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  1. petro7

    Micro drills

    Thanks for all the input I will check out these options.
  2. Looking for some options on how to set the length offset on a 30 micron drill. we have been doing it with a portable micro scope , but we are not very efficient right now , looking for a quicker option . thanks
  3. Thanks for all the info . We have a company coming from Toronto to help us with this. I think it will be a big investment but hopefully it works out.
  4. we are running it on a brand new hurco. but that may have to change . I know it can be done our competitor is doing now. I will contact hurco and see what they say. Thanks
  5. I know that this exists, but not sure where to look for it. What I want to do is energize my work piece, so when my tool comes in contact with the top of the part it automatic zeros my z axis. What our customer wants, is to keep the hole within .0003 in depth over 540 hole our drill dia is .020 . the problem is the material is graphite and the top surface is not 100% flat. Does anyone have experience with this?
  6. petro7

    spindle speed multiplier.

    awesome thats the one I was looking at. it goes to 80k. we are drilling .0015 dia. holes right now in HURCO running 8k ,not to efficient . do you need to keep the machine isolated from the vibration of other machine in the shop?
  7. Does anyone use a spindle multiplier? I am looking to get up to 100000 rpm if possible. Thanks
  8. petro7

    Linear moves

    Yes Sir that's the one thanks allot.
  9. petro7

    Linear moves

    thanks I tried that but no luck.
  10. petro7

    Linear moves

    I found the line arc filters and they are turned off.
  11. petro7

    Linear moves

    not sure where to turn them off.
  12. petro7

    Linear moves

    Good Morning Is there a way to post all moves as linear moves with no arc moves. Im using multisurface rough toolpath. getting some arc error so i was hoping to post them as just linear moves. Thanks
  13. petro7

    small drill

    Thanks this gives me a few more options.
  14. petro7

    small drill

    Good question I will have to check that.
  15. petro7

    small drill

    Looking for another supplier to buy a 40 micron drill. osg has them but they are 320.00 per drill. all the other supplier stop at 50 micron. any other suggestions will help. Thanks. Been using harvey tool for the 50 micron holes but they don't go smaller then that.

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