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  1. Corey Hampshire

    Free Mastercam University Courses

    Since I am currently laid off, due to Covid-19, I will be taking advantage of this free resource. I appreciate CNC Software making this available to the public. Good stuff! Certainly a good time for personal development! Stay safe out there everyone.
  2. Corey Hampshire


    I have ran into this in 2019. If I get computation error I turn off my arc filters and try again. Then I will change my stepdown by .001 to change the math. If it still does it, I delete and re-import or copy another op that is working. Once you run into it a few times, you learn the signs.
  3. Corey Hampshire

    Machine Simulation False Collisions

    I am happy to report that this is working for me. I have been able to use it for some basic collision checking. I am working to improve our process and part of that is using as short of tools as possible. Down by the rotary table it becomes an issue. With the collision checking, and after making STL files for our setup, I can accurately check the clearance of my setups. I have been playing with different tilt controls than I normally use on that operation to come up with a solution. It's not Verisurf or Camplete, but it is doing what I need it to do for now. Cahlly72, you are spot on. My reseller had me select the second radio button in the same box that you said. Looks like either one of the last two options will fix the issue. Thanks for the info and pictures! My post does have all the moves broken up when the part changes planes just as you describe. I appreciate everyones help and input on this. This forum is awesome!
  4. Corey Hampshire

    Machine Simulation False Collisions

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I spoke with my re-seller and they mentioned tying it to the post. I may end up going that route in the future. Would have to get the boss on board with that. They were able to give me a work around for my particular issue. I had to go to Machine def/control def/linear and toggle the top radio button to "All Axis Arrive at Destination Simultaneously" under the Rapid Motion box.This is read by the machine sim and fixed my issue. That said, my post was edited in the past to break up my moves so that it doesn't move X,Y,Z,A all together. Use this solution at your own risk. For me it was easy since I know that my post will be handling it differently on the back end. I am still building everything I need in simulator and am sure I will probably get tripped up on something else as I go. Thanks everyone for the advice and I appreciate the help.
  5. Corey Hampshire

    Machine Simulation False Collisions

    Playing with Machine Sim for the first time and ran into an issue. I am doing 4 axis work. When the Operation changes, and the plane changes, Simulation shows a false collision. I don't see this in real life, as the tool retracts on the Z axis, part rotates and then we go about our merry way cutting. I know that Machine sim isn't driven off the post, and that something like Verisurf would be better, but my hands are tied for now. I would like to get Simulation to not show me false collisions and be able to use what I have here at my disposal. I am not able to use Multi axis link as I have limited travel and my parts are actually too big for my machine. Any advice would be appreciated, as I am sure it is a drop down box or check box in the simulation settings that I am likely missing. Here is a video of what I am running into. I am just getting started in Simulator and am sure that I will run into other issues in the future, but hey, isn't that half the fun?
  6. Corey Hampshire

    Creating Custom Holders

    Got it solved. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Corey Hampshire

    Creating Custom Holders

    Did you use the solid or the wire frame? I must be missing the duplicate somewhere. I am still not seeing it. Thanks, I will play with this and try and make this one work.
  8. Corey Hampshire

    Creating Custom Holders

    I am in the process of trying to add some new holders to my library. I have never had much luck making custom tools or holders. I figured time to learn a new skill. Anyways, I downloaded a .dxf and .stp from Parlec. When I go to import it I get an error. Problem with custom geometry file or data. Check for gaps, overlaps, or blanked/hidden entities. I have checked for gaps, overlaps and duplicates. Still I cannot get the solid to work or the geometry. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help! test tool holder.mcam
  9. Corey Hampshire

    Dirty ops auto-regen

    It's called AutoRegen. Here is the link.
  10. Corey Hampshire

    Peck drill in backplot

    Forgive my ignorance, how were you able to see the list of things they updated in update 2 (Initial screen shot)? I would like to take a peek for myself.
  11. Corey Hampshire

    Keyboard Shortcut Planes/Rotate Incremental

    Anyone have any ideas on this?
  12. Hey guys, I would like to add a hotkey for Planes/Rotate Incremental but can't seem to find it in the list under all commands. Can anyone tell me how it is labeled? I use this pretty frequently and it would save me some time if I could Hot Key it. Thanks!
  13. Corey Hampshire

    MC2020 Update 1

    I installed update 1 and am still unable to use 2020. I initially reported my problem to my re-seller. They sent it to CNC software. CNC marked it as a defect that will not be addressed in 2020 and said hopefully the upcoming updates to other stock model issues will take care of it. It did not. I am sticking with 2019 for the foreseeable future.
  14. Corey Hampshire

    Mid start commands after each operation.

    Post out a separate program for each operation, and have a main program sub call it. Then when you need to start a specific op, the operator can start wherever he/she needs.
  15. Corey Hampshire

    Hitachi Seiki DNC issues with Cimco 8

    I added a metric crap ton of () to my file and was able to finish my part. I will be investigating some different com port settings later in the day. If I find anything that works, I will update this post.

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