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  1. Your help is much appreciated. Coding is not an issue. This topic is about agreeing everyone on some sort of standard that will suite everyone.
  2. Next step is to sort all the geometry/surfaces used in each of this groups to its own levels, named accordingly. It will make everyone life so much easier. I want to be able to open any program: run through a hook and get it into agreed standard format that I can easily understand.
  3. Something like this: The group name corresponds to the tool description, if the same tool is used later on in the program, the same name group name is used but with different prefix.
  4. I think we need to have a discussion about this but let's start from "Toolpath Manager". Having 250+ operations in the same group is not very informative. Let's group operations in sequence with the same tool into it's own subgroup. If the same tool to repeat later on we create another group with a different prefix.
  5. There is no standard on how the Mastercam program should be organized. It becomes extremely time consuming to understand someone else's logic. When it comes to revision changes: dealing with old school 250+ operations, all done on two color coded levels becomes a nightmare. I wish there was a hook to organize a program to an agreed standard.
  6. Joe777

    Machsim MCAM2020

    Vericut v9 with it's updated graphics is amazing. You will find yourself sleeping a lot better at nights! Mastercam has done good progress towards machine simulation. Hypermill simulation is spot on. it takes hours of Mastercam cheating to replicate some of the toolpaths.
  7. For these depth: you get a 4 flute HSS tool and bench grind 2 flutes off. Invest into some good ear muffs and it will do the job. Kennametal and Korloy has some indexable tools for these applications.
  8. Joe777

    Machsim MCAM2020

    The problem is caused by "Dog leg rapid movement". As Josh had suggested. There is a bug in Mastercam X9, you have to double and triple check if the rapid motion has actually been updated. I bet the 4 tools that cause a problem are used to machine a number of operations at different planes before the tool change. Try to force a tool change in between operations.
  9. Joe777

    How to set Mastercam to com3

    Are we the only one to keep this conversation up besides the original question
  10. Joe777

    How to set Mastercam to com3

    I usually take RS232 cable and hook it up my rear. It takes 3 farts to setup up a COM3 Port. The Baud rate is a little more complex for Mastercam 2018. You should contact your Mastercam Reseller for the exact sequence..
  11. As Colin had previously suggested, you need a different post. The "Standard Coolant" options in tool def are disabled. The Values are taken from Machine Def. None of these values are in the post.
  12. Joe777

    Inverse Z Axis on Sub Spindle

    Perhaps, check if Positive axis direction in world coordinate system in machine def is set correctly.
  13. Joe777

    Change post output from M88 to M18

    Perhaps Mr. House Glenn.B can shed some light on the origins of the post.
  14. Joe777

    Change post output from M88 to M18

    Yes, modifying the values of enable and disable labels does change the M code coolant output.
  15. Joe777

    Change post output from M88 to M18

    If your have searched for "M88" in the Post and can't find it. Machine Definition is a place to look.

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