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  1. Jandr0


    Btw, good idea
  2. Jandr0

    Mazak VC-500A/5X

    The tilt range are in symmetrical, it said -110/+110. Our J600/5x Variaxis have -120/+90 B-Angle.
  3. Jandr0

    Whatsapp Group

    Thanks for the advice. I has already had 3 times training to our reseller before. Have another extra training is good, but wouldn't it better if we have a real group or maybe community? I mean that we can have a lot of sharing experience in that group like machining videos, which can inspire us. Job vacancies and selling merchandise are just the opportunity. Because as far as I know, theory and practice are sometimes different. My company just plot 1 programmer only, which are no experience before. I just sometime feels lonely if there is no person who understand our job. Haha But it's ok if we are in different opinion, I just ask if you have a group like that, then kindly invite me to join
  4. Jandr0

    Whatsapp Group

    Is there any WhatsApp group for machinist/programmer in this forum? I'm just a beginner 5axis programmer and my boss suggest me to learn from the expert here. If u don't mind please accept me in, hope we can share any knowledge that programmer must have. Thanks a lot.
  5. Dear Jwvt88, we face a same problem, especially when I try to migrate from MCam2017 to MCam2018 with a duplicate SST from my 2017. And I'm here in order to find this solution also. As far I know, the "summon-world" of max tool depth (from all operation) were change from 'NCFILE/MIN-Z2' in 2017 to 'NCFILE/MIN-Z-TPLANE-O' in 2018. But, there is some problem where 'MIN-Z-TPLANE-O' show NA when I try to generate a setup sheet in MCam18. In my opinion, MCam17 is better than MCam18 in generate a setup sheet as you n see in attached file below. We have max depth output, but show NA in 2018. Oh,, also please don't hesitate to ask me for the SST if you wants too. Thx be4. 0KH704_b_BottomMachining.pdf
  6. Jandr0

    Active Reports - Setup Sheet

    It doesn't work in my Mastercam 2017. I think ActiveReport Designer are default to read the name of post processor used
  7. No u can't. U have to input a new name everytime u create a new pdf file. I want to solve this problem too a years ago, but nothing we can do. I think this problem was in the active reports viewer

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