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  1. Hey all, this is likely a covered topic but I struggling to phrase my query in a concise and searchable manner! I am trying to use surface flowline to produce some features. I am making left and right parts, when I try to chain similar features the cut and/or step directions are opposed making the tool path erratic. I would like to be able to figure out what I can try to manipulate on the surfaces themselves to get the start point and step directions to at least match each other so I can then use the flowline parameters to get the toolpath I desire. Any suggestions? In the attached screen shot the part to the right is what I want on both surfaces.
  2. dwilson357

    MCAM 202 Issue with mask on Arc

    I have found in the past when using mask on arc, If you use the solid or surfaces of the whole assembly, often times you wills elect the bottom of the hole as well. This is one of those things where its just how I have done for the past 10 or so years and have never really needed to change my process. The solution I used today was to use the create curve all edges on the solid and select the face I wanted. Thanks for the help, I will take some time and try out each of the ways you guys are suggesting. Dave
  3. Hello, In the past iterations of MCAM I typically would import a solid Autodesk Inventor model and move all solids to level 1. On level 2 i would do a Surface from solids operation. Then level 3 would be a Wire from Surfaces operation. When doing a large face with many holes I would typically copy the surface for the face and copy it to a new level, curve on all edges, then mask on Arc the holes it made. Once In a blue moon I would get a hole that wasn't round and wouldn't mask, but generally this worked great. We just switch to 2020 from 2018, and I cannot select the holes in the manner anymore! The curve on all edges isn't making hole but rather splines it seems. As such mask on arc won't select them. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks, Dave
  4. dwilson357

    Odd Okuma 5 axis toolpath

    So right click new plane resolved the issue, but it produce a plane that was identical to what I had already. Regardless I am happy its working. Our dealer hasn't got back to me and its been a few days so I think Covid-19 Is having an affect on our service(In in Albany Ny, I believe their in Rochester)
  5. dwilson357

    Odd Okuma 5 axis toolpath

    I am not seeing a ton of flexibility to change anything in the the axis combo/spindle origin box. Fwiw I'm totally new to 5 axis turning, 5 axis milling on this thing has been awesome, but this is the first complex turning part I've tried to do over here.
  6. dwilson357

    Odd Okuma 5 axis toolpath

    One group should be the top side. The other would be the Bottom, with a Lathe plane to coincide with each. When you refer to axis combos you mean cooradtinating the turning plane the correct way to coincide with your milling "top plane"? What baffles me is the ghosted turning ops(hidden by the window) post as you would expect and worked fine.
  7. dwilson357

    Odd Okuma 5 axis toolpath

    Hello, I have run into an odd issue with my Okuma MU6300VL I am doing a pretty straight forward contour, the machine however is putting out XYZ info for each move, the backplot shows weird 3d Circular interpolationmoves and the code posting seems to be reflecting this action as well. You can see the funky toolpath in the attached JPG Any Ideas what could be causing this?
  8. nevermind i realized a missed soemthing. Mods please delete
  9. dwilson357

    Adding Coolant Event to Tree

    What a shame...Thanks Is there a way to default the Before,with,after to a specific setting? In the operational defaults page all I get is on or off for options when using x style coolant
  10. Hey Folks, I am running an Okuma and getting the post squared away. I am trying to add a coolant "event". However I can only do so if I disable backwards coolant compatibility. I would prefer NOT to run X style coolant because of constantly having to check the "before","with","after box". In My post I have gone through and defined Sm08_3 and Sm09_3, and added where appropriate. My basic question is this. How do I add a coolant event to utilize Sm08_3! Thanks, Dave W.
  11. dwilson357

    Weird Tool Speeds and Feeds

    That's It! I can't believe I missed that! Thanks!
  12. dwilson357

    Weird Tool Speeds and Feeds

    This is exactly my problem.... On every other Machine I have a post for, re-initializing works. It is not working on this post. What I told you in my first post is what I have saved in my library. Edit: The pics added should display what I am running into.
  13. dwilson357

    Weird Tool Speeds and Feeds

    Hello Folks, Am having an Issue with a Post for An Okuma I just started working on. For Example, I just setup a 5mm carbide endmill at 10000 RPM and a Feed of 3000 MM Per Min. However After I reinitialized my speeds and feeds I got something like 7K Rpm and 2100 Feed. I have been struggling with this for a week or so and cant get anywhere. Lock Feeds and speeds is NOT checked.
  14. dwilson357

    Shop Network Security

    How much would another box be? I'm really intrigued by this magic box btw
  15. dwilson357

    Surfacing Arc/Line Tolerances?

    We could do that, I have reservations for that as these are parts that we get fairly frequently through these 2 machines. But this could be due to my lack of drip feeding experience(I've only done it once in the past). We use the FTP function to transfer programs, but the USB option is available. I did find that something was up with the surface I was using. I had accidentally used the wrong level. Re-selecting the surfaces I had drawn with Mastercam drastically reduced the size of the program, from something like 300k lines to 20k which I can fit in the control. Doing this basically resolved my 2 questions. But I thought I remember in older versions like X9 there was a drop-down for arc line filtering in the surfacing ops. Thanks, Dave W.

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