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  1. Joe777

    Selecting Correct Solid Face

    You have this selection menu: When you pay for a seat. You don't ask such questions.
  2. Joe777

    Surface Rough Pocket

    The entire toolpath is Entry, except the last contour at the final depth. The Helix is circular, it can't profile ramp. Cimco's HSM addon looks promising. Only if it worked correctly, direction of cutting does not work "both ways" and it does not recognize "rest stock" correctly! pocket.mcam
  3. Joe777

    Surface Rough Pocket

    Same toolpath, as 3D contour with cutter comp off. Saved modified geometry. Do I have to make my own ramping? Ridiculous! Funny thing is: the original pocket g-code is 935 lines long while this one is 917 lines without filtering. Lead In/Out needs be fixed so it points inside the pocket: I love and I hate Mastercam at the same time
  4. Joe777

    Surface Rough Pocket

    The toolpath here is a "Surface rough pocket". The toolpath looks very nice except the plunge! I just don't understand why most of the legacy toolpath's don't support ramping! The only way to avoid the plunge is to plunge outside containment. It's a non center cutting tool, I can't plunge with it. Mastercam is Ridiculous!!!
  5. Joe777

    Advice for Toolpath, Please

    I never had any luck with it but, there is always an option to get a ceramic bristle brush and go over the surface.
  6. Joe777

    Advice for Toolpath, Please

    Surface High speed(Horizontal Area) I like to use for flat area's. Very efficient. Recently I cheated by using "2d dynamic mill" for finishing purposes. You need to filter it to get nice arcs. (Is there any other finishing tool path like that?) Pocket has too many (lead in/lead out) leaves marks.
  7. Joe777


    It just a toolpath across two chains. There is no surface!
  8. Joe777


    Lets have some fun: you where tasked with finishing the Z level of the Saturn rings. What is the most efficient tool path? Don't worry bumping into the planet-as it's a gas giant! This one is a 2d high speed dynamic milling. Produces a toolpath of 600k, with some filtering can be reduced to 15k. Am I missing something? I couldn't find a finishing toolpath to produce similar results.
  9. Some posts, will post G01 instead of G1,etc.. I think you can strip those as well. Pardon me for hijacking the thread. Yet, I have seen a lot of scraped parts and machine crashes on some of our older machines when filtering is used. In fact, I had to set "Present arcs as line segments" on "High Speed Toolpaths" . Control definition is set correctly. I'm thinking that Arc tolerances in the machine parameters for imperial units are set incorrect. I have read a lot about this issue, yet it's still not clear. Can someone shed some light here? Thank You.
  10. Joe777

    Verificaton Code

    The version of the hasp driver at work and at home might be different.
  11. Joe777

    Nominal Models Rant

  12. Setup sheets can be overwhelming. Yet, I do like to follow this format: 1st Sheet shows the Setup operator how the setup is going to look like and where the work offset is. 2nd sheet shows the stock size dimensions, orientations, fixtures and elaborates more on the work offset. 3rd sheet has operations tool list with basic description of what the tools are. 4th sheet has a detailed description of the tools and holders. I wish we could have come up with some standard Tool Naming convention: Lets say if a tool 808 was to break, operator knows that it's a 3/16 flat end mill with cut flute of 0.5" and stick out length of 0.85" and it should be in ER16 holder. If the tool was to break and operator has no setup sheets, just by reading the tool description the tool can be changed. JParis, 1.25" Shearhog? really!

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