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  1. Tinger

    NVME Drive

    I totally agree with not testing out new processor on a 10 million dollar part. I figured it could be run on a benchmark instead. And true Intel has handled this better in the past, but this is 1st time in 10 years AMD has had a competitive product.
  2. Tinger

    NVME Drive

    Considering that we have yet to see a ryzen build in the benchmark thread, i'm surprised that the verdict of Intel being faster has been decided.
  3. Tinger

    NVME Drive

    Yeah its fine. I built my pc and it only has an m.2 nvme drive.
  4. Tinger

    Why does mastercam work in reverse?

    Why don't you buy the software you like then?
  5. Tinger

    Benchmark 3.0

    The multi-threading setting sets the maximum number of toolpath threads Mastercam can process simultaneously, not the maximum number of CPU threads it can use.
  6. Tinger

    Benchmark 3.0

    I got 3 min 27 seconds This is with an i7-9700k @ stock speed.
  7. Tinger

    Contour chain missing direction arrow

    Ok so I emailed them, they replied saying they didn't replicate the issue. I restarted my computer and now the green arrow shows up. Not sure whats going on there... You are right about not being able to turn on and off the stock model while selecting geometry... holy cow that would be nice! I cant say how many times I've clicked it out of habit trying to toggle it while i'm selecting geometry.
  8. Tinger

    Contour chain missing direction arrow

    Figured it out. It must be a new bug. The arrow will not show up if it is inside the stock model display.
  9. Hello all, I installed the new update, tried to create a contour, but the direction arrow is missing? Is this a setting error or something? How can I fix this?
  10. Tinger

    Dynamic OptiRough Wall taper

    I meant adding taper to a vertical wall for cutter shank clearance. But I was using the wrong toolpath. Thanks for the fast reply though!
  11. Hi all, Is there a way to add a slight wall taper in this tool path, for deep pockets? Say 1°-2° ***Never mind**** 2D dynamic mill does what I'm looking for***************
  12. Tinger

    plane jumping in 2020

    Yes this has been an issue. I am now in the habit of locking the planes after I get it where I want it and no issues after that.
  13. Tinger

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    I don't think you need an M29 in Haas code. There was a parameter to turn on rigid tapping.
  14. Tinger

    Latest computer builds

    In my opinion that price is shockingly high for those components. They charge $1000 for a $350 processor? Also ram of that spec is around $300. or less. I wouldn't get a sound card. Also what in the world is that $949 adapter; why is that so expensive? I think I'm missing something or that is so incredibly expensive for those specs.
  15. Hi all, Is there a way to view more tool info in this window? Such as tool grade, description, helix angle, manufacturer, etc....? Or are these the only options?

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