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  1. Sorry, all of this info was for Opti-Rough I thought this was what you were using. I have never used Area Roughing. Looking at the 'Help' parameters page it looks like the "Add Cuts" button just below stepdown does something similar to what I was describing above. Like I said though, I don't really know this toolpath.
  2. I have seen this happen for a couple of different reasons. Mostly settings that might be hard to understand. 1. Skip pockets smaller than. (This is mentioned above.) This setting takes into account stock so you have to be careful with that. 2. Helix Radii. It's important to note that this is radial and does not include half the tool size. Typing in .250" with a .500" tool will generate a hole in the part 1.00" in diameter. 3. Steep/Shallow settings. 4. Not using Stepup. This is the setting that gets me almost every time I have this problem. Stepdown looks down until it violates a floor, then it deletes that last step. Meaning if you're within .950" of the floor and step down is set to 1" it will not cut the last section because it's less then the stepdown value. The best way I have found to negate this is to turn on stepup and set it to the same value as the stepdown, meaning it will look both up and down for material getting rid of that last bit of material. Hope this helps, Caleb
  3. Manofwar

    G43.4 and G68.2 Error Questions

    Kevin, the issue with the G68.2 may be the code following it. The post I'm using for an Integrex is not setup properly and posts code on the K line that is past 360 degrees occasionally, looking something like this. G54 M108 M212 B10. C20. M107 G68.2 P1 X0. Y0. Z0. I0. J10. K380. G53.1 P1 G97 S2139 M3 G43 H#3020 X-.6858 Y.0534 Z.0764 This throws the machine into a similar alarm state. In your example I can see that you're using A-90. however your I is a positive value. Maybe try switching this either to a negative value or possibly 270 degrees. The moves it makes during this mode can be extremely dangerous, approach this with caution. With Regards, Caleb
  4. Manofwar

    NPT Threadmilling - Troubleshooting

    Colton, I took a quick look at this. It seems to me that it's the way MC is interpreting the diameter of the tool vs the angle. I got rid of the taper angle in the path and it works fine. With an endmill it's using actual diameter (of shank) which is .375" (hence the .007" overcut you're using in the first path, because the cutting edge doesn't extend all the way to the shank) Where with the thread mill it's better taking into account the taper of the tool, using the tip size instead of shank size. I hope this helps. Caleb
  5. Manofwar

    5 axis toolpath help

    Like this? I'm using a conical limit switch down the center of the part with the setting of the upper and lower limit at 9.405 so it locks the B axis and C is still allowed to move.
  6. Manofwar

    Barrel Cutters for curved surfaces

    I don't happen to use blade expert. Perhaps somebody who does will chime in.
  7. Manofwar

    Barrel Cutters for curved surfaces

    If you're trying to define an oval form tool this is a Barrel form tool in Mastercam. Mastercam has a 2019 and 2018 description of all of the Emuge tools that are available. I've attached the 2019 version. If you need to make a different one I would suggest using one of the predefined tools and editing it to suit. Emuge-circle-segment_inch_2019.tooldb
  8. Manofwar

    Peel mill arcs

    Arc Filter/Tolerance. you could just set Minimum arc radius really high and it would turn them all into linear lines.
  9. Manofwar

    Opti Rough Stock

    I've seen this confusion quite a bit in forums over rest material with the tool starting inside. There is a special rule that isn't clearly defined when you use Optirest. The boundary chain must be used, and the strategy is locked to inside. All you have to do is select the compensate to, Outside and type in value that at least exceed your tool size. Edit: If you're an official Mastercam user on the website you can go to,Mastercam Webinars 2017, Stock Model and Opti-Rough Webinar. It goes over in detail the problems you're seeing.
  10. Manofwar

    Right Angle Aggregate HELP!

    What are you doing with the RAH? Just drilling... or milling too?
  11. Manofwar

    Cimco Edit???

    There is a much better editor IMO. Sublime Test 2. It's a tool for programming in other languages, but has some tools that significantly help with edits. It has a little bit steeper learning curve then CIMCO. But, It is free and has more flexibility. Some of the key things it has is multiple cursor, fuzzy searching, regular expressions, and better multi program sync. It was recommended to me by a Mazak engineer and I don't think I will ever go back to any of the other editors.
  12. Manofwar

    2019 Hotkey for Outlined Shaded?

    As gcode said, there is not default hotkey. There is an additional button that does the same thing in the bottom right hand corner. I occasionally click on these by accident. Perhaps that was it?...
  13. Manofwar

    how to make this part in 5axis

    Here is how you get sharp corners into that part. Like what was said, this is going to require a minimum of four axis. For-Ecam.mcam
  14. Manofwar

    Variaxis i630 matrix

    Clamping and unclamping is not for locking out rotaries. This function is for full 5x programs. As default the machine is in a clamped state. If you command a rotary move the rotary unclamps, moves to the designated position, and reclamps. If you wanted to make a full 5x cut this would be a problem as the machine would unclamp and clamp on every line with a rotary move in it. So, to create smooth 5x motion unclamping the table until you're done with 5x, then reclamping is what is required. Do not try to use this as a lockout system! It is not what it is intended to be used for.
  15. Manofwar

    Chain geometry, regions ghosted

    OptiRough does this sometimes because of stock. If you stock turned on it uses -Stay Inside only andeverything is then controlled by the containment boundary.

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