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  1. Glenn Bouman

    Choppy verify

    Go to Options in Verify and turn on "Always Use 5-axis Engine"
  2. Glenn Bouman

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    Steve, I am with Brian again today, do you me to head back and pay you me a visit
  3. Glenn Bouman

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    Steve, under misc values you can set this to 1 for G54 only output.
  4. Glenn Bouman

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Sorting the tool list is easy, just click on the one of the "Selected Fields" and it will sort based on that.
  5. Glenn Bouman

    Mastercam from X7 to 2019

    Allen, it is the panel on the left with the operations manager.
  6. Glenn Bouman

    toolpath tree/manager search

    If you want to search for an operation by its comment, just right-click and Doc File... and then search the text file that pops up.
  7. Glenn Bouman

    circular interpolation turning

    I think this is the video he wanted so show. Here is a video showing a sample done with Mastercam
  8. Glenn Bouman

    faceting on a surface

    .005 is very coarse tolerance. offset a chord on a 2" diameter by .005" and you have a .2 flat. Try a .0002 tolerance
  9. Glenn Bouman

    X7 Cimco (v6.0) statistics?

    Here is a Christmas Present for you all. In Cimco OEM just press CNTRL-W for Toolpath Statistics
  10. Glenn Bouman

    MastercamX8 crashes

    Try C:\users\public\documents\X+\uninstX7_X+.exe
  11. Watch this video, Looks like it is a compressor screw. Can that be programmed in Mastercam or is it a special macro?
  12. Glenn Bouman

    X8 Drill Toolpath Backplot error

    Because of this issue you will also that the cycle times reported by classic backplot for drilling are much longer as it thinks that it is feeding from the clearance plane.
  13. Glenn Bouman

    Arc issue on Fanuc

    Thanks for that information Tim, that helps explain this mystery to customers and I will have to try those adjustments, when I get a chance.
  14. Glenn Bouman

    Arc issue on Fanuc

    I am at a customer right now that just got bit in the [email protected]#$%$ with this issue with a Fanuc 16i, I tried adjusting minimum arc length values and it did not make a difference. The culprit was the break arcs at 180 setting in the control definition. Since he is using IJ's, full arcs or > 180 are not a problem. The latest Cimco Edit does not show the problem, it just ignores that bad line, when I save as DXF it shows a gap. N2730 X4.3176 Y15.648 I1.3646 J.0025 N2740 X4.3175 Y15.6466 I-1.3646 J-.0025 bad line N2750 X3.1841 Y14.3011 I-1.3643 J-.0009 bad code.txt
  15. Glenn Bouman

    Arc issue on Fanuc

    I have seen this problem before on Fanucs and it always been when the customer has the arcs set to break on quadrants. Cimco Edit backplot will show the arcs correctly. You will notice that the arc segment is very short, so changing the minimum arc length to a larger value may also help.

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