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  1. Threept82

    Hole making enhancments

    That is what I thought. I changed to a different 5 axis post and it worked fine. Went back to the post I need and it said I was stupid again. Possible Machine/post confusion?
  2. Threept82

    Hole making enhancments

    Exactly. I program 4 & 5 axis mills with no issues and have never needed to use the multi axis feature to do this. With 2020 I opened a 5 axis program "made with 2019" to make some modifications and save it as to not lose the changes. When I go to post it out, it will not go past the 1st operation. I receive "Error-the tool can not be positioned within machine rotary limits" I changed the enhancements to 5 axis and now everything comes from the top plane.
  3. Threept82

    Hole making enhancments

    Hello People, Is it me or does this new """ enhancement """ in 2020 make things much more time consuming ? Should have left it alone as a mult axis feature. ??
  4. Threept82

    2019 - 2020 Verify issue

    it is not the file. It is a setting or glitch between 2019 & 2020.
  5. Hello All, I am hoping someone can help or at least explain why. I programmed a part with 2020, 1st tool up is a 3/8 end mill that I am peel milling with. looks good. when part is done I run it thru verify picking the target model to cut. As soon as the tool touches the part it stops with -A collision occurred error. I did the same thing using 2019 and it cuts with no issues. ? Thanks
  6. Threept82

    Backplot VCR bar above the graphics window

    I wasn't sure so I looked and found both 2019 and 2020 on the control panel. Changed the 2019 settings to match 2020 and all looks good. Your question gave me the answer. Thank You.
  7. Good Morning all, We had a computer guy come in to speed up my new windows 10 system because it seemed slower then my older system. Now the backplot VCR bar above the graphics window comes on then the buttons on the left and the slide bar disappear. If I run my mouse over the buttons they reappear but disappear once the mouse is no longer over them. The computer guy updated the graphics card and that's when all went bad and he cant figure out what went wrong. He then reverted the driver back to before the update but still the same. This is with MasterCam 2019, So we loaded MasterCam 2020 and It works fine. Now for my question; Is there a way to compare the MasterCam graphics settings between 2019 and 2020? Thanks
  8. Threept82

    Cutter comp number match

    I did. It is from tool and still post out the same. Has to be embedded in code somewhere.
  9. Threept82

    Cutter comp number match

    I did. Still posts to tool number not diameter offset number given.
  10. Threept82

    Cutter comp number match

    Good Morning all, I am posting out a threadmill to cut 3 different size threads so I want to use 3 different "D" numbers. in the operations I give the three operations a D125, D126 & D127 respectfully. When I post out code all three are using the same number, the tool number. I have reposted with different machine posts and it posts fine. My question (took long enough) Does anyone know where in a post it forces the "D" number to match the tool number. Thanks
  11. Threept82

    Work shift offset issue

    Good Morning All, We have two different horizontal machines. One works fine, the other... not so much. We have a job that needs two work offsets. G55 & G56. One machine posts out great the other posts out the same but will not post the G56 at rotation, it remains at G55. The machines are different and comparing the posts is useless due to the differences. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Threept82


    I can not seem to find this?
  13. Threept82


    Hello all, Hoping one of the MasterCam Gurus' has an answer. Using MasterCam 2019, milling. When we make an multiple operations for a part and then transform the operations to other parts on the fixture ( all the same parts) all works great. If we need to alter something in one of the operations all other operations tied to it highlight. "Quite annoying" It never did this on earlier versions. Question; Is there a setting somewhere to stop the highlighting of all? Thanks
  14. Threept82

    Canned lathe cycle issues

    It is the same as yours.
  15. Hi Guys, Hoping someone here can help. Our lathe programmer has been manually changing this forever and I'm sure its a quick fix. Please see below. O0000 (SC250) (01/18/19) N1G50S1500M8 G0T0101M03S200(CNMG-431 .0156 TNR.) (ROUGH TURN) G96S350 G0X-3.25Z.03 G71U500R.02 G71P100Q110U-100W30F.0075 N100G0X-.9777 G1Z-.0053 G2U-.005W-.0022I.0156K-.0204F.001 G1U-.0183W-.0091F.0075 G2U-.015W-.0182I.0181K-.0181F.001 G1Z-.537F.0075 X-2.1478 G2U-.0133W-.0009I0.K-.0256F.001 G1U-.9044W-.1211F.0075 G2U-.038W-.0248I.0066K-.0247F.001 G1Z-.87F.0075 X-3.25 N120G0Z.03 M9 G28U0W0 M30 % This is how it posts out. He manually changes the N120 to N110 to match the canned cycle. Anyone know how to have it post out 110

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