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  1. Zaffin_D

    2021 5 axis helix bore

    For that to be true the post would have to be configured to build the helical arcs from the linear data. The NCI only contains linear moves with the axis control set to 4 or 5-axis.
  2. Zaffin_D


    The ‘C’ in threadC means contour, so using it with a single entity is not really it’s intended use. Your reseller is correct, a custom post is required; I’m not aware of any CNC post that supports threadC. This is because threadC writes it’s parameters to the NCI and doesn’t fill out the normal threading NCI lines.
  3. Zaffin_D

    tool comment

    If you are using Mastercam 2019 or later, use a regular expression to sanitize the string. s_regex := "[^\x00-\x7F]" s_replacement := "" psof$ *e$ "Before: ", ~strtool$, e$ strtool$ = regex(s_regex, s_replacement, 2) "After : ", ~strtool$, e$ Sample output. Before: Ø12 R0,2 *60 ISCAR After : 12 R0,2 *60 ISCAR
  4. Remove that line, you initialized nos when you set it equal to mi5$
  5. Remove the dollar sign from the nos variable in the format statement.
  6. Part handling operations don't have tool change lines. The lack of a tool change means that opinfo doesn't 'see' part handling operations in it's offset(default) mode. This means that you need to read the operation stream to look at all the operations. If you have questions about this I recommend you contact your reseller or post on CNC Software's forum.
  7. The following regex will match M1000 - M1099 \bM10[0-9][0-9]\b Here is a link to it being checked against common M-codes As far as what language is used; in this case it probably doesn't matter. They all should support what you are trying to do. One difference I'm aware of is the the C++ standard library regex implementation doesn't support lookbehind. I think this goes for javascript also, but google will have a better answer if you care to get into the minutiae.
  8. Shot in the dark. You have an arc format issue; have you tried calling G91.1? Aside from that it sounds like you're asking for a post; have you talked to your local reseller?
  9. Zaffin_D

    PLEASE HELP! :( Lathe Radius Problem

    I'm pretty sure that if someone were to dig into this file's history they would find that it was not created with a legit seat.
  10. I'm not sure displaying the view ID number (v_idn) is helpful. I think the work offset (woff_n) is what you're after. Aside from that, you're doing more work than you need to. If you use an unordered_set as the container you won't need to check for duplicates. You could also sort and uniquify your vector after adding the data to it. Examples of both techniques on
  11. Zaffin_D

    custom 5 axis drill toolpath

    My tool axis control is set to 5-axis. I tipped the part 25 degrees and still got numbers I would except. Ref. Z position (Abs.) : 54.378467 Selected Z position (Abs.) : 45.315389 TOS Z position (Abs.) : 45.315389 Depth Z position (Abs.) : 18.126156 Ref. Z position (Inc.) : 10. Sum of drl_ref_z$ and drl_sel_ref$ : 64.378467 I don't remember this changing, but what version of Mastercam are you using? Could you share a part file? I'm curious why this is working for you.
  12. Zaffin_D

    custom 5 axis drill toolpath

    I'm glad you got this working, but you've lost me. Adding the values as you show shouldn't generate a useful position. Consider the below hole; Yellow is the ref point, green is the selected point and top of stock, and red is the depth I setup a drilling postblock to mimic your math pdrill$ "Ref. Z position (Abs.) : ", *drl_ref_z$, e$ "Selected Z position (Abs.) : ", *drl_zdrl_z$, e$ "TOS Z position (Abs.) : ", *drl_tos_z$, e$ "Depth Z position (Abs.) : ", *drl_depth_z$, e$ *e$ "Ref. Z position (Inc.) : ", *drl_sel_ref$, e$ zrefhgt = drl_ref_z$ + drl_sel_ref$ *e$ "Sum of drl_ref_z$ and drl_sel_ref$ : ", *zrefhgt, e$ And that resulted in the following output. Ref. Z position (Abs.) : 60. Selected Z position (Abs.) : 50. TOS Z position (Abs.) : 50. Depth Z position (Abs.) : 20. Ref. Z position (Inc.) : 10. Sum of drl_ref_z$ and drl_sel_ref$ : 70. I don't understand how a value of 70mm is useful.
  13. Zaffin_D

    custom 5 axis drill toolpath

    Do you have the post documentation? The docs the cover drl_ series of variables very well, though in my experience none of them are mapped automatically. Also the formulas don't make much sense to me; seeing as... drl_sel_ref$ is the distance from the selected point to the ref point drl_sel_tos$ is the distance from the selected point to the top of stock drl_ref_z$ is the absolute Z position of the ref point I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish by adding them together. Also, as this is a 3+2/5-axis application you'll likely have to rotate/map the values depending on how your machine handles tilted work planes. You should contact your reseller or post developer; they will be able to get you sorted out.
  14. As far as I’m aware there isn’t one. If you think about it how could there be. A user can select any combination of arcs or solid holes with varying diameters(points could also be used, so no diameter); they can also select as many entities as they want. If you are looking to determine the diameter of a circle mill or helix bore, this can be done mathematically in the post; but if you’re using a drill op you’re out of luck. I suppose you could also use an add-in to get this information at posting time; it just depends how badly you want the information.

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