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  1. Seedy steve

    Multiple NC files in post

    is this what you r looking for?
  2. Seedy steve

    Coolant Washdown - Not MC related

    on our Hartford,I got them to enable the floor jets while the door is open so I could tap into the output with a spray gun. Sharing the flow is a bit lame but with more shut off valves you could get decent pressure...
  3. Seedy steve

    Line Endpoints Bug?

    this is why I no longer update to new "better versions". I don't want to find the latest frustrations piled on top of all the old ones. lost functionality is typical with every new release. they don't care if you are tied to your mouse hand. I use 2019 and wish I had stayed with 2017 for the drill point manager ( better in at least 5 ways before the upgrade.) thx for the hot keys, I didn't know those. hopefully they work right on 2019.
  4. you can project a point onto the surface with translate, project. would that help?
  5. why so much overlap? I use .03" or .04
  6. I prefer conventional milling inside bores to limit recutting chips. comp right.
  7. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour, be careful!

    I don't get it... how is it EVER helpful to encounter a sudden gob of material at the apex of an internal corner when finishing? Or for that matter, to find any extra material any where when on a finish path ? That makes no sense! at best it causes chatter. sometimes the engineers need the sharp corners, so I pick it out in a different setup, other times the radius is irrelevant so I can leave it.
  8. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour, be careful!

    I program and machine about 40 to 60 parts per month hurray for 5 axis if only temporary . so it comes up every so often. when there is a smaller tool following a larger one to pick out corners better. (it should be called left over by how it works.) thanks Chally72 for replying.
  9. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour, be careful!

    oh ya! every time ! the last time was a brand new 3/4 long series end mill. I was taking about .002" when it hit the corner and was destroyed! I was not expecting to have to look at this path with such scrutiny! if I wanted to ignore that setting I would just use a simple contour path to finish. it is ridiculous to have a setting that, anonymously, only applies to part of a tool path! it is not that way in 2d contour . if I set a min. radius it listens!
  10. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour, be careful!

    All the broken tooling that happened because the tool dives in to a corner taking all the material that it just carefully left behind! I tore the flutes off endmills over and over before I figured out this fault! it took three years to figure out why. I rarely used the path, and on tool steel less than that. hence the three years of smashed endmills. What is the min. radius for if not to save the tool from a right angle corner? a right angle corner won't be finished either way. the response from cnc software was... basically Yes that is a bug that will be fixed. p.s. good to hear from u Gcode .. RESPECT.
  11. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour, be careful!

    It is incredible that a simple aspect of a basic path can be completely ignored !
  12. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour patch

    Dynamic Contour... It is incredible that a simple aspect of a basic path can be completely ignored for years!
  13. Seedy steve

    dynamic contour patch

    Just wondering if CNC soft. fixed this tool path yet? (the finish pass ignores minimum toolpath radius!) we don't get updates or patches unless we ask. thx. S.
  14. Seedy steve

    treat 2 arcs as a circle

    I keep close arc in my right click menu. I have "ALT- J" set up for join entities.
  15. Seedy steve

    "Change at point" not working on linked solid edges

    I resist using solid geometry for tool paths because I've seen CRAZY sh*t happen with drill paths. If you move your modal , translate it to a slightly different location, It may decide on its own that it wants to drill out something like a fillet somewhere else on the part. I saw it years ago with Version 9.1 and was so surprised when it happened years later with an X version... now that I saw the glitch is still here in 2019 I have given up on ever trusting solids to a tool path again! for that matter I don't intend on "upgrading" again beyond 2019. the devil u know is better than the devil you don't. Its to bad that I stopped using 2017. the drill point manager was SO MUCH BETTER!! I digress . I could go on and on.

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