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    featured based drilling

    FBM drill could get it done. Prodrill would get it done much easier and better. Using none of that and just using model-prep - Hole axis is by far the easiest and cheapest answer. This part is too simple to bother with anything else imo.
  2. JCo

    Complex trim challenge

    Can you upload a sample file?
  3. To import sketches the file needs to be a native .SLDPrt file. When you go to open the file you need to open the options tab. This can also be set in the defaults if you want it on all the time. For this to work you need to at least be at the same version of Solidworks as the file you are bringing in, newer is okay. This will open up a new can of worms with crashing while opening up solidworks files though.. so there is that.

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