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  1. Werktuigbouwer

    Tool Staging

    Other option: ttblend$ is a variable which indicates last tool call. #prestage tool pbld, n$, "G43", *tlngno$, pfzout, scoolant, if ttblend$, "T0", e$ else, *next_tool$, e$
  2. Werktuigbouwer

    lathe post x5 m6 on tool line

    You probably use as Work coordinate system the option Home position (mi1 = 1) Try changing the post to the following: if home_type < two, #Toolchange G50/home/reference position [ sav_xh = vequ(copy_x) sav_absinc = absinc$ absinc$ = zero pmap_home #Get home position, xabs ps_inc_calc #Set start position, not incremental #Toolchange home position if home_type = one, pbld, n$, *sgcode, pfxout, pfyout, pfzout, e$ else, [ #Toolchange g50 position pbld, n$, *sg28ref, "U0.", [if y_axis_mch, "V0."], "W0.", e$ toolno = t$ * 100 + zero if home_type = m_one, pbld, n$, *sgcode, *toolno, e$ else, pbld, n$, *sg50, pfxout, pfyout, pfzout, e$ ] pe_inc_calc #Update previous absinc$ = sav_absinc copy_x = vequ(sav_xh) ] toolno = t$ * 100 + tloffno$ pbld, n$, *sgcode, *toolno, "M6", e$ pbld, n$, pfsgplane, e$
  3. Werktuigbouwer

    Kitamura cutter comp issue

    Another option could be to solve this on the machine side. In the toolchange macro you could set for example: #800 = #4120 (H-offset) #801 = #4120+50(D-offset) (OR +0) Than you have to change the post to call for H#800 and D#801 One program for all machines, down side is that you can not use multiple tooloffsets. I have done this for our Matsuura.
  4. Werktuigbouwer

    Active report output a pop up message

    I believe you have not copied it correcly, try MessageBox.Show("message")
  5. When using a fresh MPmaster post, I had to set the control definition (I opened this from the machine definition) to the following settings on the arc page: This resulted for me in the code below: G41 D16 X-204.707 Y201.172 F300. X-147.078 Y143.543 G03 X-143.543 Y147.078 R2.5 G01 X-201.172 Y204.707 G40 X-202.869 Y203.01 G00 Z99.51 Which does not show the 0.001 difference where you we're talking about and i guess it should work on you're machine. May by it helps.
  6. Werktuigbouwer

    lathe tool inspection

    The coolant is probably not starting because using CoolantX. My work around is as follows: ptool_insp #Tool inspection point #Modify following lines to customize output for tool inspection points #Shut down coolant, M00 does not work on Fagor control if posttype$ = two, #Lathe tool inspection point [ if all_cool_off, [ #all coolant off with a single off code here if coolant_on, pbld, n$, sall_cool_off, e$ ] else, [ local_int = zero coolantx = zero while local_int < 20 & coolant_on > 0, [ coolantx = and(2^local_int, coolant_on) local_int = local_int + one if coolantx > zero, [ coolantx = local_int pbld, n$, scoolantx, e$ ] ] ] pbld, n$, "M05", e$ #stop spindle sopen_prn, no_spc$,"MSG", no_spc$, '"', no_spc$, "TOOL INSPECTION POINT", no_spc$,'"', no_spc$, sclose_prn, e$ if prmcode$ = 29999, #Only output tool insp comment if one was entered with this insp point [ sparameter$ = ucase(sparameter$) pbld, n$, *sm00, sopen_prn, sparameter$, sclose_prn, e$ ] else, pbld, n$, *sm00, e$ #Output just the stop if no comment sopen_prn, no_spc$,"MSG", no_spc$, '"', no_spc$, stoppcomment, no_spc$,'"', no_spc$, sclose_prn, e$ #added 24-4-2018 opperation comment on screen pbld, n$, *t$, *tloffno$, e$ #Restate tool number #pbld, n$, pfsgplane, e$ #Restate plane code pcss # Output programmed CSS # Restart spindle #prpm # Output programmed RPM #Restate spindle, removed 24-4-2018 prv_feed = c9k #Set prv_values to c9k to force them out with next moves prv_gcode$ = c9k prv_workofs$ = c9k #Restore coolant 2019-02-06 JHM if coolant$, prv_coolant$ = c9k #Restore coolant 2019-02-06 JHM local_int = zero coolantx = zero while local_int < 20 & coolant_on > 0, [ coolantx = and(2^local_int, coolant_on) # if coolantx > zero, [ coolantx = local_int pbld, n$, *scoolantx, e$ ] local_int = local_int + one ] ] else, #Mill tool inspection point pbld, n$, *sm00, "(TOOL INSPECTION POINT - POST CUSTOMIZATION REQUIRED)", e$ Hope this will help.
  7. Werktuigbouwer

    tool inspection

    To generate G96 line of code change prpm to pcss
  8. Werktuigbouwer

    Heindenhain helix problem

    How is the tool defined at the machine? With older controls i program a tool definition. If a radius is inputted there it can explain the error. Try setting the radius of the tool to zero. If it still does not work try to add RL to every CP Line. Tomorrow i try to add a working example.
  9. Werktuigbouwer

    Broaching on okuma lathe

    In the Okuma control G71 is a canned threading cycle. It will probably not feed because the encoder is not reading the start position. At my company we use just a macro program, something like: (Broaching program) N1 (ACTIVATE VARIABLES) V1 = 1.475 (START VALUE X) V2 = 0.75 (START VALUE Z) V3 = 1.6 (END VALUE X) V4 = -1.0 (END VALUE Z) V5 = 0.002 (DEPTH OF CUT ON DIAMETER) V6 = V1 (DEPTH COUNTER) X20. Z20. T0101 G50S500 G94 M5 M19 N1111 G00 X=V1 Z=V2 G00 X=V6 G01 X=V6 Z=V4 F13.0 (INSERT FEED HERE) G00 X=V1 G00 X=V1 Z=V2 IF[V6 EQ V3] N8888 V6 = V6-V5 IF[V6 GT V3] N1111 V6 = V3 GOTO N1111 N8888 G95 X20. Z20. M2 Be aware that I have not tested this program. This is a derivative of a program that we use, for more complex shapes.

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