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  1. Hi all, In my work we have two 5 axis mills which both 4+1 machines (so not full 5 axis). One machine is a Dugard RM250RT, a table table type of VMC with a B & C axis, While the other is a Victor Tiachung AX800 ,a swivel head and table with a B & C axis. I use them the most and I have a seat of Mastercam 2019 with multiaxis. The most I've used is Morph or Deburr locked to 3 axis motion at different angles. I've searched over the web trying to look for information about programming these types of machines using a 4+1 approach, but I can't find any. I could just be not searching the right thing and missing a treasure trove. I'm wondering if anyone on here has experience within Mastercam on how to program for these types of machines. E.g. Having the head (B axis) the of Victor swivel over a surface or with the RM250RT tilting the table (B axis) 90 degrees and using the C axis along with the other 3 axis? Appreciate any replies. Many thanks. Kieran

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