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  1. Corey Hampshire

    MC 2019 Update 3

    I downloaded it this am through Mastercam. Ran the installer and lost all my right mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Good thing I just backed everything up last Friday.
  2. Corey Hampshire

    All user settings.......Gone

    Yep! It was bad script! I got it squared away now!
  3. Corey Hampshire

    All user settings.......Gone

    So I tried to make a batch file with WinRar and in the command prompt screen, as it runs it errors out. It says evaluation copy only and deletes what it had created. Is there a way around this with another zip utility? I know 7 zip is free but I'm not sure of the code to use in the batch file to get it to run through. The a -agyyyymmdd part of code that is....
  4. Corey Hampshire

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    Ok guys, what is the big deal about the mechanical key boards? I have never used one before. I see where some have extra buttons...I like that. That could come in handy. Other than that?
  5. Corey Hampshire

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    G Code, I know what you mean by hand pain. This past Saturday I was at work programming for about 5 hours straight. When the end of the day rolled around I had developed a cramp in my hand. That is when I started looking at how well what I was using fit my hand. It didn't. I was claw gripping it. Oddly I ran across the 3D mouse topic earlier this week and saw where several guys mentioned gaming mouse. I was intrigued. A trip to best buy later that day and I had found one that fit my hand size a lot better. JLW the red dragon looks like a very nice choice for a good price too! If I hadn't just bought one, I would definitely look at this one. I just have a regular space mouse, so I only have two buttons there to program. I have them set to top and fit on the right button and then iso view on the left button. On the gaming mouse I setup buttons for reverse iso, select only colors quick mask (I do a lot of my programs by color, it saves me a lot of time), cancel quick masks, regen selected tool paths, toggle tool path display, launch backplot, launch verify and save. I have yet to do a lot of programming with it and I'm sure things will change. It amazes me that I never thought to do this before. Hot keys and shortcuts are so much faster than finding the icons in all the tool bars. The big thing is my hand feels better a the end of the day. Less tired and cramped up.
  6. Corey Hampshire

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    I was reading the 3d mouse thread and started wondering what everyone is using for gaming mice? I am interested in makes and models and what everyone sets the buttons to. I just bought a Logitech 602 last night and I really like so far. I was trying to think of good ideas of what to program all the buttons to and thought this may be an interesting topic. Let's hear what everyone does to streamline the programming process.
  7. Corey Hampshire

    AutoRegen - CHook

    Thanks Old_Bear, I added it to the startup specific location under Start/Exit and that took care of it. I appreciate it.
  8. Corey Hampshire

    AutoRegen - CHook

    Very nice. Thanks! Is there a way to make this turn on every time I start Mastercam?
  9. Corey Hampshire

    Mastercam 2019 Backplot and Verify times incorrect

    Thanks guys. I will dive into the Feeds and Speeds in the machine def today and see if I can make it more realistic. I believe it probably is the high speed paths and smoothing that is doing it. I had never even thought of it.
  10. Corey Hampshire

    Mastercam 2019 Backplot and Verify times incorrect

    Yes, there is. I am using Area rest Roughing to machine the majority of this part. I do have a setting for the high speed look ahead which I am using. Is there a way to correct for the value that I use?
  11. I have ran into an issue with the cycle times that Verify and Backplot tell me for a particular machine. I am thinking that the issue is with the machine or control definition. In my one mill, cycle times are within about 10 mins. This to me is acceptable. Just did another part in another mill and cycle time is an hour longer than what Matercam says. I have verified that the machine was running at 100% feed speed and rapids. I am thinking that something needs adjusted in the Machine def or Control def, but don't know where to start. Has anyone else seen this issue? Is it a known bug? Is this an issue I can take care of myself? Thanks in advance.
  12. Corey Hampshire

    Newbie Solid Question

    That worked perfectly. Thank you!
  13. Corey Hampshire

    Newbie Solid Question

    Hello. This is sort of a beginner question so bear with me. I am used to working with surfaces. Trying to save myself time and work off the solid model and save a step (create surfaces). I was playing today and could not figure out how to change a solid face color. With a lot of my tool paths I am used to using the quick masking and selecting all surfaces by color. I would like to do the same but with solid faces. I would like to go through once and color things so that I can select them quickly. I imagine there is a way, but for the life of me can't seem to figure it out. Can someone give me some direction?

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