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  1. im doing the 2020 horizontal mill tutorial and i get that you cant save stl files in the hle version of mcam. but it says find the file needed in training files ive looked all through there and theres nothing. i even looked in the 2019 training files and i found something that says horizontal stl but that doesnt even give you the option to save it. it redirects you to a link to try and get you to pay someone to cd print basically is just a toimbstone with tome blank parts. im very unimpreessed by this and right now im stuck. does anyone ahve any ideas
  2. Rcwelsh74

    cant save files

    I'm to tutorial 6 of advanced and for some reason its not lettting me save the dust pan or soup ladel. it says cant save educational files and i don't understand that. its let me save everything else up to this point

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