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  1. Cam62

    Mastercam Lathe 2017 NC code issue?

    I would have hoped that the techs that recently worked on this machine would not have set any parameters for a mill as it is a lathe. The Fanuc "tech" spent one whole day and could not get lathe to run correctly, then we had to call a Mori Seiki "tech" and he spent two days and got us up to running. I have found a few "hiccups" since he has left. I cannot contact him personally and support is a couple of hours down the road which has to be handled thru our engineering dept which is another story. Again thanks for your insight. I do use the file compare with Cimco......great tool.
  2. Cam62

    Mastercam Lathe 2017 NC code issue?

    Funny thing here. I redid my program as I had to add another roughing toolpath and left the M30 command in and now the machine recognizes it???? We did have this machine repaired by both Fanuc and Mori Seiki technicians as had problem losing parameters and bad board.
  3. Cam62

    Mastercam Lathe 2017 NC code issue?

    We upgraded to Mastercam 2017 recently. Previous we ran a very old version (Dos Based) manually drawn GE3 files, etc BUT old Mastercam would generate M30 code and lathe would execute no problem. I tried moving the M5 code up one line to the G28 U0 W0 line as is in some of the old NC files but didn't change outcome. We also had to have tech in to change out a bad board in the controller and reload machine parameters so I thought that may have cause some issues but again, old files run and machine will execute past M30 code. As for absolute value I am getting it from main screen and this is when sending turret back to Z0 X0 position. Machine seems to still run okay and knows where it is. If I try to "offset" cutters .500 then I will get an overtravel axis error. I have also done this in the past to test out a program away from material. We do have an operator/programming manual I can look at but still didn't understand why the old NC paths ran with same coding. Thanks for your response nickbe10. I am a newbie to this and no one to draw from here at my place of employment.
  4. When executing the following NC file (attached) the code will stop on the second last line of G code???? Stops at T0200 with M30 & % not being executed. Lathe turret is returned to the home position and spindle stops. Another weird thing is absolute co-ordinates of this particular lathe (Mori-Seiki SL-250-48) are X 0.0000, Z 4.4680. Not sure if these need to be input into Mastercam when setting up toolpaths, etc before running G code generator. I've programmed it both ways and doesn't seem to have an effect. I've also noticed on the machines controller (Fanuc) that sometimes the absolute co-ordinates change from X 0.0000, Z 4.4680 to something else but will default back...... Any insight would be appreciated. 121885-8.NC
  5. Is it possible in Mastercam 2017 (Lathe Toolpath) to change feed rate for the last final pass on a Finish tool pass or do you need to manually edit the NC post file or run/chain another finish pass? Example: 5 final passes, removing .010" each at feed rate of .003/rpm and want final 5th pass at .001"/rpm in order to achieve adequate surface finish. Cam62
  6. Cam62

    Importing GE3 files

    Can you import and convert GE3 files from older versions of Mastercam into 2017?
  7. Is the easiest way to import a step file and align it for toolpaths? How to Align a Solid Body Select the “Turning” tab ribbon In the “Utilities” area select “Align Solid Body” The function controls will appear instantly Prompt will ask you to select a cylinder part face or circular edge Once selected the graphics view will spin the part to preview the results Select “Method” to “Transform to plane” Select the plane you want from the list Click “OK” Part will now be lined up perfectly You can shift the zero position with the “Push/Pull” Select the “Turning” tab ribbon In the “Utilities” area select “Align Solid Body” The function controls will appear instantly Prompt will ask you to select a cylinder part face or circular edge Once selected the graphics view will spin the part to preview the results Select “Method” to “Create WCS” This will create a new plane with option to name the plane You can also use the “Push/Pull” to shift the zero position
  8. Cam62

    2017 Lathe Tutorial

    Importing solidworks file Tutorial #7.SLTPRT shows as 30 entities in levels manager and manual states it should be only one entity. Page 534 of the manual also shows it as one?
  9. Thanks, but Colin answered my issue.
  10. I am having issues when importing a "STP" file as the solid model and trying to create toolpaths from this solid part. I use the TURN PROFILE command and in the SHAPES group select the TURN PROFILE icon, select the solid and in the dialog box, enable SPIN and UPPER PROFILE. It should section and only show the upper half of the part but I cannot get Mastercam to do this? I am using Mastercam Lathe 2017 and am trying to follow instuctions as for AutoCAD and Solidworks files. (Exercise #20 in the Lathe Professional Courseware booklet). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Cam

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