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  1. pvtJoker Turn off the selection button to only display associative geometry.
  2. Hien Le Have you tried to use different browsers ? I had no issues downloading the files with Chrome or IE.
  3. Rob Heimpel


    nolongat, You can find the all the download files when you are accessing the ecourse.
  4. Rob Heimpel

    HLE 2020 wont start

    Rick. You can edit the short cut for your HLE to disable the hardware acceleration . The document attached shows how to edit it. HLE Hardware acceration.pdf
  5. razorone Unfortunately the HLE expires 24 months after release. The only current versions available are 2019 or 2020.
  6. Rob Heimpel

    Changing Thru Coolant Code

    JB7280, You should be able to change this in the machine definitions under the general machine parameters tab. See the video I have attached.
  7. Rob Heimpel

    home learners edition

    Murdock, Might be the graphic card. Onboard graphic cards are not supported by Mastercam. You could try to disable the hardware acceleration in the advanced configurations. Open the mastercam folder from the windows start menu.
  8. Rob Heimpel

    Strange pencil icon beside cursor

    Grimes, In the view tab under grid you have activated the snap to grid. To set a default color for the stl file set the "mesh" color to what you want the file to open with.
  9. Rob Heimpel

    Mastercam University - Help needed from a student

    MathewMachinist I did test your file and did not have any issue creating the lines normal. It may be an issue with you have Mastercam set up. Try resetting Mastercam back to the defaults.Close Mastercam, navigate to the folder shown (yours will probably show my mcam2019HLE) and rename the config folder to config.old. Mastercam will recreate this folder with the default settings when you restart.
  10. Rob Heimpel

    Drawing Layout and Exporting

    I believe you are creating the Mastercam file in metric and the template you are using is imperial. Try to create the file in imperial or don't use the template. To create a PDF of the layout select print and choose PDF converter as your printer. You may need to add the PDF printer in window setup.
  11. Rob Heimpel

    Changes in MasterCAM 2019

    Lazarusman, Check out the links I have attached. We have some great resources on our website with more to come.
  12. Rob Heimpel

    Cimco Font size

    junky programmer, It's in the global settings of the editor.
  13. Rob Heimpel

    surface rough project

    jayz32926, There is nothing in the zip file. Can you try to post it again?
  14. Rob Heimpel

    Machine Component Manager

    mastercamnoob, I assume you are referring to the manager tab that is normally on the left side of the screen. Is it just not pinned into position and is set off the screen. Left click and hold the top of the manager and drag it to the desired side of the screen. Double click the top of the manager to lock it to that side. See the video below for more tips.
  15. Rob Heimpel

    Mastercam University - Help needed from a student

    Matthew, I am still not sure why you are unable to set the line normal to the center of the circle. Could you post the file and I could have a look at it?

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