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  1. I have a Parallel to Surface tool path that retracts in Z axis and it doesn't clear the wall before retract.. how do you fix that? Thanks in advance
  2. I'm doing it in 2 operations and some surfaces are negative in view.
  3. Ok, what about if its a surface like this? How would you process this with an effective tool path when it has open and closed surfaces?
  4. Thanks for this different approach, I like it. That's what I was looking for a different insight. Much appreciated.
  5. I'm sorry you are correct. Feed mill : 6025583 Insert: 6033257
  6. I'm sorry, Ductile Iron.
  7. Here you go, thank you. Feed mill.mcam
  8. What is the best path for high feed face milling? I use Contour turn my compensation type "off" and select ramp for contour type. Any other ideas ?? Thanks in advance
  9. Yeah, I'm working with Sandvik. But I will keep Ingersoll in mind for future endeavors. Thanks for you feed back, very appreciated.
  10. Thanks Colin, I love that system and have implemented it through my years in this industry. I've forwarded the HASS machine web site to the president and managers for their review.
  11. Great Idea.. we don't have a shrink fit machine.. I got Sandvik moving in the direction of a replaceable tip cutter.. built up from Cat50 to C4/C3 with a Dampening tapered extension.
  12. Good morning, I have to machine some slots in ductile iron and was wondering what the best application based on this teams vast experience. the tool had to stick out 9.2 min based on fixture and part clearance. I'm already talking to the tool reps and getting feed back from them. Thanks in advance
  13. Yeah I'm aware of the delete/Keep but not really aware of "Blank" I figured out why is was disappearing! I had my levels off......
  14. OK, what about if you have NURB surfaces and when you try to conver to solid the surfaces disapear? How do you fix that? Thanks in advance, 🏍
  15. Good Morning, I'm trying to think outside the box and figured I would reach out to this forum. I have a small Radius to machine on this electrical fitting.. Area indicated by "blue" toolpath lines. I cant use a corner rounder and I currently driving a taper mill by Harvey Tool. Its a .008 Radius and it cant be deburred it has to be formed or machined.. Any Ideas? Thanks in Advance.

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