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  1. Hi Skyroks, Have you contacted your Mastercam reseller about this?
  2. I updated this based on some feedback, the latest install files can be found here.
  3. jeff.D

    Tool list post

    Here you go. [POST_VERSION] #DO NOT MOVE OR ALTER THIS LINE# V21.00 P4 E1 W21.00 T1505932414 M21.00 I0 O10 # ToolList.mcpost #region Settings #region User Settings # Max length of stool_name, used for formatting name_length : 24 # Max length of sassembly_name, used for formatting assembly_length : 14 #endregion #region Post Settings x_tooltable$ : 1 newglobal$ : 1 rotaxtyp$ : 99999 #endregion #endregion #region initializations #region Enumerators ZERO@ : 0 ONE@ TWO@ TOOL_INFO_TABLE@ : 1 OP_PARAMETERS@ : 0 TOOL_NOT_OUTPUT@ : 1 #endregion #region Numerics result : 0 op_number : 0 #region Globals diameter = tlrad$ corner_radius = tcr$ #endregion #endregion #region Strings stool_name : "" sholder_name : "" sassembly_name : "" sspaces : " " sregex : "" #endregion #endregion #region Formats #region Statments fs2 1 0.8 0.8 fs2 2 0.4 0.3 fs2 3 1 0 1 0 #endregion #region Assignments fmt "" 3 op_number "" fmt " " 3 tt_tool$ " " fmt "" 3 name_length "" fmt "" 3 assembly_length "" fmt "" 2 diameter " " fmt "" 2 corner_radius " " #endregion #endregion #region Lookup Tables fprmtbl 1 4 # TOOL_INFO_TABLE@ 15240 op_number 20001 stool_name 20020 sholder_name 20021 sassembly_name #endregion pset_string_length sregex = ".{" + drs_str(TWO@, name_length) + "}" stool_name = stool_name + sspaces stool_name = regex(sregex, stool_name) sregex = ".{" + drs_str(TWO@, assembly_length) + "}" sassembly_name = sassembly_name + sspaces sassembly_name = regex(sregex, sassembly_name) ptooltable$ if tt_count$ = TOOL_NOT_OUTPUT@, [ result = fprm(TOOL_INFO_TABLE@, OP_PARAMETERS@) pset_string_length *tt_tool$, stool_name, *diameter, [if corner_radius > ZERO@, *corner_radius, else, " "], sassembly_name, sholder_name, e$ *e$ ] pheader$ "Tool Number Tool Name Diameter Corner Radius Assembly Holder", e$ *e$ x_tooltable$
  4. jeff.D

    Script examples needed

    I did some thinking and an asynchronous timer is the only thing I came up with. It works, but I don't like the static half second delay. I'm hoping someone will jump in with a better solution. Public Overrides Function Run(param As Integer) As MCamReturn Dim solidsMask = New GeometryMask(False, False, False, False, False, False, True) Dim allSolidEntities = SearchManager.GetGeometry(solidsMask) For Each solidEntity As SolidGeometry In allSolidEntities solidEntity.Selected = True solidEntity.Commit() Next If allSolidEntities.Any() Then Dim timer = New Timers.Timer(500) AddHandler timer.Elapsed, AddressOf OnTimedEvent timer.AutoReset = False timer.Start() ExternalAppsManager.RunFTCommand("sld_convert_to_surfs") Else DialogManager.Error("No Solids Found", "No Solids Found") End If Return MCamReturn.NoErrors End Function Private Sub OnTimedEvent() MastercamWindow.SetFocusToMastercam() SendKeys.SendWait("{ENTER}") MastercamWindow.SendEscapeKeyPress() SendKeys.Flush() End Sub
  5. Hello eMastercam, I've been working on a pet project that I think could be beneficial to some Mastercam users. Quick Parameters is a NET-hook that consists of a single modeless window displaying a subset of the selected operation's parameters. **Please note, this only works for operations that the NET-Hook API knows about. This means that it will not work on lathe or wire operations. To install, copy the files from the archive attached to this post to the following locations; Copy 'Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.dll' to the Mastercam install directory, typically 'C:\Program Files\Mcam2019' Copy 'GalaSoft.MvvmLight.dll', 'QuickParameters.dll', and 'QuickParameters.ft' to Mastercam's chook directory, typically 'C:\Program Files\Mcam2019\chooks' You can grab the source on my Githib. A brief gif showing it's functionality. Right-click to customize the display colors. Feedback of any kind is always helpful.
  6. jeff.D

    Script examples needed

    No. I tried grabbing the handle to the Mastercam window and using SendKeys, but both PostFTCommand and RunFTCommand seem to wait till the called command is finished before moving on. I'll do a bit more digging.
  7. jeff.D

    Script examples needed

    As do I. Anyway, how are calling the surfaces from solids command? Are you using the external apps mananger? ExternalAppsManager.PostFTCommand("sld_convert_to_surfs")
  8. jeff.D

    DX-32 Post Processor

    I took a brief look at this. That post has all the logic to output a work offset based on the value of misc integer 1, but the value isn't output anywhere. Try forcing the string variable sgwcs where ever you want it output. Comments are not supported in this post. It would be simple to add, but I have no idea if that control supports comments.
  9. Did you ask your reseller about this? What was their response? I put a postblock on the offical Mastercam fourms that does this, I recommend you check this post.
  10. jeff.D

    What is the escape character for MP?

    There is no escape sequence, but you can output your string in a number of ways. Create a string variable containing the double quote character and concatenate it into your string. Use single quotes to define the string, for example ' Check reference "b " '.
  11. jeff.D

    Force WCS coordinates?

    You could use vmap to map the origin to the current toolplane.
  12. jeff.D

    DX-32 Post Processor

    This is the post from the tech exchange correct? I'll take a look when I'm in the office tomorrow.
  13. I don't see how opinfo wouldn't work, but glad you got it working. Yes, you would need to use MP's legacy parameter read methods.
  14. No idea, but you don't really need it if you use opinfo. PREVIOUS_OP@ : -1 previous_op_id : 0 pany_postblock previous_op_id = opinfo(15237, PREVIOUS_OP@)
  15. jeff.D

    Script examples needed

    Happy to help!

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