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  1. In start field: 0 = G54 Increment field to 1, so when delta = 2 you would get output for G54 and G55
  2. Try adding: if nextdc$=3, pbld, n$, *sgcode, *sgplane, scc0, sg80, *sgabsinc, e$ into psof, ptlchg0$ and ptlchg$ at the place where you want them. PWCS will write for you the G54. Also remove you're hard coded line in ptap Good luck and try carefully
  3. In the past we had an employee which had also rashes due to the coolant. In his case i believe it was chrome. First i would do an allergy test and with those results go to you're coolant supplier. Because just changing does not have to help you.
  4. In the mastercam file when mirroring in also creates a new plane which is rotated around the Z-axis. This gives the mirrored values of the X and Y axis. The only way I can come up with is: 1) Mirror operation around Y0 of operation 2) Ghost this operation before posting 3) Translate the mirrored operation the distance between the fixed faces in your example 2.69 4) Translate operation and last translate for G56 and G57 See also attached solution Output code: % O0001(A-22863-2) (DATE=DD-MM-YY - 29-06-23 TIME=HH:MM - 21:23) (MCAM FILE - C:\USERS\JHM\DESKTOP\DOUBLE_VISE_SAMPLE.MCAM) (NC FILE - C:\USERS\JHM\DOCUMENTS\MY MASTERCAM 2022\MASTERCAM\MILL\NC\A-22863-2.NC) (MATERIAL - STEEL INCH - 1010 - 200 BHN) ( T1 | 3/4 X 90 CARBIDE SPOT DRILL | H1 ) G20 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 ( SPOT DRILL ) T1 M6 G0 G90 G54 X.625 Y-.625 A0. S1300 M3 G43 H1 Z1. Z.1 G99 G81 Z-.265 R.1 F20. X5.125 G80 Z1. ( TRANSLATE FIXED DISTANCE OF JAWS ) ( SPOT DRILL ) ( MIRROR COöRDINATES ) G55 X.625 Y.625 Z1. A0. Z.1 G99 G81 Z-.265 R.1 F20. X5.125 G80 Z1. ( TRANSLATE FOR G56 AND G57 ) ( SPOT DRILL ) G56 X.625 Y-.625 Z1. A0. Z.1 G99 G81 Z-.265 R.1 F20. X5.125 G80 Z1. ( SPOT DRILL ) ( MIRROR COöRDINATES ) ( TRANSLATE FIXED DISTANCE OF JAWS ) G57 X.625 Y.625 Z1. A0. Z.1 G99 G81 Z-.265 R.1 F20. X5.125 G80 Z1. M5 G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. A0. M30 % double_vise_sample.mcam
  5. Try on you're own risk: if return_mode = one, [ pbld, n$, [if gcode$, sgfeed], sgabsinc, sgcode, *sg28ref, "Z0.", [if gcode$, feed], scoolant, e$ if nextop$ = 1003 | tlchg_home, pbld, n$, *sg28ref, "X0.", "Y0.", protretinc, e$ else, pbld, n$, protretinc, e$ ] else, [ pbld, n$, sg00, sg53, *g53_return_z, scoolant, e$ if mi10$ = 0, [ pbld, n$, sg53, *g53_return_x, *g53_return_y, "(Tool change Location)", e$ if nextop$ = 1003 | tlchg_home, pbld, n$, sg53, protretinc, e$ ] else, pbld, n$, "G53 Y0. X-24. (Tool Check at Door)" , e$ ]
  6. Did you use wireframe geometry? Is that also translated? Check mayby for a hidden level
  7. Try adjusting your approach position to X2.2
  8. Something for Fanuc like: #600 = 2.35 (Height of product can be placed separated on macro screen or in program) In cutting program: #601 = 0.005 (depth of cut) #602 = #600-2.0 (Material to be removed) #603 = #602/#601 (Number of passes) #604 = FUP[#603] (Round up) G65 P6000 L#604 (Sub program call)
  9. Something like: DWO macro 4th axis Corresponding Youtube: To post out a custom gcode, you need to use: *tox$, *toy$, *toz$ or: *tox4$, *toy4$, *toz4$ For the macro you do need to know the rotation point. I am working on a similar project but i first have to make the fixtures for that machine.
  10. As far as I know it, the post processing is only processing the operations with the same NC file name. With multiple NC file names, it will process it separate per NC file name. To see in Mastercam the program number and NC file name do the following: In the toolpath manager, right click on a operation and select "Display options" enable "Toolpath file name" and "Program number", the values are placed at the toolpath line of the operation. To solve you're problem select all operations and right mouse click --> Edit selected operations --> Change NC Filename
  11. I self normally make lines, see attachment. However this does not respect the cutting direction. But it is fast Dynamic_face.mcam
  12. Try altering from smachine_name = opinfo(1051, op_index, 0000) to smachine_name = opinfo(1051, op_index, 0020)

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