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  1. I need my W to hang out all the time to clear the collision zone in misc. values so I am constantly repairing my tool paths, going back to push this "set to op defaults" button. what good is the default if you have to keep calling it up manually? mc 2020 now
  2. LOL we r finally cutting !! but I was off when they had to do final setup and use my file. it is running ok but I was unable to get my hands on, to do a proper fine tune. so it squeals a bit... all is well , but no real feedback here. I'm on an old Toshiba boring mill now. thanks again to Everyone who chimed in.
  3. Sounds like one of those problems that a toolpath can get that is in the "backbone" of the file like a corruption. u may need to build a whole new config. and toss the old one. I had config. issues that persisted after repair installation. until I got a diff. PC. Hope u can keep most of your definitions and such. Good luck . easier to ignore the issue? who can say s.
  4. hey that is cool, I have never seen them show up in the top corners, showing c-plane and t-plane. thx.
  5. I set up a part on the face plate to interpolate the same hole in two different rotational positions. I use marker inside the hole to see where it touches and adjust accordingly. Doosan has a spot in parameters where u also need the location input besides your Offset settings. they need to match. There is a way to get the readout to show movement, if it is out, as u rotate the trunnion , but idk how. s.
  6. Sounds like a partial chain with contour is what u need, just break the long leg to isolate the aria better. Or use Opti-rough like The Millman said.
  7. Where there is a shadow , there must be a monster, better keep looking! we have shadows when laptop is running other monitors. I haven't seen any monsters yet but I keep checking over my shoulder.
  8. no such luck here. Just the cheap old HSS jobber drills. do u have any idea what kind of cutting speed can I get away with on crap drills? I've been using close to 200 but not over yet...' how much more can she take Captain?' thx S.
  9. For sure, I will let u know , but I have no bench line as I do one off work almost exclusively. I sure it will be better than a standard YG four flute XL. I'm sure they r value... , that's why I can have one. LOL SAFETY THIRD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. that is good sht! thanks .
  10. Thankyou all for the great thread! looks like Alu-power wins for today. the purchaser offered it up. interesting reading here. all I can offer is my appreciation. s.
  11. do u mean the yellow coating? should I go with thru tool or coated? will a rougher be worth it? if I need a .3 deep cut with a dangling tool length? thx again.
  12. Good morning all, I have a project outside my typical work experience. 100 pcs of extrusion to mill . the part is about 4" tall with .3 wall thick. I think that a three flute endmill is the way to go but the Question is which one? about 5/8" or 3/4" dia. likely needed. I did prototype the job but , chipping everything away took for ever. So I'm thinking of cutting out chunks now. thankyou. s.
  13. I used that C a million times... then I pretty well gave up on those for unreliability! another huge irritation! how do u get them to work properly? maybe it was that old PC I had? "grumble grumble".

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