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  1. navsENG

    Right Angle Head Toolpaths

    Instead of translating it, copy your first path, re-select the plane (for the next rotation) and re-select the appropriate geometry associated with the plane.
  2. navsENG

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    Ahh yes, only a few thousand Z offsets to change no big deal..... haha
  3. navsENG

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    I meant just use a variable for your Z depth and increment that variable with a counter. I do that all the time with extra face stock. Use the probe to calculate how much extra stock the part has, and it will calculate the starting Z and all the incremental passes. I just don't like to mess with the tool length because if you ever wanted to use the tool for something else, it could be dangerous.. But as we know in this industry, many ways to achieve the same outcome....
  4. navsENG

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    Could you just do the same thing with the Z in the program?
  5. navsENG

    Best method for closed circular pocket

    What I do is make an ID/OD and centerline geometry.. As others have said I just ramp the centerline chain with no lead in / out and compensation to off (just a 2d contour)... Then do an ID / OD pass with wear turned on , sometimes I will ramp the ID and OD especially if it is an O ring. I will leave .002" on the floor with the roughing pass, it works good.
  6. We used to run primarily Iscar cutters as well and they are beast. Not quite as fast but we would run them .200 deep 6-800 ipm 50% of the tool. They really worked great but I believe they changed the cutter deisgn and it didnt work for us anymore.. We have since moved to Sandvik 790 cutters.
  7. navsENG

    Mazak questions

    I dont think you have ever ran that machine so you cant say that... I run a cell with 2 mazak e-1550 v's (just a larger version of the machine you are talking about) This mill/turn I am speaking of weighs 100k pounds, rigidity is something I have never had an issue with... I would expect the 630v to be built in the same manner, just smaller. They are pretty awesome machines. We have had our issues with them, but I don't believe it is the machine tool builders fault.. The machines were run hard and unfortunately have been whacked a few times.. They still do a good job regardless. We do tons of probing on the machines and it works as you would expect.. What sort of probing / macro cycles are you talking about? The only thing that is a pain on these machines is trying to do deep turning work on the ID. Unless you have a ramtec machine, your reach is all tool shank. Not like a VTL where you can get down inside the part..
  8. navsENG

    Tapping Speeds and Feeds

    I never understood why G95 isnt the standard for tapping.. It doesnt matter what the spindle speed is . Your feed rate is always the pitch.. For example a 1/2-13 I would usually just default to 1000 rpm and F .0769 (1/13 for the TPI) It is much easier when looking through a program to verify the feed rate is correct
  9. navsENG

    Stock Models

    If you save a stock model, you can right click and save as a PMesh which I have used once or twice.. I usually have to fumble around with it to make it work how I want though.. And that makes sense for the tolerance thing.. Sometimes on my verify when I use the "compare" tab. I have features that show they have overcut a few thou, when the code is correct. That is a little bit annoying but not a huge deal.
  10. navsENG

    Stock Models

    Also, why cant you just save the stock model instead of saving the STL? Will their be any quality issues?
  11. navsENG

    Stock Models

    What does the initial shape tolerance mean? Will that make it a "coarser" model?
  12. navsENG

    Mill-Turn Machine Recommendation

    Where are you located in California?
  13. navsENG

    Saving simulation state

    You can play with the P-mesh option as well.. If you make a stock model of all your tool paths, then you can right click on this operation, go into mill toolpaths and select either save as STL, or convert to a Pmesh. A lot of times the preferred method is just moving your WCS and keeping it all within one file.. Although when I am doing multiple setups on horizontals/5 axis machines I prefer individual files because it keeps things cleaner.
  14. navsENG

    Stick tool holders - cat 50

    Thanks! Have one of those actually floating around i just didnt know who made it. Yeah tool holders for this machine aren't cheap. We use a lot of Big Kaiser for milling, and sandvik capto for turning. Just wanted to find a slightly more cost effective option , if possible... Another pain is it being big - plus. Luckily a lot more companies are making big plus connection now. What do you mean no accurate way to index ? It is a mill turn machine, the spindle can be clamped for turning work, no problem.. It is what the machine is built for .

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