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  1. SN_MCam_User

    Popups Lagging

    Stumbled across this yesterday - was noticing my home machine lagging a bit... on the official Mastercam knowledge base there is an article about updating CodeMeter b/c it's generating a bunch of errant messages in the log. haven't had a chance to get to the home computer to test it...but no harm in updating CodeMeter anyway is there...? Search for "mastercam running slow" and "codemeter" over there and the article should come up.
  2. SN_MCam_User

    Merge Tangent

    ok ok ok i see you got there first for sure <doh>...but mwarene gets big points for the video... just goes to show that we've gotta keep training ourselves to see the tiny details....
  3. SN_MCam_User

    Merge Tangent

    very nice mwearne - i always forget about the right-click functions being green at all "this". thanks all
  4. SN_MCam_User

    Merge Tangent

    Holy smokes JoshC...I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! thx for the vid - that was worth at least 1000 words. Ima try it and get my muscle memory up to speed... thanks to all!
  5. SN_MCam_User

    Merge Tangent

    Wondering if there's an 'Easy button' for this I'm missing... Merging cylindrical solids (solidworks) into v-block fixtures within MCAM...any quick ways to drop those models tangent to the v-block faces? spoiled by SW mating routines and get the feeling this is probably right in front of me somewhere...
  6. SN_MCam_User

    Eia subroutines on Mazak smooth g

    To extend what JParis says...i think there's a distinction between "subprograms" and "subroutines" when you're searching within some of the Mazak information. subroutines being the all-in-one-file variety versus subprograms being external separate files called from a main program. i mention that bc, at least on ours, we've got to open files and edit them - even just slightly - to force 'register' the file with whatever internal database the control uses to track program files. usually that's: copy the new file from the computer to the the file...delete & re-enter a space somewhere...then perform a simulation or toolpath on the control. maybe that's whats going on if you're using "subprograms" anyway...when i hear 'not registered' that's what comes to mind. Now that i type seems like a PITA...but it's not as bas as it sounds and guess i'm used to it. g'luck.
  7. SN_MCam_User

    VPN or Remote Desktop

    Don't want to stray too far off the MC path here...but since you asked... Can't really say anything about Sonicwall - no experience w them...But i've heard good things. I've also heard they're a little more comprehensive perhaps than you might find at least in some of the older ubiquiti stuff. I'd go out on a limb and say you likely won't go too far wrong with either...especially if you can match equipment work & remote. you may want to poke around Lawrence Systems YouTube channel - he's a little vested...but seems like a solid dude with pretty good advice. One thing I do stay away from...the latest and greatest software updates on ubiquiti stuff...they frequently update...but I've had some issues before and learned not to be quite so eager. Probably a good lesson across the board when tech is involved.
  8. SN_MCam_User

    VPN or Remote Desktop

    Something I can contribute! I use RD to access servers etc from offsite...but that's generally for spot instances. VPN is my vote for accessing files/network shares from home...install MC at home and grabbing license from the work server etc etc. I've never tried driving MC remotely using RD however...but i can't imagine it's a great experience. I know trying to drive Solidworks through a RD window ain't my cup of tea for sure. There used to be something that prevented RD from working with OpenGL...but take that w a grain of salt bc that could've been remedied years ago for all i know. Luckily i've been able to match my home equipment to my work equipment...and that makes gateway-to-gateway VPN setup relatively...uh...painless. Completely my opinion...VPN works for us...very well...and I'm reasonably certain things are buttoned-up well security-wise. I would expect with decent hardware (Ubiquity-level stuff) you should be able to easily handle 25+ connections (??). Remote Desktop is basically on every Windows machine...shouldn't be too hard to at least give it a test drive for what you're trying to do.
  9. Self-admitted Newb when it comes to machining in general...or maybe better way to say it is I'm trying to learn continually... This piqued my interest when it was touched on in another thread ( Boss Milling LOGO ) so I thought I'd ask here; small arcs (in dynamic toolpaths) being linear bearing killers... How small is considered small? Is there a rule of thumb (%) never to dip below? Steel...aluminum...other...? Haven't done much research on the topic...but machines don't grow on trees for some of wondering what the community had to say...
  10. SN_MCam_User

    Funky Letter andNumber overlay

    Not sure the Microsoft term for them...but pressing Alt key briefly (a second?) will produce those. Pressing Alt again gets them gone.
  11. SN_MCam_User

    Mastercam over VPN

    Good point on the double-semicolon removal - I wrote it but forgot to highlight the fact that needs to be "uncommented" or it wont work. In addition - I'm not showing that I had to open anything up on the firewalls we've got setup here...there are hasp app permissions for a domain network checked...but i don't know that we had to manually set any of that.
  12. SN_MCam_User

    Mastercam over VPN

    Not an IT expert by any stretch...but having a well-working network is certainly a pre-requisite. Can you ping the remote license machine from home? My VPN is a 'gateway to gateway' so may cause things to be different than other VPN setups. I 'simply' add the IP address of the remote server on my home PC nethasp.ini file. (located in D:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam in my case). Not 100 % certain...but I'd make sure you place the entry in the right section of the file... [NH_TCPIP] NH_SERVER_ADDR = <----Your server remote LAN IP address here... I cannot remember if I had to open any ports or change firewall rules - gut says no - but then again it's one of those things ya set and move on. If I can manage to remember, I'll check tomorrow.

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