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  1. Corey Hampshire

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    +1 for Cimco due to the backplot. I haven't used Code editor in years.
  2. Corey Hampshire

    Stock Models

    I have ran into this a little bit on 2019 also. My fix is to add more stock models. It seems to work better with less operations driving the stock models. This probably isn't the right fix, but it's a work around that has gotten me by.
  3. Corey Hampshire

    Importing Viewsheets?

    Well Crap....I guess I will take the long road home and set it up that way. It would be nice if when I merge my files my viewsheets would come in too.
  4. Corey Hampshire

    Importing Viewsheets?

    I have just started playing with viewsheets for the first time. I see where it can be very beneficial and save a lot of mouse clicks. I have them tied to my planes so all I have to do is click the viewsheet and my planes change. Very nice! Some parts I have over 20 planes so it will save me a bunch of clicks in the planes manager and level manager. I was wondering if we have the ability to import/export viewsheets? I do a lot of similar parts. It's mainly all 3+1 stuff. I would like to be able to import them for specific family's of parts. I have yet to find a way to do this. I don't want to have to re-create 18 viewsheets every time I make a part. Also, my planes aren't always the same from part to part, they get tweaked some depending on the part. One master file will not cover all my parts. I have tried saving them in a file with my steady rest. They save ok, but when I do a file merge with my template file, they do not come in. If I open my steady rest file, and merge my template file they are there. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Corey Hampshire

    Pitch in your little gems that make mcam life easier

    I would be lost without Quick Masks. I use them for selection for tool paths, changing colors or whatever. I have them hot keyed to my mouse and key board. Makes selecting multiple surfaces, solid faces or whatever very quick and easy. View sheets can be setup to turn on and off levels and geometry or whatever you want with the click of the mouse. I believe that is the feature you are looking for. I don't use them much myself, but have been wanting to implement them into my programming and give them an honest try.
  6. Corey Hampshire

    Crap....I messed up....

    I use the auto save but have it prompt me before It saves. Keeps it from saving when I don't want it to.
  7. Corey Hampshire

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Is there a way to incrementally number my programs? I post a lot of sub programs out for one particular machine, and I increment the program numbers for each operation. Currently I have to select each op, right click, edit selected operations, and change program number. It's cumbersome at best. I noticed with the X+ add in (that I grow to love more each day), we can use X+ rename nci. I have played with it and can't seem to get the results I want. X+ will not actually change the program number output by the post. Is this a post issue or an issue with X+? Here you can see that X+ has changed my program number to 1000 as I wanted it to: You can see the NC code output still has the old program number: Anyone got any insight on this?
  8. Corey Hampshire

    Pitch in your little gems that make mcam life easier

    I have something that seems to have helped Mastercam be more stable and crash less. Inside task manager there is the ability to set priority of programs. If you go in and set Mastercam to high priority, it seems to be more stable and process things faster (on my computer at least). The problem is that it only lasts until you close Mastercam. I did a Google search and there are add on programs that will keep the priority set to high. The program I downloaded is called Prio. It installs and runs in the background. It starts when windows does and now when I run Mastercam the priority is always set at high. All you have to do is start task manager and high light Mastercam (once it's running) right click- Set it to high and also check save priority. Set it once and it's done.
  9. Corey Hampshire

    Saving simulation state

    I just use the stock models as I go. I can use them in verify, and drive tool paths off them also. They stay in the file as you save it and you don't have a missing STL to loacte when you re-open the part at a later date. They are a quick and easy solution for me.
  10. Corey Hampshire

    Face Grooving

    Usually the tool has a max and min range it can do. This will dictate the holder. It's really no big deal, it's just like od grooving. Same tool paths actually. Use an insert narrower than the groove so that yo can wipe across the center on your finish pass. Sandvik would be my recommendation, but everyone has a brand they like. They all have good stuff or they wouldn't be in business.
  11. Corey Hampshire

    Random M5's

    Do you have tool inspection on?
  12. Corey Hampshire

    Rookie Mistake

    I emailed my re-seller yesterday and requested a WCS check be added to the post. They replied no problem, it's on the to-do list.
  13. Corey Hampshire

    Rookie Mistake

    I am constantly amazed at the knowledge on this forum. This is over my head. Maybe one day I can aspire to know how to modify posts. Thank you for this info.
  14. Corey Hampshire

    Rookie Mistake

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will get with my reseller and see about having them add a warning to the post. We only use this machine for 4th axis work so there really shouldn't be any instances where the warning would be a bad thing. That said, could I have it set up to toggle the warning being active with a Misc value? I honestly know nothing about the posts, it's all over my head.
  15. Corey Hampshire

    Rookie Mistake

    Thanks Colin. I have never used the selected option off the RMB before today. I see there are other options to use too. it's always great to learn new things like this!

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