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  1. jeff.D

    mastercam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    The below ran on grbl 1.1. I think you'll need a G49 to cancel the G43.1, but I'm only hooked up to the board so I can't tell too much G0 G53 Z0. M01 G0 G90 G54 X-1. Y.5 S5000 M3 G43.1 Z.51 G1 Z.23 F50. X1. F350. Y-.5 X-1. Y.5 Z.49 F300. M5 G0 G53 Z0. G0 G53 X0. Y0. M30 % I
  2. jeff.D

    mastercam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    I think the best way to disable the tool change is to use the auxiliary file stream and generate a new file for each tool. I have an example of this but I'm not sure if it will work in V9. If I have time tonight I'll flash grbl and see if I can get out put that works.
  3. jeff.D

    mastercam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    The GitHub makes it seem like a Fanuc post with a few tweaks would do the trick, do you have a Fanuc post you could try? List of Supported G-Codes in Grbl v0.9 Master: - Non-Modal Commands: G4, G10L2, G10L20, G28, G30, G28.1, G30.1, G53, G92, G92.1 - Motion Modes: G0, G1, G2, G3, G38.2, G38.3, G38.4, G38.5, G80 - Feed Rate Modes: G93, G94 - Unit Modes: G20, G21 - Distance Modes: G90, G91 - Arc IJK Distance Modes: G91.1 - Plane Select Modes: G17, G18, G19 - Tool Length Offset Modes: G43.1, G49 - Cutter Compensation Modes: G40 - Coordinate System Modes: G54, G55, G56, G57, G58, G59 - Control Modes: G61 - Program Flow: M0, M1, M2, M30* - Coolant Control: M7*, M8, M9 - Spindle Control: M3, M4, M5 - Valid Non-Command Words: F, I, J, K, L, N, P, R, S, T, X, Y, Z
  4. Quite a few of CNC's posts have the logic in them, download MPFAN from the tech exchange and have a look. If that doesn't help, contact your Mastercam reseller, there's documentation available.
  5. jeff.D

    Hotkey Rechain All?

    Have a look at the documentation, project examples, and SDK fourm to start with. If you get stuck, your reseller should be able to open a support ticket for SDK issues on your behalf.
  6. jeff.D

    Hotkey Rechain All?

    Depending on the operation types you're dealing with, you may be able to do this with a Net-Hook that's configured to launch from a keyboard shortcut.
  7. jeff.D

    Buffer question

    Some of the comments put portions of that code as being added '03. I'm guessing the rest of logic is older than that. Code ages, and I really think you should investage some of the new methods MP has to offer.
  8. jeff.D

    Buffer question

    You do not need to remove the legacy parameter read methods from the post to use the enhanced tool table. They old and new parameter read methods can coexist in a post, but you'll lose out on the speed benefits the new methods offer.
  9. jeff.D

    Shop Network Security

    Hey, I used to work for Mikron in the states! The control runs on Linux (well, most of the time, there were some windows based Mikrons out there.) so I would think you'd be safe. If your machines have the rconnect box in them that's also a firewall if I remember correctly.
  10. jeff.D

    Buffer question

    You have a post block called pwritbuf1 that writes to buffer 4. It's not part of you're problem, but it is confusing. Buffer 4 appears to be sized incorrectly. Also, if you're reading and writing to a buffer multiple times and you're not using strings, consider using a stack. You should contact your Mastercam reseller about this issue; there's a simpler way to do this.
  11. Check the overloads for the FileManager.Open method. One of them has the bool argument MergeWithCurrent.
  12. jeff.D

    Add coolant type

    V9 coolant only supports three coolants. You would have to use x-style to add another.
  13. Yes, it should have been; result = force(gcode$, gcode$) Sorry.
  14. Use the force function. pcanceldc$ #Cancel canned drill cycle result = newfs(three, zinc) z$ = initht$ if cuttype = one, prv_zia = initht$ + (rotdia$/two) else, prv_zia = initht$ pxyzcout !zabs, !zinc prv_gcode$ = zero pcan pcan1, pbld, n$, sg80, strcantext, e$ if (drillcyc$ = 3 | drillcyc$ = 7) & tap_feedtype, pbld, n$, sg94, e$ result = newfs(15, feed) #Reset the output format for 'feed' pcan2 result = force(sgcode, sgcode) #Force gcode output on the next motion line

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