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  1. Awesome thanks! I thought I'd be the only one working Friday after Thanksgiving...but I suppose you could answer this from anywhere too.
  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FnDBOyjThnV-EwFy9DJM3FuSJCa1m97I?usp=share_link here is a link, to the Zip2Go. It's just the threadmilling, our lathe guys did the rest beforehand but had issues with the thread. BTW I just wanted to make the code smaller and perhaps make the threads smoother in the process as well. but they do pass the go no go gauge already. With what james had shared earlier I think I can fix it with some trial and error. I still appreciate your interest to play along at home though, might save me the trial and error phase.
  3. I'ts all G1 and the linearize toolpath box is not checked ( T1=.695 THREAD MILL SPTM695A EFH 1.5 ) T1 M6 S935 M3 G0 G90 G54 X0. Y0. G43 H1 Z.25 /M8 Z.1 G94 G1 Z-1.125 F25. G41 D1 Y-.09 F4. X.0156 Y-.0886 Z-1.1236 X.0308 Y-.0846 Z-1.1222 X.045 Y-.0779 Z-1.1208 X.0579 Y-.0689 Z-1.1194 X.0689 Y-.0579 Z-1.1181 X.0779 Y-.045 Z-1.1167 X.0846 Y-.0308 Z-1.1153 X.0886 Y-.0156 Z-1.1139 X.09 Y0. Z-1.1125 X.0886 Y.0156 Z-1.1111 X.0846 Y.0308 Z-1.1097 X.0779 Y.045 Z-1.1083 X.0689 Y.0579 Z-1.1069 X.0579 Y.0689 Z-1.1056 X.045 Y.0779 Z-1.1042 X.0308 Y.0846 Z-1.1028 X.0156 Y.0886 Z-1.1014 X0. Y.09 Z-1.1 Awesome thanks cncappsjames and thank you for your efforts AHarrison1. I did something with my settings to fix the splines on ramping before but wasn't sure if that was the way to go for thread milling. Should have guessed since Thread milling is basically a ramp op too.
  4. Is there anyway to get mastercam to utilize canned cycles or some simplified version of the code for thread milling? I tried going to arc filtering but It was all greyed out?
  5. Awesome, I will check into that in a bit. I just created new paths and it no longer has the error. I will let you know when I investigate further what I find, thanks.
  6. I am just going to recreate this path but what usually causes this? 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - Post processor execution initialized. 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - Unencrypted input file: 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Mastercam 2022\mill\Posts\Lindel Haas Mill.pst 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - Loading input files was successful. 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - Initialization of pre-defined post variables, strings, postblocks was successful. 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - Search for defined post variables, strings, postblocks was successful. 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - RUN TIME -PST(2049)- The formula is attempting to divide by zero, , Calculation returned zero[9] 21 Nov 2022 01:10:26 PM - Successful completion of post processor execution.
  7. Thanks everybody, for your input. In this scenario I didn't need to reach in any tight spaces, so I went with a longer Arbor for our AXD cutter. Aaron, thanks for sharing those facts about long reach and keeping a chip load. I can remember the first time I ran a long 4" LOC 3/4" 3 flute on aluminum and it looked beautiful, then I wanted to bring the outside dimension in a little bit and put like .001 or .002 wear on it ran it again and the finish was a chattered mess.
  8. It's finally working, the msvcr100.dll must have been corrupt or incorrect. Our IT guy just renamed my msvcr100.dll to msvcr100.dll.bak and then uploaded his and voila! I'm back comparing files the way I'm accustomed. Thank you all for helping us find the solution as well.
  9. Hi everyone, I have to Mill a large diameter deep pocket into some 6061-T6. One of the challenges on this job is the reach and perhaps finishing of the walls. My go to is usually the Mitsubishi AXD line of tooling because those inserts leave a beautiful finish on the walls. Only problem is the two arbors we have now Aren't quite long enough. We have the MITSUBISHI 1.5 DIA. 3FL AXD4000UR1503A CUTTER on a Command Arbor with about 4" reach and the 2.0 MITSUBISHI AXD4000UR0203A CUTTER on a 22711-4 TECHNIKS HOLDER Which I believe is around 5" reach (being used now or Id have more accurate value) Anyhow the minimum reach I would like to achieve is 6.25" I was hoping some of you might be able to share what tools you use to reach over 6 inches deep or possibly if you know of any longer Arbors for the aforementioned cutters. Any insights or help are always appreciated!
  10. This is what I love about these forums! Thank you I will share this with our Lathe guys. Maybe they'll buy me a soda from the vending machine for saving their hand and wrist from tens of thousands of extra clicks of the mouse. This is what I love about these forums! Thank you I will share this with our Lathe guys. Maybe they'll buy me a soda from the vending machine for saving their hand and wrist from tens of thousands of extra clicks of the mouse.
  11. Hi all, I don't usually program for Lathe but I was showing our companies lathe programmer the "save parameters to default files" and we don't see that option in Lathe. Any ideas where it's hiding.
  12. Yes, thanks again Colin and thank you all, Jparis and Millman included the 3 of you have helped me so much in the last few years I can't explain how grateful I am.
  13. I got excited and thought you were telling me about that position at first. I am going to work on my LinkedIn more and maybe get a website for my resume and showcase all my safe to share glorious programming/machining victories. I think that will help me get top dollar later
  14. I'm in Tucson, and we are known for our low pay in manufacturing. Phoenix only 2 hours north pays much better.
  15. Yea, It's definitely a strange and exciting time to be alive! I see what your talking about in every field of business too. I think a lot of people are taking advantage of what's going on now. I feel there are a lot of people that oversell themselves that are being paid more than they are worth and there are a lot of managers too out of touch or unknowledgeable to notice. The part's I program here are worth more than 10k on the regular I probably program anywhere from 300k to 1 million worth of work a year and that's not counting if the work's repeat. I would be pretty happy at just a few bucks more an hour but I feel really under appreciated here sometimes. I plan on staying 1 or 2 more years max unless something changes and in the meantime I will keep my eye out for another good shop to continue my 5th axis growth and experience.

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