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  1. SN_MCam_User

    Funky Letter andNumber overlay

    Not sure the Microsoft term for them...but pressing Alt key briefly (a second?) will produce those. Pressing Alt again gets them gone.
  2. SN_MCam_User

    Mastercam over VPN

    Good point on the double-semicolon removal - I wrote it but forgot to highlight the fact that needs to be "uncommented" or it wont work. In addition - I'm not showing that I had to open anything up on the firewalls we've got setup here...there are hasp app permissions for a domain network checked...but i don't know that we had to manually set any of that.
  3. SN_MCam_User

    Mastercam over VPN

    Not an IT expert by any stretch...but having a well-working network is certainly a pre-requisite. Can you ping the remote license machine from home? My VPN is a 'gateway to gateway' so may cause things to be different than other VPN setups. I 'simply' add the IP address of the remote server on my home PC nethasp.ini file. (located in D:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam in my case). Not 100 % certain...but I'd make sure you place the entry in the right section of the file... [NH_TCPIP] NH_SERVER_ADDR = <----Your server remote LAN IP address here... I cannot remember if I had to open any ports or change firewall rules - gut says no - but then again it's one of those things ya set and move on. If I can manage to remember, I'll check tomorrow.

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