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  1. jean

    Mastercam solids

    what was the issue?
  2. jean

    Mastercam solids

    Try removing history before doing the extrude function.
  3. jean

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Will do! thank you for your help and time.
  4. jean

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Yes sir, I did do that. I was getting lost for a second and decided to write down the hierarchy. looking for the srpt_file and the links what links? i thought the srpt_file not the links? thank you I did this and went thru all the files and its still linking to the old after I've made edits to -Setup Sheets
  5. jean

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Ok, ill get a fresh start tomorrow and try to rename in this manner. Ill update the thread if I'm successful. Thank you
  6. jean

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Yes sir, I've copied the master file and the sub files then proceeded to rename the and update the names to it references the new files so if something went wrong I still had originals.. original= Setup Sheet (MT).rpx new= Setup Sheet (MT)_FARRAR.rpx then this didn't work so I tried Setup Sheet (MT_FARRAR).rpx I don't know if their is something else that links it also?
  7. jean

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Question, I took a original report file and all the subfolders associated with the main file and made copy of all so I can create my own custom post. when I got done I went back and updated the sub reports to "report name" reflect the new named sub-file's but they are not updating when I run report on Mastercam? when I review each file independent if shows my edit but when I run report thru Mastercam it defaults back to original report. Am I missing something here??????????????????? thanks in advance
  8. Good afternoon all, does anyone have any experience with X+ to develop set up documents? Thank in advance.
  9. jean

    DMG MORI NTX2000 Millturn

    I don't know if I did it right but I took a crack at it.. Went to and dropped a link to this thread and added a comment and posted it on the official Mastercam Forum.. that's the only way I see to link this. if their is another way I don't know how to do it. Thank you,
  10. jean

    DMG MORI NTX2000 Millturn

    If I have more question about the same machine but different issue, should I start a new thread or keep it going here?
  11. jean

    DMG MORI NTX2000 Millturn

    I wasn't sure how the process of installing the locators thru code expert.. But I found a video on line that referenced the process.. My reseller also made a high-level video that touched base on this process but they left some stuff out that was causing me problems.. for example: when bringing in blocks that are the same they name to be named differently so otherwise they don't come in and are not visible when you try to view components and children. when making a change to the locator in the "components library".. for example how many stations or station orientation and save it you have to go into Mastercam and delete old locator under lower Machine tooling Set up and reassign the new one that was updated/modified if you don't it wont update the locator. So under the (tool setup manager) the link between ""holder" and "Component library" are good but the link is broken when you move holder to "Machine Tool Setup" And I had issues generation the 3D tools but got that figured out. only thing I don't like is the insert that always download with tool models are .030 radius and I have to model the .015 and .008 inserts.. or do I even have to do that? I'm sorry if my explanation doesn't make since, I'm new with dealing with this environment and one of the companies main issue is they didn't have tools represented correctly at the spindle or turret to find possible collisions. hopefully I make some since. Thanks.
  12. jean

    DMG MORI NTX2000 Millturn

    So with some sweat equity and aid from reseller i was able to understand the workflow and process to achieve desired result. and here is what the turret looks like now. Thanks everyone for the help.
  13. jean

    DMG MORI NTX2000 Millturn

    Yes sir, I will do that. Thank you
  14. jean

    DMG MORI NTX2000 Millturn

    Thanks for all the help on this matter, I have resolved the issues surrounding this topic. Thank you.

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