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  1. navsENG

    cutting axle spline 2018

    If you have depth cuts turned on, it should go up and rapid back to the start point and do another cut. Make sure you dont have the keep tool down option checked, as that well keep it in G1 as it goes to the next cut
  2. navsENG

    Slotting tool

    Check with robb jack. They make a lot of nice solid carbide saws.
  3. navsENG

    Slotting tool

    That should be pretty easy. Do you need to go all the way to a floor or can it be on a regular style arbor? One shot? Also can try AB tools for a custom brazed carbide tool. Maybe not the best high performance tool, but they always get the job done for me. Ultradex built me a nice custom 7" that worked really well, though it was 1/2" wide cut.
  4. navsENG

    Keeping toolpaths from needing regen

    I know, it is just old habits... For horizontal parts I usually will do seperate ops/fixtures in a different file.
  5. navsENG

    Keeping toolpaths from needing regen

    Hmm why didn't I think of that. I do that if I have seperate ops in a different file haha.. Thanks for that tip! My file is no where near that bad, it is just irritating if I need to go back and modify things..
  6. Sometimes I will have to go back and edit a toolpath, and anything I have restmilling on with (all previous operations checked) it dirties them up. Same with stock models, is there a work around for this? NX used to be able to just "OK" toolpaths and avoid needing regen.
  7. navsENG

    Arc Filter on helical entry

    I think for me this has been the issue, in the control definition... Thanks !
  8. One thing I dont like about these "newer" toolpaths, is that on a helical entry I always get point to point code.. Even if I go into the filter tolerance, bump it up to a few thou (for roughing) , and enable the line/arc filter settings. This will greatly simplify the code, but it never seems to fix the ramp in. That can add a lot to the size of the code / toolpath.. Am I missing something?
  9. navsENG

    Strange move on flowline toolpath

    That is what drives me nuts, it appears to see a gap in the surface. Did you increase the gap setting? Or just do a swept path
  10. navsENG

    Restmill not going to full depth

    That was mainly the issue. I was trying to restmill this pocket area that has different ledges and 3 or 4 different depths. I just couldn't get a clean path out of it. I am just trying to use the software more rather than using lots of 2d paths like I normally will. Ill play with it some more , thanks. I ended up using area rest roughing in areas and I liked that path a lot better
  11. Hello, I was having an issue with the restmill toolpath . My settings were to leave .01" on the drive surface , but it is leaving more like .03-.04" You can see in the attached photo , I went in with a 3/8 to rough the pocket and tried to come back with a smaller tool and hit the corners but it won't go all the way to the floor. Almost like it skips a depth cut ? I have changed my depth cuts to absolute and selected the floor. As well as depths deeper than the floor and it still wouldn't go. Is there a better toolpath to use to come back and cleanup corners / small areas the bigger tool can't reach ? I know other paths have a rest material stock. I ran out of time today so I figured I would ask .. Thanks
  12. navsENG

    Transition moves on dynamic toolpath

    I've never really understood this, especially with 3d toolpaths. I have had to go into the gap settings and put some "huge value" in order to force the tool to stay down... Even if I have redrawn wire and created a surface and then chose that surface, some times the tool doesn't want to stay down. Drives me nuts.... Sorry didnt mean to hijack.
  13. navsENG

    Deep Pocket Milling Aluminum to 8" Deep

    Do you have TSC? That will make the job a lot easier since you are doing it vertically... Unless you are on a grob or something. hehe How wide is the pocket? I might be looking to pre drill with like a 3/4 or 1" spade drill
  14. navsENG

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    Interesting, I have never looked into it... Can you post some sample code?
  15. navsENG

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    So I may not have to hand program gun drills anymore??

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