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  1. Have you tried putting it in your pl_/pm_retract? You might need to set a variable in the tool change and then call it there or ptoolend. Tough to tell with the vague description...
  2. Kalibre

    CHECK HOLDER feature

    There's a thread for this with some really good info on how to go about it with either a stack or buffer. You'll be able to pull the zmin for each tool and add whatever clearance.
  3. Kalibre

    Buffer Problems

    Well, I finally gave up on the buffer route for this problem. I just couldn't get to the record I needed in the proper order with the way the post accesses the min/max values during processing. So, I ended up going the easier route and adding this into the pwrtt$ postblock. if t$ > 0 | gcode$ <> 1001, [ b4_min_depth = abs (z_min$) b4_min_depth = (round(b4_min_depth) + 0.5) "(", *b4_min_depth, no_spc$, 34, "MIN OVER HANG)", e$ " ", e$ ] Takes the min depth, rounds it and adds a 1/2" clearance. It adds it after the ptooltable output for each tool. Not exactly in the location I wanted it, but it'll do until I revisit it some day.
  4. Seems like a pretty low bar.
  5. The amount of things available to the set-up sheets that can't be read by the post is maddening sometimes.
  6. Was adding a little logic to an MPLFAN post and ran into a bit of silliness. Basically, I just wanted to set a variable based off of the value of plane$. Should be easy enough, it can only be 1 of four values and you can grab it from pretty much anywhere in a mill post. So off I went: if plane$ = zero, my_var = one if plane$ = one, my_var = three etc no matter what I did, it always spat out one. So, I just set my_var = plane$ and yup, big ol zero. Moved it all over the post to see if it would change the outcome and pulled my hair out realizing every nci line that it outputs plane$ for mill, it sure doesn't for lathe. I ended up tracing where the post digs out sg17-sg19 and was able to set my_var there, but seems like a bassackwards way of getting to it. Anyone know where/if plane$ is actually output anywhere during lathe toolpath processing and I missed it? Or does it actually not get treated the same as in a mill toolpath?
  7. Even for 2020, the description and manufacturers name boxes are listed as N/A for posting.
  8. Kalibre

    lathe boring bar insert orientation

    You can orient however you want on the tool set-up page. There's neutral OD holders in the standard tool library, change the insert to a VNMG if required and change the tool angle. Check the Define Tool parameters tab to make sure the compensation and tool clearances don't do anything funky (mostly on grooving tools).
  9. Kalibre

    Unexpected Radius

    Hard to even guess without knowing more. Can you attach a Zip2go?
  10. Kalibre

    G53 noob Question

    Received and replied. Outstanding.
  11. Kalibre

    G53 noob Question

    All I could find on documentation on the MC site was NCI parameters from X3-X6, maybe I'm looking in the wrong area? Sent off an email anyway and until a hopefully positive response, I shall continue writing garbage code until it works by sheer will alone.
  12. That other line would have been coming from your tool comment. Happy to see you got it working.
  13. Kalibre

    G53 noob Question

    Not sure about the US, but up here they haven't distributed the MP documentation in quite some time.
  14. run the debugger and watch where the post outputs the tc lines, put it in there. you won't be able to put the letters in the tool path parameters page. In the example, your post would pull it from the "Tool name" in the "Define tool" section.
  15. Kalibre

    lathe post x5 m6 on tool line

    Post it using the de-bugger and see where it's processing the output. Probably line 1498 in the lathe part and 1560 for the milling tools.

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