ipm feedrate. Kinda slow but it has never failed me.
  5. Charlie Pierson

    Grey cast iron chips and step chucks problem

    Thanks to all.
  6. The Shear Hog is our go to for aluminum and has been for over a decade.
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for recommendations as to how to prevent grey cast iron chips from getting through the slots in a 4" Hardinge 5C step chuck and collecting between the step chuck and the step chuck closer. The boss says stuff the slots with permatex. Any better ideas ? Thanks in advance,
  8. Charlie Pierson

    Lathe Post edit two decimal

    Points or places ???
  9. Charlie Pierson

    Knurling advice

    It also helps to have the OD fit the geometry of the knurl so that the # of knurl teeth fits evenly on the OD. See attached exel file , adjust cells that are red only. Knurl Calcs.xlsx
  10. Charlie Pierson

    Knurling advice

    Everything you need to know is tucked away here.
  11. Charlie Pierson

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    Lyndex-Nikken mini-mini chucks have been my choice for 1/8 and under , Just don't over tighten them.
  12. Charlie Pierson

    2019 tool manager DXF files

    Thanks Old_Bear
  13. Charlie Pierson

    2019 tool manager DXF files

    Is there a way to edit a stand-alone tool manager tool/holder and 'save as' to create a new item ? Or do I have to start from scratch each new tool / holder. ??
  14. Charlie Pierson

    Measuring inside groove diameter (Best tool for)

    Although kind of pricey for a mic, the Starrett ID Groove mic fits your bill and is the simplest tool for the job. IMNSHO
  15. Charlie Pierson

    Measuring inside groove diameter (Best tool for)

    Thanks for the plug John. The Starrett 701B is an internal mic for grooves 1.500 - 2.500 range.

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