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  1. jean

    Multiple Surface

    Result of a stock model:____- How do you obtain this? Then simplified using decimate mesh: ___is this only in 2022? Is it a new option in the surface ribbon? converted to surfaces in a chook: ________does this chook come with every version after 2021 Can you do this process on PMESH model that in my case sometimes the only thing customer provides! Thanks in advance
  2. jean

    Multiple Surface

    is there any way to reduce the amount of return I've played around with Surface parameters in tool path and the changes that occur still don't reduce the amount of return.
  3. jean

    5x peel mill

    Ok, how do you even do that?
  4. jean

    Ramping down a pocket?

    I liked the example, I even played with some of the options in "multi Passes" and selected "keep tool down" and I like hoe the tool behaves for the next ramp move and it minimized rapid movements. I got 2021 loaded but still on 2020. Thanks for sharing
  5. jean

    Multiple Surface

    Man that worked like a champ! had to figure parameters out a little bit but I got it to drive nice and smooth! what else is projection good at based on your use of the tool path.. Thanks in advance When I get some time ill play with this tool path! anything I should be aware geometry wise? Thank you
  6. jean

    Multiple Surface

    I have a form block that we are going to manufacture which is currently being programmed.. The part is sheet metal with multiple blended surfaces its countered and twisted basically trim for interior! I tried to drive multiple surfaces in flow line but the all chain/flow different.. other than driving each surface individually what are another options? i tried to build one surface from all but had no luck the surface wouldn't come in right! when I over layer the created surface against solid there where differences Thanks in advance
  7. OMG! That is soooo freaking crazy.... Glad you are ok considering!
  8. yeah I actually have this installed already, but someone was talking about: Vericut Free Tools has a covert Chains tool that is very nice for situations like this. You want 200 control point tell it and get them. You want 1000 control point then tell the tool 1000 and you get them. I use ti all the time for create consistent splines for making complex net surfaces.
  9. Here is the sample file. it has 3 levels..... one is the flat pattern solid, one is the curves on edge of flat pattern (RED) and projected curves to a point in (BLUE) which turns diameter geo to NURBS test geo_.mcam
  10. yeah give me a sec!
  11. how do you get those? I have VS-Tools... I'm guessing you have to buy the software?
  12. I have a skewed flat pattern that I created curve on edges and then proceeded to project curves to a plane but it turned them unto NURBS , I went and tried to simplify Spline but that didn't work! Im writing a circle mill tool path for a series of holes on a waterjet and when trying to select geometry for toolpath it doesn't register a selection because its NURBS.. Thanks in advance
  13. jean


    I figured out how to derive a PMESH from the stock model and saved it to the a level and used that to define my stock on the nest stock model breaking the link in your progressive process…. yeah got my head out of my a_s and figured it out... but of course the emastercam team sent me in the right direction.. but wasn't aware of the " optirough/rest, the stock model can be directly referenced by the toolpath" never done a process like this.. ill have to test that theory out. Big Thanks to everyone!

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