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  1. GCP

    Funky Letter andNumber overlay

    Can disable this in the options, which is what i prefer
  2. GCP

    scroll wheel on mouse

    Also happens when you use the "Mouse Wheel" + X, Y or Z to rotate about that axis, but most likely as mentioned a stuck ctrl key
  3. GCP

    Undercut issues

    Hi there Try Surface Finish Contour and turn on "Detect Undercuts"
  4. GCP

    Adding Translate to Context menu

    Hi there In file/options/context menu Under Category, choose Xform. You should be able to Add them from there to the right mouse click. Tried to upload an image, but is failing to upload. Thanks
  5. GCP

    mind blown

    This has happened to me a few times. Go to Model Prep TAB. Choose change face and change the operation type to remove colour. Double click the feature and click ok. Should revert back to what it was.
  6. Hi Gav123 First time I have posted on this forum so hope this works. In the Multi Passes section, have you got the number of roughing passes at more than 1? I generally cut threads with 2 roughing passes and 1 finish pass. The 2 roughing passes at 30% of the diametric cut depth and the finish pass at 10% of the diametric cut depth. This seems to work pretty well. The image for the step over in this section shows radial, which as far as I am aware is incorrect. Hope this helps Dale

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