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  1. AHarrison1

    correction des outils

    I would start by checking the your CAD to make sure dimensions are correct, start there because it's a quick check. Next; check to see if tool centre is in line with chuck and there are no offsets effecting the tool - x wear offset - tool radius offset. Below is from Google Translate so if it does not make sense...meh.. Je commencerais par vérifier votre CAO pour m'assurer que les dimensions sont correctes, commencez par là car c'est une vérification rapide. Prochain; vérifiez si le centre de l'outil est aligné avec le mandrin et qu'il n'y a pas de décalage affectant l'outil - décalage d'usure x - décalage du rayon de l'outil.
  2. AHarrison1

    Wear Comp on Lathe

    The wear comp goes the same direction as your travel, so with ID start at negative wear and move up. For OD the opposite, start at positive wear and move down.
  3. AHarrison1

    How to cut profile on od ( cad question )

    Well it would be if his question was CAM related...
  4. AHarrison1


    I have mine set as follows, apologies for the sh!tty screen grab
  5. AHarrison1

    0.029" external grooving tool

    This is what we use Insert https://www.iscar.com/eCatalog/item.aspx?cat=6003105&fnum=1431&mapp=TG&app=51&GFSTYP=I&isoD=1 Holder https://www.iscar.com/eCatalog/Family.aspx?cat=6003105&fnum=1431&mapp=TG&app=51&pageType=4&rel=T
  6. AHarrison1

    INTEGREX i-200ST

    You could substitute the G0 sub side to G1 with a high feed rate.
  7. AHarrison1

    Display backplot X as D

    Pick +D +Z in your planes manager
  8. In previous versions yes, but not in 2022.
  9. AHarrison1

    Merging Tool Libraries

    Check out this topic from the mastercam site about 3-d tool improvements https://forum.mastercam.com/Topic37975.aspx OOps... wrong one https://forum.mastercam.com/Topic38686.aspx
  10. The way we control revisions is by saving the part file and g-code file with the current rev in the name.
  11. AHarrison1


    Well then to answer your question, I would say yes to the later version.
  12. AHarrison1


    I am currently using both for 2020 and have no issues opening solidworks files. Are you refering to Mastercam stand alone version or MCFSW(MasterCam For SolidWorks)?
  13. AHarrison1

    Unified morph

    I've seen this with ball nose or rad tipped cutters where the path rides up to keep contact with the work.
  14. AHarrison1

    Toolpath display not working!

    Here is a pic to add to what Gcode is saying...
  15. AHarrison1

    Roughing deep hole Help

    Hook up an air line to the spindle head with the nozzle pointing straight down your tool of choice. That should help with chip evacuation.

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