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  1. The Mazak isn't brand supported by a dealer that cares about us in Wisconsin. Mazak phone support isn't functional. The guy who knew it wasn't sharing information about it, and the post I have is a 3 axis post that outputs A0.0 C0., so at a point you just realize you're working too hard to understand a brand that isn't better supported than Fanuc, or more efficiently programmed or operated than Hurco. I could invest $6500 split between mastercam and Mazak in understanding it, but if I just buy a Fanuc machine from Doosan, Ellison will support me because they are good to do business with, and then we'll have zero spent toward Mazak or Mastercam, and have no headhache or training obstacles. I have to spend some small amount of time with my family. I'm in the middle of putting together 4 patents right now, and I have to rank things on a scale of whether they matter or not. If we keep the lights on without the Mazak running, it should just get off the floor so we can put a profitable machine where it sits.
  2. If anyone wants a 2015 VCU 500A-5X I have one in 100% working order for 90K$ It has lower hours, like 2000. It represents a machine that costs ~$240,000 to buy from Mazak new. We just don't like Mazak, don't have a post for the machine, or a person who likes or understands Mazak. We want to get back to Fanuc. We're a Fanuc shop, the Mazak employee hire was a mistake.
  3. Also Top Solid sucks. I'm not really fond of Mastercam but given the choice, it's Mastercam everday of the week.
  4. I got the post today. I haven't had time to look at it but when I can I will. I don't know why guys conjecture but I didn't contradict myself on the post Colin. I appreciate my friend finding the time around managing a shop, dealing with HR, and a family (all like I have to do also), because I know a life of spinning plates isn't that hot. Its stupid to have a forum and lock so many posts. So far I've had 2 posts and both have been locked. Maybe go to England where people don't have free speech. It's bullxxxx to do this crap in America where we have it. You make Google look libertarian. By the way I have $1500 worth of in house solutions Mastercam books (stacks several feet high), so I'm a customer and this forum apparently has some affiliation to that so I've been a customer.
  5. If I get an open source post out of this deal that runs, I'll trade it like a pokemon card just to prove it can be done. All I'll need is to have it, and for someone to ask for it. It's not cheap to ask for help for someone I paid to do something because I respect his time and that he's human. I wouldn't be here, if I could get the exact post that I know runs because there would be no reason to buy one through a developer who will run it through a test and look at the code.
  6. Well like I said, if you had Mazak application people post code to the machine with a Mastercam post that runs, you can't buy that post anyway (or at least can't verify it to be the same), so it's irrelevant. The reseller might pull a post off the shelf in an undeveloped state, or tell you they can't sell you that version that you have experience with. If the post is going to require prove out, they shouldn't sell the post, and should just sell the development package instead. I didn't solicit this deal I'm talking about in the thread, but it was attractive to me because the guy who was offering it, had experience running the machine, so the understanding was that he would be communicating with himself, so I wouldn't be involved in developing the post. When a customer has two identical machines that don't operate the same, the right answer is to flip the corresponding parameter or change ladder logic so that they run the same. It's far easier to work with the machine tool builder or Fanuc to resolve that kind of stuff than to run 2 different posts on 2 identical machines. In manufacturing if you have 2 or 3 of the same machine, you want to be able to walk one job from one machine to another in the event that the originally proven combo is running another job one of our 2100SY II's wasn't properly mirrored during install so we shored that up this morning with Ellison. None of those issues affected cutting motion- one of them was an air-blow parameter flipped causing the spindle synchronization to fail (wringing the part) in part transfer, but both our 2100SY II machines had that issue on delivery and we edited that behavior in both.
  7. And I'm not trying to talk about software or resellers here, I'm just trying to resolve this post development issue since the machine isn't running right now, so it's not an absolute emergency. I think Jparis is missreading this, I'm not here to complain, but to see if anyone has any ability to help on this- like having a contractor post that can building block this issue and help me indirectly by helping the guy working this save time. And if this is resolved on Monday, I'll let people know that and maybe I'll be a third party that can share the post I'm looking for with someone in need of their own building block.
  8. I don't know that it's being unfair to say, that buying a post in my experience is about 25-30% likely to be a good working post at the time of purchase. There aren't really a lot of people who are qualified to make them right (its high level application work to do that), and they have to be right in order to work well, so it's not fun to buy or need a post. Maybe it would be good to develop a software module that edited and built posts easily so that it wasn't as obscure to modify them. Maybe there is a way to make this more simple that should happen at some point in the life cycle of the software- I saw Fusion had some sort of GUI for post edits and that makes sense. I talked to the guy who had solicited me with this deal 9 weeks ago, that we agreed to and supplied our end of. He claimed he's going to attempt to supply the post by Monday of next week. I hope that is true. It had the promise of saving me the attempt to figure out what's wrong with a post and communicating it to support and working to straighten it out, which is stressful and un-enjoyable. I've heard of the situations where people with the same machines, need different post versions, but I haven't experienced it, I've had 3 Yama Seiki GLS-2000-LYS machines, and all 3 took code the same. I have 2 TT1800SY's one is a II and the other pre II marketing and they take the same code. I have 2 Puma 2100SY II's that take the same code. I have one Lynx 220LYSC and it takes the same code as the 2100's exception of having a low and high clamp, because they are belt driven C axis machines which drag the spindle against a low clamp in C axis live interpolation. I have 2 DNM5700 mills, one is an S and one has the S spindle and not the badging and model number. They take the same code. So I don't have any of those situations where 2 of the same machine work differently. It's looking like that's a minority issue, so it should be possible to have a post that is developed for a machine and to sell that post to customers to make their lives easier. It would be good for the known good posts to be safeguarded and sold, just like it's nice to have cars that are well engineered and don't need recall servicing for issues missed in engineering or manufacturing. There shouldn't be a good version of the product, and yet the bad version gets sold.
  9. I might. First I have to get a programmer here capable of producing in our shop a need to use the 5 axis machine. I have my hands full with good machinists, steady work, and 5 multi-axis mill turn lathes. I purposefully don't touch mills because I want to keep my wife from divorcing me and I have to be home a few hours a day to make that likely to be an outcome. I have an open source post for a doosan mill, so I figured someone might have one for the Mazak, maybe not. I figure if it comes to needing it, we'll realize my friend robbed me and we'll buy the post from the reseller that will put the machine at greater risk for a crash etc. I would never have agreed to a trade for a post, if the resellers could sell you the most developed post for a machine, but typically they sell whatever basic thing comes off the shelf and the development is case by case and that leaves uneasiness in all post purchasing situations. I can't guaranty we'll easily identify an issue, or effectively communicate it, or that it will be easily understood and worked out so a post from a re seller might cost a machine crash and repair. I've been in situations in the past where I buy a machine from a machine tool manufacturer, whos support people tell me they have a bulletproof post, and I've asked to buy it, and they tell me they can't sell me that product, and Mastercam can't either, and that sucks. Customers want the best working product, not a building block to one. If I'm going to have a building block it may as well be free, so I can try to give my friend some help not being a thief, so I can have a good memory of the guy.
  10. A guy on this forum who's kind of a friend of mine was working for us and took a job somewhere else for more pay and he arranged a deal to trade services for a post as he was getting out of here, so we paid a professional for the post, it just hasn't been supplied and it's been 2 months so I'm unsure of whether he was being totally ethical with that arrangement. He's also a dealer sim holder working for a reseller so he's not actually a reseller but he's the next thing to one. I'm not here to call him out, so I was just putting this out there since the current programmer here, is asleep in my office on the job and hasn't gotten to that machine yet. I'm not going to bother waking the programmer up. He's an adult. So I understand how the post looks stupid but we're not idiots, and I would have bought the post from a reseller if it weren't for a post writer arranging a trade without solicitation. The post writer had literally been outputting files to the machine so I figured I wouldn't have to communicate with a post writer or reseller since the writer would be a guy possessing intimate knowledge of the machine from 7 months working here with it.
  11. Long story but I compensated a guy who doesn't apparently have time to develop the post we we paid for. I was looking for a 2015 VCU 500A-5X post capable of 3+2 machining. The 500A-5X is a Y aligned tilt axis machine, so the trunion tilts to the left as you look into the cabinet. We're dealing with a new programmer and a backlog of work so we haven't run the Mazak VCU for 2 months, and as long as it's not needed, we have been looking for the possibility of an open post. I had one subcontractor built for a 4th Axis Doosan DNM5700S, so I know sometimes people have a post that is able to run on anyone's sim. That's got pros and cons- pro- there is no maintenance payment on that post, con, you need a contractor to pay for edits or the knowledge to edit it yourself. I had a good experience with our first contractor post, and I sort of liked the experience.

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