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  1. Corey Hampshire

    Multi-Axis Project Start Point

    Yeah, It's different it seems. I hope they come out with the first maintenance update soon as I am having some bugs too. I am sure they will get it sorted out. That is part of the reason I have waited until now to go to 2020.
  2. Corey Hampshire

    Multi-Axis Project Start Point

    Awesome. Thanks! This will save me over 100 clicks per part. One nice improvement in 2020.
  3. Corey Hampshire

    Multi-Axis Project Start Point

    I am currently on Mastercam 2019, but making my way over to 2020. Old Bear- I made a quick, stripped down file for you to look at, and a video of the extra steps I would like a way around. It's not a huge deal to do it the way I am currently, just lots of extra clicks. In my head I am thinking there is a better way, something that I am missing. Force_Chain_Start.mp4 CIRCULAR_INTERPOLATE.mcam
  4. Corey Hampshire

    Multi-Axis Project Start Point

    This may be a newbie question, but it is something that would save me a lot of time. When I am circle interpolating around a round surface (Vmc 4th axis) i use the project tool path. When I pick my curve to project, I want to be able to pick a start point for it. The way it is now, if I pick my chain and all my settings, I have to check out and go back to geometry, right click on the chain, go to start point and dynamic pick where I want it to start. Is there a way, when I am initially picking my chain, to force it to start where I want every time? It is time consuming and a lot of extra work to edit start point on multiple ops. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Corey Hampshire

    Right Angle Head Toolpaths

    Thanks guys, now I want Ice Cream!
  6. Corey Hampshire

    Limiting A axis angles?

    I use the tip that Old Bear just mentioned. I picked it up on this forum. Forces my rotary axis to move the way I want and miss clamps and fixtures. Just a simple Multi-Axis Curve path in between operations if you have those tool paths available. Just one of the many things I have picked up from the brain trust here.
  7. Corey Hampshire

    New computer- Can't remember where some options are

    The alt key boxes are under Options/Options- Uncheck Enable Ribbon access keys....For the record
  8. Hey guys, Work just upgraded me to a new box. I am going through and setting my options like I like them, but I can't seem to remember where one of them is located. The black boxes that appear when you hit the ALT button, where do I shut that off at? Also, when I go to 2020 from 2019, can I just copy my config file to the 2020 folder? I only want to set this up one time and have all my hot keys transfer over to 2020. I think I have got everything else set, just can't remember those two items. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Corey Hampshire

    RAM usage on stock models

    We are still on Windows 7 here at work. The biggest thing I have noticed is that it seems to be more stable. It hasn't crashed on me for a while (over a month). I think it processes tool paths faster. I am talking about things like dynamic and area roughing tool paths along with multi-axis in my case.
  10. Corey Hampshire

    RAM usage on stock models

    I googled it real quick. It is the highest you can make a task, but it looks like it may cause problems with other applications such as keyboard and mouse. I would stick with High and give that a shot.
  11. Corey Hampshire

    RAM usage on stock models

    Let us know if it works, but yes that is the right spot.
  12. Corey Hampshire

    RAM usage on stock models

    I just re-generated 9 operations. One stock model and 8 Dynamic rough (rest machining) and watched the ram use in task manager. I saw it go as high as 88%. It took 45 seconds according to Mastercam logger regen these. I have 32 gb of ram and a 4gb video card. I use a windows add in to set Mastercam priority to high. I have no issues since doing this. The program is free. It is called PRIO. Google for it and install it. It has helped speed my times up and makes my system run more stable. You may have different results, but it seems to help my computer. Hopefully, it can help you guys also.
  13. Corey Hampshire

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    +1 for Cimco due to the backplot. I haven't used Code editor in years.
  14. Corey Hampshire

    Stock Models

    I have ran into this a little bit on 2019 also. My fix is to add more stock models. It seems to work better with less operations driving the stock models. This probably isn't the right fix, but it's a work around that has gotten me by.
  15. Corey Hampshire

    Importing Viewsheets?

    Well Crap....I guess I will take the long road home and set it up that way. It would be nice if when I merge my files my viewsheets would come in too.

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