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  1. Fred@Slate industries

    Translate Stock Model

    Pmesh is the way to go now over save as .stl ?
  2. Fred@Slate industries

    Mastercam 2019 project doesn't work.

    It's not the same as it used to be for sure.I believe since 2017 it has been " Ignoring the 2D/3D Z level dialogue box data. I had it logged as a bug back then
  3. Fred@Slate industries

    Managing ghosting with large 5axis files

    " It gets messy quick " You nailed it...
  4. Fred@Slate industries

    EZ-Trak error-Insert bootable media

    I talked to trac at imts They said " get a new trac" All you can do is reload the O.S. Again and again ( off a floppy) We Junked it.... EDIT: There are plenty of renegade repair guys out there that have old new stock,it ain't dead yet.
  5. Fred@Slate industries

    Setup sheets

  6. Fred@Slate industries

    Is this a bug?

    In Nvidia 3D settings Buffer flipping mode Set from auto to " use block transfer" That's what I was told.
  7. Fred@Slate industries

    Setup sheets

    I'll check it out..
  8. Fred@Slate industries

    MC 2019 SHS scallop equal .err report

    ? HST note string selector set For 15 items, shst00 -sht14 So I get a variable out if range:16 error ( Tool path work just fine) Shouldn't migration add the 16th path to my post(s) Exact same error with Mazak post Makino post OKK post ? Thanks !
  9. Fred@Slate industries

    Reporting Computation Error........

    Is Moving an Option ?
  10. Fred@Slate industries

    Recently opened files

    It's gone I told QC about this exact issue When it started with 2018 ( still the same in 2019) They said they would pass it along to programming / developers etc. Its gone. When you use Jeff's way You can open a file and if it's the wrong one just hit open again and pick the next over and over.Not have to hit undo or file new etc. To get the model off your screen. As in iges 1 oops Open iges 2 nope Open iges 3 bingo !
  11. Fred@Slate industries

    metric part, similar part programed in english, how to unite?

    You figured it out Yes and then no Also in scale there is a icon (s) of a tape measure They automatically toggle mm to English and back Or In scale click on a dia that you know is supposed to be .500 English ( its 23.421 or some crazy # now) and key in .500 It will scale it that way Yes and know is the best.
  12. Fred@Slate industries

    ‘Blended’ spline pattern, how to achieve?

    Mc2019's new " scallop even "passes toolpath
  13. Fred@Slate industries

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    You could accidently be picking the holes champher "Center"
  14. Fred@Slate industries

    Mirror transform fails on thread milling

    I would never even attempt it...

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