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  1. Corey Hampshire

    Hollow Stock Model after P-mesh conversion

    I understand what you are saying Ron. When I first started using the software back in X5, I used to select the whole part. Like you said it would take forever to do tool paths. Since I went to training and was explained some things, I have treated it differently. I use the crap out of quick masks and colors. I window select solid faces for speed. I only select what I need and the same with collision checking. I have greatly increased the number of ops from the previous programmers. I have more control of the tool paths and I make better parts. You are 100% right that it is more work on my end, but the end result is better. I will dig up the operation defaults and set the stock models as I see fit. It should help reduce some frustration in the future. As always, thanks for the help!
  2. Corey Hampshire

    Hollow Stock Model after P-mesh conversion

    Hi Ron. Thanks for the reply. I use the P-mesh style because when I try to drive the stock models off of the initial stock and subsequent ops, Mastercam will crash on me. It's not 100% of the time, but when I get into a lot of ops, it crashes. I opened the tolerance from .001 to .002 and was able to create a watertight solid. That was enough to fix my issue. Is there a way to set the default tolerance to something other than .001? I agree that I don't need the stock models that accurate, and I am sure it would cut down on computation time.
  3. Good morning. I was wondering what I am doing wrong when I do a p-mesh wash. Here are the steps that I use to create my stock models that result in a hollow stock model. Select operations and run verify. Save stock as .stl in verify. Create a new level in Mastercam. I import ops, so the stock model op is already in my toolpaths list. I then create the stock model off a file, and navigate and select my newly created .stl file. Stock model creates. Toolpath tab/stock model/convert to pmesh. Once the P-mesh model is created, I go back in stock model and select model for initial stock shape. Sometimes all this works, other times it does not. I have found that if I verify off a previous stock model, after two or 3 or 4 times of this I get one that is hollow. My fix has been to just reverify all the ops from the beginning and that usually takes care of it. This is not the case today, as I have one that will not work no matter what I do. It is hollow. What did I miss? Is there a work around? This is in Mastercam 2021, update 3.
  4. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Predictive tool bars

    Thnaks David. That worked for me. I appreciate it.
  5. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Predictive tool bars

    I am moving more and more to 2021 from 2019 and one of the thing I don't care for is the tool bar that changes at the top when you are working along. I find it more cumbersome than helpful. Is there a way to turn this off? I like the old standard of it stays where I had it. Thanks.
  6. Corey Hampshire

    Why not use IPR for everything.

    When I first started out in this trade, the first shop I ever worked in used IPR on the mills. It made life easy for the reasons mentioned above. You could plug the info in from the back of the insert box and get a baseline. If you changed the RPM, the feed rate stayed the same. It was easy to go from mill to lathe also. Tapping calculations are easier as well. I feel like IPM is ok, but I find myself leaning on what the actual chip load is. Thankfully, Mastercam will figure it out for you and it's one less calculation I have to do. Everything here at this shop is IPM, and it's not a big deal. If I was to start my own shop I would probably use IPR for continuity throughout. The old work smarter, not harder adage I guess.
  7. Corey Hampshire

    5 axis newbie

    I agree with everything said above. I don't post a lot on here, but have learned a lot from Ron just from reading his posts. You have given me some Ah Ha! moments and helped me more than you can know. I have been watching the cam instructor series and look forward to learning from you for years to come!
  8. Corey Hampshire

    Mastercam 2021 Views not following Gview

    It's here in 2019. Not sure in 2021
  9. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Solid Deselect one hole

    Could you use model prep/change face to make them all the same color except the odd ball and then use the quick mask to select them?
  10. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Curve 5 Axis Tool Path

    Update on this... I updated to Patch 2 this morning. First thing I did was try these tool paths. In backplot, the tool still comes in upside down when you run just the curve 5 axis path. In verify, the move to origin is gone as promised. However, the tool wants to run upside down still. Sending this off to my re-seller this am to get sent up.
  11. Corey Hampshire

    Thoughts on new PC IT spec'd

    This is the card in my computer. Seems to run well doing medium sized files and multi-axis tool paths.
  12. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Curve 5 Axis Tool Path

    The posted code is correct. If you run just that op in backplot the tool comes in incorrectly (upside down) but as you step through it, it flips the correct way and runs the rest of backplot correctly. If you run all three ops together, the orientation of the tool remains correct the whole time. I don't know if that information will help or not, but figured I would pass it along.
  13. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Curve 5 Axis Tool Path

    Hopefully this link works!
  14. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Curve 5 Axis Tool Path

    Thanks guys. Dylan, I have updated to Update 1 so it is probably going to addressed in update 2. You are correct in thinking that I have it tied to 4 axis. I am following a wireframe curve and pointing to the origin point to maintain tool orientation. Ron, I have double checked everything I can think of in 2019 to 2021 as far as settings. I may have missed a checkbox though. I will work up a watered down file and share it. I learned this trick from you so it is pretty fitting that you responded. It has always worked great and I use it to miss some of our fixturing. I thank you for all that you share here! This is not a huge deal for me. I just skipped it in verify and simulation as it is tried and true. I also double checked the posted code and it is correct also. I can get by without too much of a hassle. File will be coming shortly.
  15. Corey Hampshire

    2021 Curve 5 Axis Tool Path

    Hi guys, I sent this question to my reseller yesterday, but haven't heard back from them yet. I am trying to move over to 2021 from 2019 and am seeing an issue with Verify and Simulation. Please see the attached video. As you can see the tool is coming in from the wrong side of the curve. Also it seems to move to the origin when the op is complete. When I run just this toolpath alone in back plot, the tool comes in backwards on the approach and then flips to the correct orientation. Has anyone seen this before? Is it a setting that I am missing? Thanks in advance!

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