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  1. I feel kind of dumb for missing that but thank you! Oh wait is plane by vector in 2019 or 2021.....I haven't installed 2022 yet
  2. Hi guys I have this part with compound angles on the outside profile. I first tried 5 axis curve but am having some stuttering issues. So while I get those worked out with support I had created a work around method of just indexing to each unique angle. However I found it dificult to square the planes correctly for the radii on the outside profile. In the end I just ended up doing it by hand until the wireframes lined up and created a plane from G view. I tried using dynamic plane creation but the radius was always skewed. How would you go about making a plane to cut a radius that is at a compound angle?
  3. I was just thinking It would be awesome if there was some way to have Arbor Collision Detection. I get tired of looking in manuals to see max ramp/helix angles and triying to control entries and transitions in optirough as to not exceed those max values and have a gulled up aluminum on my Arbor Set Screw. Is there any way to setup your Tools to where the Arbor of the holder sticks thru the center of your Cutter and can detect a collision?
  4. Perhaps, I didn't think of that but I thought maybe it could mirror in way similar to the options you get while creating custom planes. Maybe it could mirror the plan and let you select how the gnomon is but that's already sounding like about as much work as creating from scratch....BTW I did already just create new version of all the planes already. But I really do wish Mirroring to get better I did enjoy how they added the swap lead in lead out button!!! Anyway I am sure there is some Technical reasons for you not being able to just mirror with no additional work....
  5. I have a part that has 6 unique planes for indexing on a 5th axis. This part has a mirror, so I typically just mirror all the geometry, solids and surfaces that have toolpath attached then regenerate it and flip/reverse all the chains and adjust lead in lead outs. The indexed toolpaths are plane specific and don't get mirrored when I move the model. I would normally just create new planes for the mirrored model but is there someway to get Mirrored versions of all your custom planes? I see that the toolpath transform has some options about planes but I am afraid of all the toolpath being conventional or something.
  6. Hi Everybody, I wanted to know how you all personally handle max radius callouts. I think most of us know a callout of .02 MAX R could be .0 all the way to .02 but what do most of you machine it to. Let's say it's a floor radius, do you bother adding a tool just to achieve it or leave it square? What if it is in the model with an overall profile tolerance called out to the model because it's a limited dimension print? I am just curious as to why they leave it open to some extent. I believe they want some kind of radius for strength or overall appearance but anything larger than the MAX R would cause interference. I wonder these same things with plus something minus zero callouts i.e. +.020 - .000 tolerance....why not just got to the median dim and make it + or - .01 considering most machinist would shoot for nominal of the tolerance? I always felt if they call MAX R they want some kind of radius or they wouldn't have labeled it as such same with plus something minus zero callouts. It just seems to me there must be some Industry standard logic to this but I mostly just find arguments on forums.....Please shed some knowledge and wisdom anyone
  7. No I just haven't had a chance to speak with management about purchasing them yet, I don't want to stop Gunther from earning a living. My company is cheap though they had let Mastercam Maintainence lapse before i started because someone convinced them Gibbs was best. That guy was head programmer and he just recently quit out of nowhere. Hopefully now that that has happened they will invest some more with Mastercam and Gunther included. It was pretty hard to convince them to get back maintainence when you have to back pay for the years you did not have it, Luckily reseller eventually offered a discount since I kept getting quotes that my company would ignore then finally there was an end of year sale or something that swayed them.
  8. Wait so 2022 could do this easily even without me having anything more than Curve 5 Axis? the only reason I did this in 2019 was for X+ setup sheets since I haven't bought them yet. How about 2021 I already have that one installed?
  9. Thank you that is very helpful and informative. Sadly I do not have any other 5 axis toolpaths available to me but 5 axis curve at the moment, but I am using this as an example of why our company definetely needs a more robust 5th axis package. I did do some model prep to close the one window to have a control surface in that area. Since Curve 5 axis is my only option I will to create offset curves for each pass instead of relying on multi pass I suppose. Will I be able to open the file you made if I only have Curve 5?
  10. For the hell of it I tried using the generic haas 5 axis machine instead of the one our reseller customized for us. I found both G codes had matching B and Z values, the code was not identical but every B75.3 for example had the same Z's at the same points in the program. Which leads me to question whether it's even post related...Another thing I thought I would post a picture of what the Toolpath lines look like in the graphics window. It's like you can see the problem in the blue TP lines but they don't show up in verify... Anyway I really appreciate when people of your caliber have time to help with my problems, thank you.
  11. The tool did not pull out, that was the first thing we checked. Also ran another and it looked just the same. The program is COR of the 5th axis and the part is where it should be. Although the code would have been much simpler if the part was oriented with the feature to be cut matching the center of 5th axis rotation (would have just been B axis rotations with a static Z but right now it's B axis rotations with many Z moves). I did notice when digging through the g code that it seems like some portions of the code have the same B degrees with a matching Z but other portions seem to have the same B with different Z's.
  12. zip 2 go Verify vs Reality.ZIP Any thoughts or advice that might be helpful on this would be great
  13. Hi Everyone, I have an issue where my floor looks flat in verify but in reality there is a step. I attached some pictures and Zip 2 Go. zip 2 go Verify vs Reality.ZIP
  14. parallax7761@comcast.net

    Haas 4th axis rotation direction

    Well this morning I had a realization...since the post I use for our machines that rotate CCW was made by our resellers, I am hoping the generic haas 5 axis rotates the correct way for our CW machine....I will post back if it does not end up working. on another note yesterday I tried reversing it using some tips I foind at this forum HA5CSB Direction (cnczone.com) but all I got was some error message saying something like paramaters do not match....
  15. parallax7761@comcast.net

    Haas 4th axis rotation direction

    so I reached out to reseller and they just wanted to sell me a whole other post...So I will be making the edits myself. changing the control definition seems easy enough but where in the post would i find a value that controls rotation direction?

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