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  1. Seedy steve

    Surface back side display.

    if u use translucent u can see all...bottom right corner in 2019 or in selection u can choose from back. what r u after? what mc version ?
  2. Seedy steve

    back plot says double the time 2019

    yup that is it. 2018 had it right tho. silly cnc software.
  3. there is a button for that that gives Leon82 reputation.
  4. back plot is in mastercam idk about net hook. toolpath manager, select all tool paths, find backplot icon ... open drop down.
  5. Seedy steve

    back plot says double the time 2019

    2018 worked fine enough, wonder what they did this time? thanks CNC,,, u never know what will quit on u. it's not like it matters a lot. Just an irritation like so many others in Master Cam...
  6. if u using min. distance, there is a recent thread u should see.,, search minimum distance.
  7. My idea from that, is that I should not have updated to 2019! nor u by the looks of it.
  8. use back plot and look for more info... the drop down.
  9. Seedy steve

    back plot says double the time 2019

    here it is... backup.mcam
  10. Seedy steve

    convert config files

    there is a wizard for that... u may have to search, not sure where, but it worked great for 2018 to 2019 migration wizard
  11. Somehow the feed time is way out on back plot. MC. 2019 My prog. runs in 26 minutes on the machine but backplot says it will be 1hour and 6min. ! it's all in the feed only 1 min. of rapid. anyone else see this?
  12. Seedy steve

    No tool wear? So let me get this straight

    comp wont take if the first move is an arc, could that be it?
  13. I have no experience with that but if I thawt if I reply , maybe someone good will notice the thread and actually help
  14. did u try remaking the stock with tighter stl tolerance? is it a tiny part?
  15. Seedy steve

    Question about posting

    after the file is posted it's opened in cimco to edit or transfer... what r u loosing?

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