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  1. Seedy steve


    Are the torque and the blank also consistent ?
  2. Seedy steve


    Sounds like the new jaws are flawed.
  3. welcome to the world of one step ahead , two steps back MC.
  4. Seedy steve

    Thank you!

    I probably would have murdered this laptop by now without the help I get here . So Ya! me too!!! thank you all.
  5. I don't know how to save to batch any more but that is how I want to deal with slow processing times. generate them all at once as i walk away.
  6. Yup this program is easily as glitchy now, or more than it was 15-20 years ago.
  7. So who knows what is going on here? several times now I have had these planes appear! idk what i did to create them but it is kind of irritating. thanks in advance.
  8. Seedy steve

    standardizing metric taps

    I work in inch, load tools from the metric library and they work fine. I save them into my custom library and all is well. don't see why u have trouble.
  9. Seedy steve


    the letter E expands and collapses selected tool pathes all at once. click on the manager and press E a few times to see the loop of display states. and if u right click and choose display options in the tool path manager u can turn off unneeded info to clean up the default messiness.
  10. not to plunge down the wall of a part or retract against it - big witness
  11. Seedy steve

    Mcam 2018 Fillet Chains / Chamfers question...

    I noticed in model prep there is remove fillets. don't know if it works tho.
  12. there is a start point option on rough page did u try it?
  13. Seedy steve

    Rookie Mistake

    this is great, since I turned off my tool path file name and a few other things, it is all so tidy and easy to see thanks for that!
  14. Seedy steve

    Left hand tool climb milling

    For now I am the only one. ,, the tool stays in #2 and my library keeps the rotational info with the tool so 4 now it's pretty seamless. So long as I remember when I stop the spindle to start it again ccw. besides the body was ordered by accident and had been sitting 4 ever.
  15. or is it chord hight inside shading dialog that u after? that will change the look tighter.

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