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  1. Hi everyone, I am having the same difficulty but now using 2018. The link provided in the discussion (;f=1;t=008781#000001) is not available anymore. I am trying to select a chain to be machined after import an operation. Do you have an updated link to the same material or is this material available in any place? This would help me a lot! Tks! Kenny Machado
  2. Kenny Machado

    Mastercam Lathe Stock Setup Dialog Box

    Hello Chally72, I already tried to do that and I got the same result.
  3. Kenny Machado

    Mastercam Lathe Stock Setup Dialog Box

    Thank you very much 5th Axis CGI, I tried using a Monitor with my laptop but without success. The picture in the link shows the result. Even using a monitor and changing the resolution again. Strange that using Mastercam 2020 I can work nicely, with no errors.
  4. Hello everyone, I was creating a simple lathe toolpath (finish a line) and when I went to prepare my stock setup, into Machine Group Properties, I couldn't see all parameters to fill, it means, I can't see all the window, as the picture below. I have already tried, for hours, change my screen resolution but didn't work. And the fonts are also BOLD, does anybody know how to fix it? Will help me a lot. PS.: I'm using Mastercam 2019 (I tried using Up1, Up2, and Up3). The error does not appear in Mastercam 2020 (Any TP or Beta) Thanks Kenny Machado
  5. Hello everyone, I tried recently to start using Setup Sheet processes in Mastercam (2018 or 2019), and it is taking around 72 seconds to open. I am using the SS default from Mastercam (mill, lathe, wire, etc). Does anyone know if there's a process that I can do to test and verify what's going on? This will help me a lot! Thanks to all!!!
  6. Kenny Machado


    Hello everyone, I have tried to post a Renishaw routine and my Mastercam simply crashes. Well, my mastercam .PST is already enabled to accept Renishaw post-processing routines. I can start any application into Productivity+ and ask to create the G-Code. After that mastercam will process its information and Renishaw post options box opens up. I select my .RenMF and click in "Process", at this point my Mastercam closes automatically. I have tried several times, changing part of the process, using all the strategies available in my P+ but the results were the same. I verified then that a LOG ERROR appeared to me, into PROBEDATA folder (C:Users/Public/PublicDocuments/SharedMcam/Commom). Which is bringing the information that several macros in P+ are designed for CNC Plug-in use only. And that the current set up is Macro-Mode. When I asked a Renishaw salesperson I was said that is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE, all custom macros are designed to be used with Macro-Mode, not Plug-in. So, I continue without being able to use P+ functionalities. Attached below is the LOG ERROR I found in PROBEDATA folder. If someone has already experienced this and knows how to solve it, please, will help me a lot! ProductSupportErrorLog.txt
  7. Kenny Machado

    Machining Cloud and CoroPlus

    Hello everyone, I tried too many times to import tool assemblies into Mastercam but rather than the message saying that everything happened OK appears (like in rollout 2018 video), an orange triangle appears with the following error message "No geometry model found for tool item...". Does anybody know why it is happening? Why am I not allowed to import that assembly? Note: I tried dozens of assemblies, changing the holder, tool and also inserts. Same result. Will help me a lot! Thanks.
  8. Hello, Smit, I just have changed my Construction and Tool planes to another one and set them back as the same, the error disappeared. I hope this helps you.

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