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  1. Tinger

    Small file eating Ram

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Tinger

    Small file eating Ram

    Did this file take up 16gbs for you?
  3. Tinger

    Small file eating Ram

    Hello all, This is a small file/part, but when I verify the 2nd OP and set my precision to over 50%, my computers ram usage spikes up to 100% and I don't why. I haven't changed STL/Verify tolerances from what I normally use. My computer has 16gb of ram but I have done parts that are significantly more complex with much larger part/file sizes with no issue. So I was wondering if someone could take a look and see a setting or something that is goofed up in this file. Or does this file not take up 16gb for you? Wherestheram.ZIP
  4. Tinger

    RYZEN 3000

    Is anyone running mastercam on a RYZEN 3000 series processor? If so what are the results? It looks like they have best single threaded performance: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  5. Tinger

    NPT Threadmilling - Troubleshooting

    Its using the tip diameter on both. The reason the paths are different is because the tip diameter on the tools are different. If you make them the same, the paths come out identical. To answer the question though.... your tools are different diameters in each operation, giving you a different tool path.
  6. Tinger

    Change Log

    I would just put a revision at the top of the program. Every time you post it just update the rev (If you made a change of course). Then you are keeping track of the programs themselves, not the MC file. If you think about it, MC is just a tool to create the program, not the actual program... As far your question goes... I don't know.. Sorry!
  7. Thank you! I appreciate the help. I never considered having an open chain for an air region.
  8. Hello all, I need an experts help . Both a dynamic mill, and pocket operation in my mcam file are not leaving stock on a wall surface and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have attached the file. the operations in question are # 6 & 9. Also, I had to use a containment, air, and machining region for it to recognize the area properly. I would have just used a machining region and an avoidance region, but it wouldn't recognize properly. Any help is appreciated. C7956902.ZIP
  9. I bet many of you guys knew this but..... I just figured out that the location of your cursor, when rotating geometry/solids, toggles whether you snap in 5° increments or rotate dynamically. If your cursor is in the in the circle, you snap. If your cursor is outside of the circle, the angle goes to wherever your cursor is. My print screen doesn't show my cursor so I added orange dots to show where my cursor is:
  10. Whoops!!!! Radii not dia. That's what I meant. I just don't understand why that option in the control definition would only apply to control comp toolpaths and not wear toolpaths?!?
  11. Ahhh I didn't know that. I figured that it would apply to any line of code with a G41/42 in it. Wonder why it only applies to control comp toolpaths? Isn't the only difference between the two, the location of the toolpath accounting for the dia. of the tool?
  12. Can you go into your control definition and turn this option off:
  13. Hello all, When I generate a setup sheet, and hit "save as" through the report viewer, how can I set the default folder to go to? I didn't see this data path option in the configurations of mcam or in the control def. Any help is much appreciated
  14. Tinger


    Some Fanuc must be able to do it. My Doosan DNM5700 can do it. You just add a "Q.xxx" to the G84 line.
  15. Tinger

    Possibly a dumb question.

    Thank you!!!

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