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  1. LewisMack


    Thank you for the help. It is highly appreciated
  2. LewisMack


    Good day to one and all. I am fairly new to this forum and I am hoping that someone might be able to assist me . I want to design a mould in the shape of a soccer ball. I have watched numerous videos on You tube and they show how, but I cannot seem to replicate the process. I keep getting stuck at the part when I have to " merge" or blend the pentagon and the hexagon edges together? I cant seem to get the edges to align precisely with each other. I need some guidance and assistance with this please. If anybody knows how to do this, and is prepared to share the knowledge, i would be very grateful for the help. I want to create a solid of this for machining. Thank you
  3. LewisMack


    How do I do this?
  4. LewisMack


    Hello, I need some assistance. I have digitized a part using a renishaw probe on a mill. I am now sitting with a point cloud that has been created. How do I import this point data into mastercam so that I can create a surface from the point cloud? Any assistance will be appreciated. TIA

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