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  1. Acer labbatt


    In the CAD world you spread your fingers out on your screen like a smart phone on the feature....insane
  2. Acer labbatt

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    High end Machine tools use Grease Not Way oil , hmmmm
  3. Acer labbatt

    Finding centerline of letters

    Figure out the center distance 039 wide = .0197 etc Now I do an offset curve from one of the edges. Takes some quick trimming and a little clean up here and there. * If you have text / Dims etc. You cant chain use Break ( lines ) ? and now you can.
  4. Acer labbatt

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    You might have to much controller for your ball screws now. We had Fadals with the Fanuc controller It wore out ballscrews when the 88S ? Controller machines didnt ( they didnt get any serious work done either) lol
  5. Acer labbatt

    standardizing metric taps

    The entire metric library has been standardized by John Paris , want a copy ? Pm me an address to send it to.
  6. Acer labbatt

    Translate Stock Model

    Pmesh is the way to go now over save as .stl ?
  7. Acer labbatt

    Mastercam 2019 project doesn't work.

    It's not the same as it used to be for sure.I believe since 2017 it has been " Ignoring the 2D/3D Z level dialogue box data. I had it logged as a bug back then
  8. Acer labbatt

    Managing ghosting with large 5axis files

    " It gets messy quick " You nailed it...
  9. Acer labbatt

    EZ-Trak error-Insert bootable media

    I talked to trac at imts They said " get a new trac" All you can do is reload the O.S. Again and again ( off a floppy) We Junked it.... EDIT: There are plenty of renegade repair guys out there that have old new stock,it ain't dead yet.
  10. Acer labbatt

    Setup sheets

  11. Acer labbatt

    Is this a bug?

    In Nvidia 3D settings Buffer flipping mode Set from auto to " use block transfer" That's what I was told.
  12. Acer labbatt

    Setup sheets

    I'll check it out..
  13. ? HST note string selector set For 15 items, shst00 -sht14 So I get a variable out if range:16 error ( Tool path work just fine) Shouldn't migration add the 16th path to my post(s) Exact same error with Mazak post Makino post OKK post ? Thanks !
  14. Acer labbatt

    Reporting Computation Error........

    Is Moving an Option ?

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