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  1. Seedy steve

    Chaining Question

    transform rotate is in the geometry arina too.
  2. Seedy steve

    Chaining Question

    u can do either. transform the toolpath... right click and find transform in the mil tool path menu. choose rotate...
  3. I've noticed this can be done but for some reason u need to click around a few times to get it done... It is misleading when u try a normal shift click... and nothing happens. buggy manager. Sorry this is not a question just a pet peeve.
  4. Seedy steve

    is there easy way to add a operation separator in

    Just use "E" u don't need another key.
  5. Seedy steve

    Left hand tool climb milling

    LOL , The left hand cutting face mill that I am using to double insert life,, has to be set to conventional in order to get it to climb mill! that is just silly. the 45 deg. inserts work in both rotational face mills allowing the other side of the insert to see material in the left hand tool! gonna save some $$ for the man.
  6. Seedy steve

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    Hey Glen, I see u at the front with Brian,, wonder if u can stop in on me when u get a minute? Wondering how to tell why a plane is in use... I want to delete it. and... I have seen my 4th axis go in rapid when jogging but it won't do it after reset. I want to recreate that state for setups. must be a g-code? thanks.
  7. Seedy steve

    mind blown

    where is coordinate input for geometry? Like with a rectangle, why can't i just start typing in numbers any more to define a point wtf?
  8. Seedy steve

    mind blown

    Hey G-code, I got Razer mouse now, happier already, . so now how do I customize the buttons for MC?
  9. How much other stuff is unpredictable or random in MC ? like the way the arrow of doom jumps around sometimes and not others. If I want to move it I would rather do it myself!
  10. I've noticed that some things like a line will not disappear when u escape out of the line manager but other stuff like letters will vanish unless u click that stupid green check mark. ( I call it stupid because it randomly works with enter and mostly not.) I wonder how to tell when that will work too. And why can't it always work?
  11. like i said not likely. wer back to Ghosie to blame. why not use simple solids. u can always convert later if required. I remember flipping around lots modeling a pistol grip for an assault rifle from prints. it sucked but finally worked well enough.
  12. Seedy steve

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    I used to do that, until China took over the industry twelve or fourteen years ago. I was not bad. too much polishing on molds gave me my start with tendonitis times!
  13. Seedy steve

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    ya, then merge it back in after deleting the original, and reallocate all the geometry to the tool paths?
  14. I'm fairly convinced, at times, that there is a mischievous Ghost in the computer. I have found the strangest things done to files and settings when there were no events or people to cause these things. so if its a setting, u can blame him. lol
  15. View,- Appearance-, the little corner button bottom right. I'm not saying that the same problem has survived 15 years of updates since V9 was out, but u can always explore the possibilities. some setting in there may fix it.

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