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  1. I'm trying to use the morph tool path to finish the hub of an impeller, the tool path looks good however when attempt to post it I get an error that says: "WARNING - INCREMENTAL C-AXIS MOTION OF -179.745 DUE TO VERTICAL TOOL, ADD RETRACT MOVE? (ADJUST TOOL PATH TO AVOID THIS)" I understand that this error comes up because when the B-axis is equal to zero there is infinite possible solutions for C, I have tried to add limits in the tool path for the B-axis so that it will never be equal to zero however this doesn't seem to solve the issue. Has anyone else had problems like this before that can share some knowledge on how to avoid this issue?
  2. Eric

    Mastercam X9 scaling issues

    I tried this already and it hasn't helped, I think the problem has to do with the font size being too large in mastercam but I don't know how to change it.
  3. I'm having an issue with scaling on mcx9, when I open properties for chuck jaws in my stock setup I cannot click on the check mark to confirm my changes, I also tried just pressing enter to confirm my changes and that doesn't work either. I can move the window around the screen but I cant resize it. The computer I am using is a Lenovo thinkpad p51 running windows 10, the display is 4K however I am using a LG 1080p monitor instead of the built in screen.

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