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  1. We've had ours 4 years. It's never been a problem for us. Good to know on the date and time thing. I recently switched to a new computer. I changed the Windows time one hour today because it has been off since the windows install.
  2. Thanks Pete for the offer- I appreciate it. I called in this morning and realized somehow the communication of the dot between first and last was not received. I've resent the message and the POC should have it now.
  3. My e-mail to CNC software bounced (Delivery failure message) from two different accounts. They made a specific request for an e-mail and I'm going to have to hope to figure out how to get it to the intended recipient on Monday. I found the recipient on Facebook and sent the attachment requested there, but I would have preferred to have been able to send to the e-mail address requested for delivery. I hope that works. That CNC Software representative was very professional and super courteous to work with, and confirmed that there was no definitive timeline, so my request for hasp maintenance was something they can accommodate. I greatly appreciated the cooperation extended. It was highly functional to have that kind of help.
  4. I really strongly appreciate your advice to reach out to [email protected] I had e-mailed them and was not getting a response, and I just called them and it appears they are going to be able to help me out. Mike over there said there was a resolution he could provide. I'm pretty grateful for that, this was looking very bleak before that. I want to say that I do feel Mastercam is a strong product at this point. It took me 4 years to get the level of understanding to be able to begin to feel that way, and even now I program very little as we've staffed the job for one and a half years. I really hope the best for education on the product and the future of the product. It was great to see some video education happen to the broad marketplace of CNC career people this year allowing hardworking people to get a chance to move their own destiny with their effort and I hope that initiatives continue to create a new generation of programmers.
  5. Don't get me wrong I didn't want any of this interaction or lost time and focus. I just wanted normal maintenance. I didn't ask to turn in my sim. Loss of the hasp, would be transformative. The software can't come home for weekend work or home with an employee for training- or gap support if he quits a job in good standing- with simple transportation of the hasp, the reliability can't be solid like a hasp when it depends on the internet and the server. The tangibility fades and the concept of owning something real slips away. I feel for CNC software in that they may have to adapt but I don't agree the adaptation has to impact all previous customers. I don't care if they even want to sell full featured seats (more features than I have) on a subscription where the customer never gets ownership and only pays maintenance. I wouldn't say, "that isn't fair". In fact I think it would be a solid move to counter Fusion. If they gave students seats for free like it was 1999 I wouldn't disagree that that will produce programmers (a benefit to company customers). That's how Mastercam got the market dominance it had. Fusion really used the Mastercam playbook. Adapting pre-existing customer product is where I disagree and feel harassment/harm. I was told there is a strategic intent to move all users to WIBU and have them all experience loss of ownership, freedom, and features like I mention above. I think what doesn't work is that CNC software strategies are harmful to customers, singularly beneficial to CNC software. That doesn't counter any market threat, because it doesn't make Mastercam more market attractive. I want CNC software to do well. I think listening to customers feedback and developing some mutually beneficial strategies, or at least strategies that don't harm customers, would be a great idea.
  6. That worst part of this whole fiasco was that it felt like a government audit and it was filled with stress. The wibu exchange cost me $3500 of my time over two days. You start thinking about Powermill, and Siemens NX at that point. Luckily my current programmer has experience in both.
  7. A CNC software representative gave me diss-information. He told me the new ownership refused to do business with Mastercam. I found an admin document talking about support of hasps at, that page came up as redirected to Thales, where I saw them marketing Sentinel Hasps, and contacted Thales for a response.
  8. I was told Thales bought Gemalto and Hasps are no longer supported. One odd part of that was that there wasn't an official timeline was other verbage from CNC software. I see Thales advertising the Sentinel Hasps, and that is inconsistent. The reseller had said they wanted to get into our server- a condition we really aren't at all comfortable with, as we are an ITARS company and we don't have any third party employees in our server as a policy. We also have wireless networking and bandwidth latency issues and drop outs. No IT professionals in the company to handle server related issues, although we are looking for competent IT people who are willing to multi-task. We're kind of stuck in this stupid place where we have a reliable enough CAM solution and we would like to be able to continue on maintenance, but we want to keep the dongle- it was how we bought the product and it seemed integral to this non cloud ownership of software sales pitch. It's working reliably and its what we're used to. Are there third party post providers who can sell posts to people off of maintenance? It's a patch, a partial patch. We may have to migrate to some other CAM software for future work. I thought about paying maintenance for support on 2020, but realized that isn't really a good deal either. I feel like some of the guys are going to have to run on hasps in the field, and I don't know why customers are getting shoved around. If it's cost reduction, I'd rather pay for the hasp update and not be put in a corner where we don't have good options and have to think about things with some weight. We want to work here, not work in trying to figure out what to do because software vendors can't be consistent.
  9. AGreen5

    Cimco display settings for 4K monitors?

    Desperation I guess, I like the monitors, the BenQ 4K's are really eye easy, I feel like my vision is more clear since I switched to them, but they certainly cause some issues with program compatibility of certain programs. I spend like 10 hours a day on monitors and I think these monitors are worth the money from the perspective of only getting one set of eyes to live with.
  10. AGreen5

    How to set MasterCAM on a 4K screen?

    I reached out to Orvie Smith at NC Solutions. He was able to help me figure it out. Files options > Options> click large icons, Files> configuration>screen scale 2.5 worked for me, then toolpath manager, little drop arrow in top right corner, font, change font size got the tiny toolpath text fixed. That only took like 3 hours to figure out. The regetit thing didn't work, and the mastercam knowledge base topic was a path to pixelated and foggy display of large icons and text. The program is still pretty messed up even with those edits. So many things are out of size, it's fairly obvious it's not really compatible with 4K.
  11. AGreen5

    How to set MasterCAM on a 4K screen?

    I tried the regedit thing, it didn't work. I still have the microscopic items in managers. The recommended help topic on Mastercam's knowledge base makes the screen blurred and essentially removes the benefit of the screen resolution and makes the screen lower resolution than a previous generation monitor on 2020.
  12. AGreen5

    How to set MasterCAM on a 4K screen?

    I've got the same problem the register editing thing seems really strange. I don't know what I'd be telling Windows to do and how that might effect other things going on. Maybe mastercam should just make it work when they know 4K monitors and windows 10 exist. when I scale, all that scales are the gnomons and text in two areas on the screen. The toolpath editor does not scale.
  13. AGreen5

    Cimco display settings for 4K monitors?

    I figured this out. If you go to C - Cimco, and right click the edit 8 EXE, you open properties, compatibility, scroll down, change high DPI settings, check box high DPI scaling override, choose drop down option override high DPI scaling behavior performed by: "system (enhanced)". That overrides scaling, without making the menus and fonts foggy and pixelated. I also had to use the Editor ribbon global settup (general) > editor> font settings as the other part of optimizing viewing settings.
  14. Cimco edit 8 looks kind of messed up in 4K. The icons are tiny and the ribbon menu seems a little skewed. Has anyone figured out how to get it to display normal in Windows 10 with 4K monitors?
  15. AGreen5

    Did you know Mastercam has "hidden" 5-axis toolpaths?

    I think in their thread mill toolpath, the addition of "end degrees" would be allow them to support it. It would be a modification that would yield a better toolpath. They have start degrees, but the default runs a full revolution and can't be easily shortened. Or it could use arcs instead of circles to drive the path shorter than full circles.

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