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  1. This is weird, After re picking the geometry the fourth time ,,, it worked right. circle mill simple 2d stuff and I have to work at it to randomly come up with a good tool path!!!! WHAT NEXT??? yesterday I went to a new level and created some cad, when I went back to work on the part, my latest plane had moved drastically and trashed my previous work ! BshT.mcam
  2. Seedy steve

    Appearance Settings

    I don't see a material default but u can save the display state in a veiwsheet for easy use. that will apply material for u.
  3. Seedy steve

    Lots of good enhancements

    I noticed that point one is always red. it won't change when selected like the others do. My delete key works good.
  4. Seedy steve

    Lots of good enhancements

    Can't agree with this more. It may be that I just haven't figured out how this is supposed to work yet, By the way there is one thing I like about the drill point manager, it keeps your work when u escape to close... one less click with the mouse is always appreciated! lately my left hand has been holding my head up more than working hotkeys.
  5. Seedy steve

    Lots of good enhancements

    Who besides a wet behind the ears infant would design a toolpath hole selection window, where the list of points is a narrow vertical column running out the bottom of a short wide window that keeps retarding back to its default shape? WTF ? Every time I delete points it's aN ORDEAL!
  6. Seedy steve

    Lots of good enhancements

    Still day to day usability is clumsy. They obviously care way too much about shiny new whistles and bells than they do about what it's like to use the software. or they would listen to us . The other day I modified a plane and MC threw out 6 view sheets for me. yesterday I changed the dia. of my spot drill, so MC tripled the spindle speed and doubled the feed rate for me! There are so many glitchy ways that the software works that it's impossible to predict what it will do next. Why does the toolpath manager jump around so much? Why does it scroll to a different spot if I even sneeze? I wish they would just work on what they have got and make it run smooth. they need to work on improvements rather that adding more stuff to impress non users into purchasing!
  7. Seedy steve

    convert config files

    that is what I have now... after the wizard. glad to hear your luck.
  8. Seedy steve

    convert config files

    But beware of losing post edits, toolpath defaults, possibly other defaults as well, and tool library fetching after the change!
  9. Seedy steve

    Feedrate over-ride for opti roughing! Please!

    WE keep asking them for the same option on Z finnish passes in 2d facing and contour... They don't seem to care what we want!
  10. Seedy steve

    RAM usage on stock models

    I keep hearing mention of this priority setting... so I looked for it again in task manager, this time I found the setting by right clicking on mastercam under processes page , and found priority listed I went ahead and set it to high, idk if that will make life better, but i hope so. thanks Corry.
  11. Seedy steve

    Surface back side display.

    if u use translucent u can see all...bottom right corner in 2019 or in selection u can choose from back. what r u after? what mc version ?
  12. Seedy steve

    back plot says double the time 2019

    yup that is it. 2018 had it right tho. silly cnc software.
  13. there is a button for that that gives Leon82 reputation.
  14. back plot is in mastercam idk about net hook. toolpath manager, select all tool paths, find backplot icon ... open drop down.
  15. Seedy steve

    back plot says double the time 2019

    2018 worked fine enough, wonder what they did this time? thanks CNC,,, u never know what will quit on u. it's not like it matters a lot. Just an irritation like so many others in Master Cam...

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