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  1. navsENG

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    In order to have the head at 0 and the table at 0 machining normal to X Y like a vertical machine. I would program from Top WCS/Right view for tool plane
  2. navsENG

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    What about machines where the "0,0" view is not top?? Top view on one of our 5 axis machines would be b90. - c90.
  3. navsENG

    Mazak Work offset macro variables

    They could be using g10 to write to 54. And then probing and updating g55. All that matters is what offset is being used for actual machining?
  4. navsENG

    Nakamura TMC-15 Cutting out of round

    It is a 1" solid 303 stainless bar sticking out maybe 2" from the collet nose. I have tried with 2 different collets and the chuck and seeing the same results.. I think we definitely will need to change the bearings, im not sure loose bearings would cause this issue. Hell my 1930s southbend lathe is far from tight and it makes a rounder part.... lol I believe G code may be right in the one area of the bearing race is damaged or deformed which causes the spindle to "bump" everytime around... Has anyone ever replaced bearings on a machine like this ?
  5. OK, so I got the new/old nakamura running. Everything seems to work pretty good , but on my initial test part I saw the parts seemed to be about .0007-.001" out of round.. I thought it was odd, and did more testing on it tonight. Swapped the chuck for a collet nose. Tried two different size collets and material (aluminum, stainless) and they all seem to repeat this out of round. Only had the stock sticking out 1.5" or so from the collet. 1" diameter stock One other thing I noticed is that I could tell where the high spot would be on every part by the orientation of the lettering on the collet ( not rotating the collet between test parts, just putting a new one in). That would lead me to believe it is something related to the spindle ?? I just cannot see how this is possible. It sounds good, feels nice and smooth, makes a pretty good cut.. Any ideas? I indicated the register diameter on the spindle and the face and it only seems to be maybe .0001-.0002" (didnt have my .0001" indicator with me)?...
  6. navsENG

    Older Nakamura ID/OD clamping

    Wow thanks! That may be a big help, especially since I have never worked on a turning center like this..
  7. Just got a machine under power, its a mid 90s nakamura TMC-15. It has a collet nose on it, and I am trying to get the spindle to rotate , but it thinks the chuck is open when the collet is clamped. If I unclamp it, it will rotate.. I have tried flipping the Inside/Outside switch on the control but it doesnt change the "clamped" light.. Is there something else I need to be doing?
  8. navsENG

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Its all relative, all this talk of true position and we have NO idea how the true position is being called out or over what length etc... Hell I had an aluminum part with .002" true position that was damn near impossible. But the part was over 4 feet long, and it was called out to Datum's on adjacent faces. Good luck doing that on a Haas.
  9. navsENG

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Wow thanks for the tip! I learned a lot in this thread... I usually would do a flowline for something like this, but struggle keeping the tool down sometimes.. Thats my one gripe with mastercam, I have used other softwares that are just much easier to produce a clean path. But I don't believe them to have quite as much "flexibility" that mastercam does. I just need to learn more of the ins and out with mastercam. I just get too complacent with what I know and how i can make things work, but I know there is much better ways out there..
  10. navsENG

    G Code Cycle Time Simulator

    Nevermind, I see the answer above. I dont have the full version
  11. navsENG

    G Code Cycle Time Simulator

    Thanks, I will try it out
  12. Looking for a program that will give cycle time based on a G Code program. I am aware mastercam has an estimate in the backplot, but I need something I can just get a number from a program. Thanks
  13. navsENG


    Whats wrong with drawing holders with a caliper and a scale??? How else are you supposed to do it if you cant find a model.. lol
  14. navsENG

    Metric to Inch

    I think the post would be the SAFEST and easiest way. Get with a post developer and see if they can do the conversion in the post... I have recently done something similar and just ended up converting the source file.. Major pain trying to convert an existing program , I wouldn't recommend it . Also , not all machines can just flip a switch and go metric like Fanuc, so good luck...

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