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  1. Seedy steve

    Basic 3D Help

    idk lol my graphics back ground is black, maybe it leaked over? thanks Colin.
  2. Seedy steve

    Basic 3D Help

    this is a great button for figuring out what is involved. and scallop is a great toolpath for finishing.
  3. Seedy steve

    2022 Not impressed

    sorry about your luck on that. like I said 2019 seems useable., 2017 better yet... etc. we r looking at sw cam. now... to get away from the backslide. with my 20 years at MC. I don't have time to get that good at SW. so I am stuck too. Fumble on man.
  4. Seedy steve

    Tool lift in 2D program

    are there loops in corners or just lines? is it all one chain? thre is a clearance setting in corner fillets that may help u
  5. Seedy steve

    Anybody have experience cutting Carbon Fiber?

    I heard talk of "down cutting" reverse helical endmills for lamination issues. almost married one of those!
  6. Seedy steve

    Toolpath display not working!

    Downgrade your MasterC. to a release that works for you. I use 2019 2017 is better yet.
  7. u could modify an end mill into a woodruff shape to eliminate chatter. if u leave .1" or less of tooth at the end it should cut well.
  8. Seedy steve

    File growing very large

    Wont his other one get cold? or lonely?
  9. Seedy steve

    Opertion Defaults 2020

    There is a save icon in the corner of your parameters page when you r programing . that is how I set up defaults.
  10. Seedy steve

    2022 Not impressed

    idk, Did they fix this ?
  11. You can get your tool path groups to self number like this.
  12. Seedy steve

    2022 Not impressed

    Absolutely! agree and when previous innovative conveniences are ignored and thrown out it becomes retarded . like if u want to change depth at point on an individual point of a drill set... it used to carry forward the actual setting in the field for u to modify. Now it comes up with a fat zero to help u out! same goes in many places. once the point was modified it used to grey the depth field to show that something was modified... now there is no evidence. I could run a fricking class on how things are worse now and how not to screw up a program ... I'd have material for a year easy. Fish in a barrel.
  13. Seedy steve

    2022 Not impressed

    I stopped updating at 2019. but I should have stopped at 2017 for the drill point manager. ( they ruined it in 2019 and the just left it blatantly stupid,, release after release...) the operations manager was ruined about 15 or 18 years ago with "X" each new version gets worse IMO. 20 years ago it was So GOOD! lately it looks like it was coded by children. Too bad no one checked their work.
  14. Seedy steve

    solid model regen

    Similarly I would blank items used in solid creation for protection.
  15. Seedy steve

    Makino skipping arc moves

    Most Excellent! Thankyou.

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