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    Dimension Preferences

    carryinwood These colors can be changed in the System Configuration. Change the auto highlight and /or the auto-highlight glow to the color you prefer.
  2. Are you able to post a zip2go of the file?
  3. Rob Heimpel

    Cimco DNC transfer tab lost

    SlaveCam In the global setup of Cimco make sure the "Disable DNC/Serial communication" is not selected
  4. Rob Heimpel

    Collision checking

    PiotrN When you are in the verify feature of Mastercam 2019 the collision checking with fixture option can be found by selecting. File> Options> General.
  5. Rob Heimpel

    2018 Mastercam HLE keeps getting crash report.

    The Graphics Card specs are within the system requirements. Make sure the drivers are up to date with it. Another test you could try is to see if there is something corrupt in your config folder. Try to rename this folder by adding a .old at the end of it. When you start mastercam it will look for the config folder and see it not there. It will build a new one with default settings. C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\my mcam2018\CONFIG
  6. Rob Heimpel

    issue logging in on mcam website

    ssmart94 You could download from the In-House website. I have attached a link to the downloads page.
  7. Rob Heimpel

    2018 Mastercam HLE keeps getting crash report.

    CNC JCB, What is the graphics card you are using on this system? Are the drivers for it up to date? What about windows are all the updates done? What version of windows are you using?
  8. Rob Heimpel

    proximity to entity or snap point

    xeyedsurfer99, Check what you are using for your snap positions in the autocursor settings. You may need to have other options selected. You can also try adding a delay in the auto highlight selection of your configurations. an

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