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  1. This issue was recognized and addressed in the latest MR.
  2. Surface

    facemill problems

    Those videos are very cool! Badassery at it's finest! One tool which was omitted was a feedmill. I'd be interested to closely watch the chip formation of an Mits AJX style cutter. Does Ingersol make such a tool?
  3. Surface

    Surface area

    Thanks Jeff. That worked da bomb. I don't know why I couldn't figure that one out for myself. It must be time to go home.
  4. Surface

    Surface area

    I have a solid model of a part which will be plated. Is there a way for Mastercam to calculate the surface area of the part? Analyze/Volume gives the volume, but not the surface area.
  5. I experience the same promlem. I'm using Windows 7, MC X4 MU3.
  6. Surface

    Crop Circles?

    I agree Craig. In fact, unless there is a reason not to, such a limited program space, I'd recommend implementing both of your suggestions because this is a difficult circumstance to re-create. Doing both things has the greatest potential to eliminate the problem forever.
  7. Surface


    That's too bad. It was a handy feature for situations like I am experiencing. I appreciate your replies.
  8. Surface


    That's too bad. It was a handy feature for situations like I am experiencing. I appreciate your replies.
  9. Surface


    There is/was a feature which was very useful to find a Mastercam file when I forgot the file's name. By choosing file/browse and pointing to the directory where the file may be, Mastercam would open each file automatically. If I saw the file, I could hit a button and the last file opened would stay active. Where did this feature go... or is there a better way to do this now?
  10. Surface

    fanuc 18-m high speed option g code

    I don't understand why a feature which allows the machine to run faster and more accurately needs to be turned on. Who has ever said, "My machine runs too fast." or "What can I do to increase corner rounding errors?" So why doesn't the machine automatically turn this feature on?
  11. Surface

    G03 should be G02 & vice-versa

    An excellent post to bring closure to the problem.
  12. Surface

    rene 108

    I know I've milled it before, but I have no memory how it behaved. This could be a false-repressed memory, but I remember it flaking.
  13. Surface

    O/T Employment Opportunity

    Chris, give me a call when you have a chance. John
  14. Surface

    Solid from Surfaces

    "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”-John 8:32 I'm running X4 and sometimes find it helps to Delete Duplicut Entities, and Analise/Check Surfaces before trying to heal a solid.
  15. Surface

    Pocket- High speed

    Thanks G. That's an interesting place for that button (inside the loops dialog). I didn't think that effected finishing. I learned something new.

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