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  1. AHarrison1

    Move in ARC

    You could also use the Sort option to control the movement between holes
  2. AHarrison1

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    is the hole blind or through? Can it be drilled from the other side?
  3. AHarrison1

    Long Post Times

    Check multi thread setting maybe...
  4. Is there a way to lock multiple instances of the same file being opened, Or, like Solidworks, only being able to open a read only copy of a file if it is open somewhere else. Using 2020 Thanks
  5. AHarrison1

    Tool data not updating

    Thank you.
  6. AHarrison1

    Tool data not updating

    I am having an issue where if I change speeds/feeds for a tool in tool manager it is not updating the tool within operation parameters. I make a change hit ok it then asks if I want to update all operations with that tool or create another tool assembly, ok to update all but when i go into operations the tool has not changed. This has been happening since update 1 for 2020.
  7. AHarrison1

    G Code Cycle Time Simulator

    Where is the stats button? I have 'Block Numbers' and 'Insert / Remove' under 'NC Functions tab
  8. AHarrison1

    Cutter comp move

    I'm not sure about any other controls but I know HAAS will always shout if there is cutter comp on an arc move. Link to another thread talking about this
  9. AHarrison1

    How can I get line #

    If you are using CIMCO editor you also have the option to add or remove block numbers.
  10. AHarrison1

    Pre Stage Tools

    In your machine control definition under tool tab there is enable staged tool routines
  11. Haas does not allow comp on a g2 or g3 move. Comp line has to be a g1. Have A line entry and exit on lead in and lead out. It does not have to be a long line. In my eg below I have it set at 55% to avoid stock.
  12. Yes it does... at least mine does, grabs both lathe and mill licence.
  13. AHarrison1

    late verify thread question

    I am playing with this setting in 2020 and keep getting Unexpected error occurred while trying to simulate a true thread. Would this be in relation to system specs?
  14. AHarrison1

    Paperless reporting on shop floor

    A company I used to work for had implemented something like this for their shop , https://www.google.com/search?q=mr+narrative&rlz=1C1CHBF_enCA774CA790&oq=Mrnarr&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.6847j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8. using Ipads. It worked pretty well provided it was used properly. It worked with a book, chapter and page system. The book being the part/part#, Chapters being machine/tool setup, Quality issues and alerts, assembly instructions etc. the pages would then be the different tools with relevant info. Whenever someone added a page to a chapter such as a quality alert it would go live straight away.

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