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  1. This, I think, will depend on the operator/setup guy/ general shop practice or policy. For my finish turning tool I will have 2 offsets with the same X and Z but with .0005" difference in wear offset so that I can run a de-burr operation without scraping the Finished OD/ID if I need to.
  2. Yes the nose radius can be changed. There won't be length change as the intersection point of the 2 edges will be the same, only the radius changes. You would then setup compensation the same as you would the original insert
  3. You don't really need to bring in a new insert to then mate, you can just duplicate the insert and edit paramaters for the 'new' insert.
  4. AHarrison1

    Island left with dynamic toolpath

    This was brought up on the Mastercam forum. https://forum.mastercam.com/Topic39965.aspx Apparently they are looking into it.
  5. AHarrison1

    What's New Mastercam 2021 videos

    The Maintenance fee includes any new versions of Mastercam plus any updates.
  6. AHarrison1

    Toolpath not correctly orientated

    I would go ahead and re-generate the path in 2021, if it looks wrong dont save the file. i have had this happen every now and then. Usually it's because of the machine and control definitions between the 2 versions
  7. AHarrison1


    Try loosening the stock model tolerance, failing that, attach a dumbed down file for others to see.
  8. AHarrison1

    Selecting entities behind gnomon

    Thank you. i was aware of that one. i was hoping for an option where the gnomon is not auto- selected while still being visible. If not, then I will use your suggestion.
  9. How do you dis-able the gnomon auto selection? Right now, if I want to interact with an entity that sits behind the gnomon 'grid' i have to zoom in real close in order to be able to select entity and not the gnomon. I do remember reading this somewhere but after an hours search i'm still stumped.
  10. AHarrison1

    Loud Haas ST20Y

    We have a DS-30Y which I limit the RPM to 3500 and it is nowhere near as loud as an older ST-20 we have. The turret toolchange makes more noise than the spindles.. Apart from 1 or 2 fat fingered operator error crashes I have had very little issues with it.
  11. AHarrison1

    Is this possible with MC 2d?

    Have a look on youtube for cam instructer, Colin Gilchrist, ron 5-axis millman or search 2-d mastercam. You will be surprised at what is achievable with just the 2-d package - mill level 1
  12. AHarrison1

    Depth cut order "By depth" broken?

    Can you share a file?
  13. AHarrison1

    thread questions fron a QA point of view

    Who is making this claim, your Q.C. dept or engineering? It is up to your engineering dept to tell you where to measure the depth from. There is a .026" difference in height from the top of the 5/8 round to the intersection of the threaded hole and the bar. If it were me I would drive both the drill and tap 0.1" deeper. The 0.25" is a minimum depth requirement so you could go 1/2" deep if you wanted to
  14. AHarrison1

    Flute Length - In-Progress Stock

    Ok, then try increasing lead ins or clearance height for your operations. It might be that the cutter is hitting the stock before it makes a cut. Hard to say without seeing a file.

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