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  1. ChristofCNC

    Slow performance during verify with high end PC.

    As i said, it now runs perfectly fine in 60hz.
  2. ChristofCNC

    Slow performance during verify with high end PC.

    I think i figured it out, just had to put the resolution in Full HD 60 hz instead of PC 144hz in Nvidia control panel. Seems to run smoothly, even in machine simulation.
  3. Hello i am learning Mastercam using the demo on my gaming PC : i7 7700, Nvidia GTX 1080, 16 gigs of ram, ssd, windows 10, 144hz monitor Is it normal that i am getting terrible performance during verify, way worst than the PCs at work running the genuine full version? Through task manager i have noticed Master is literally using 100% of my CPU's ressources, but none or almost of my GTX 1080. Thanks in advance.

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