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  1. How many parts you guys do at one time? Big assembly? For me I only do one part at a time, rarely open 2 mastercams at the same time, finish one then go to next one. I use Quadro P620, my monitor is a full HD, it works great. Just need a super strong CPU like 12700 something, I hate waiting.
  2. Any idea compare to Mastercam? I used to work on other CAM use feature based and it was a big pain in the beginning, but after a while it looks a bit easier than Mastercam, specially when you have tons of tiny details on the model and when I use MC I have to deal with them one by one, what a PITA, but anyway MC is not a mold CAM software. Another good thing is they always auto trimming the air cuts. For sure MC has way strong control of toolpath because of it's geometry based, specially when you have to control tool tiltings. BTW, I never used MC's stupid solid pickup, always curve on all edges..
  3. I like that kinda way of making tutorial videos, straight, direct, fast. I watched some very long videos before ( probably about 1 hr ), some of them are even need to be paid. Those guys always bullxxxxing 55 mins then 5 mins working on the subject. Very upset.
  4. Youtube search GIANG THE TOOL, pretty good stuff there
  5. It's not available for downloading from official website, one of my friends told me there is a horrible bug in 2019 so they disabled downloading. But he refused to tell me any detail. Does anybody have any clue about this bug? My friend told me it's nothing wrong with programming and posting in 2019, only about the software itself. So I'm still gonna use it for programming, since I don't know any other software. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- No big issue, just migration problem, no worries. Here's the official explanation: Hi Everyone, We have run into a critical issue related to file migration with Mastercam 2019. As a result, we have pulled the release from the downloads section of Mastercam.com. This issue does not affect all files and is limited to certain file types. Customers already running Mastercam 2019 who have not received this error do not need to uninstall and they can continue using the software. We are in the process of building and testing a fix. Once that fix has been approved and ready to be released, we will post new version of Mastercam 2019 to the Mastercam downloads page. More details will be posted in this thread at a future time. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.

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