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  1. Redfire427

    automatically post out high speed machining codes?

    We did the same as above. We have full control of the tolerance control through misc integers. Carmen
  2. Redfire427

    plane jumping in 2020

    This crap has been happening for many versions of Mastercam. It's not a new issue at all. Carmen
  3. Redfire427

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Waterline with "extra passes in shallow areas" enabled would work just fine too. If you are just learning Mastercam, just try to stick with the high-speed toolpaths. Once you learn them well, they will cover most every job you do. The old legacy toolpaths work in many cases too, but why waste your time learning old techniques. Carmen
  4. Redfire427

    micro endmills

    Hitachi would be my first choice followed by OSG. Both pricey, but Hitachi endmills are simply the best I have ever used. Carmen
  5. Redfire427

    Best programming method

    5th Axis suggestion will work, however, if the groove is important, then his suggestion won't work due to steep and shallow areas. The best way would be to offset the edge geometry to create a centerline and then project the toolpath onto the solid/surfaces. This will maintain proper depth of the contour. Upon closer inspection, I see your contour is a full radius, so 5th axis suggestion will work just fine. Carmen
  6. Pete, you nailed it. That's what it was. The shop computers were still running update 2.1 That never even crossed my mind. Everything is working as it should now. Thanks for the help. Carmen
  7. Thanks and I am aware of the other file formats, but I'm not looking to add more complication in the engineering dept. I can open the Solidworks SLDPRT file on my computer without any issue at all. I do not have Solidworks installed on my PC. It is the shop computers that can't open the file. Basically Mastercam shows that the file they are trying to open contains no entities. I tried moving the file from the server to the local and open it from the desktop and I still have the same issue. I searched the forum and found an old article about registering the Solidworks .dll from the advanced configuration and that didn't do the trick either.
  8. directly from the server. We have done it this way for a decade without issue.
  9. Hey guys, I did a search on this topic but couldn't find anything related to my issues. I can open Solidwords 2019 part files on my computer in the office, however, the guys on the shop floor either get no import at all, or, they get an alarm that they don't have a Solidworks licence. We are using Mastercam 2019. We are retrieving the files from our server. When I try the shop computers, I go, File open / solidworks files/ now I see the file that I want ( lets say it is 500KB ) and if I select Options, I see that it shows zero entities. I can open the same file on my computer without any issues. Can anyone shed any light on this issue? Thanks in advance. Carmen
  10. Redfire427

    How to clean steps

    Here, I threw a few different options into the file for you to look at. 3-340-036-008-B.mcam
  11. Redfire427

    How to clean steps

    I didn't open your file, but it appears from the photo that those are ramps sloping down towards the outside. If you want to clean up those steps, figure out what size radius you can live with in the corner and use the appropriate endmill to achieve that. You can make multiple passes with a small step-over to blend perfectly. You shouldn't need to create any geometry at all. You can use the legacy pencil toolpath, or the HST pencil toolpath. There are so many ways to derive the toolpath. Carmen
  12. Redfire427

    How to clean steps

    A ballnose endmill. It appears to be a very simple application.
  13. Redfire427

    How to clean steps

    A pencil toolpath is your friend for this one. Carmen
  14. Redfire427

    Operation changing on it's own

    I have seen this issue a number of times over the last few months. I almost got burned big-time by it. You have to keep a close eye on Mastercam. Carmen
  15. Redfire427

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    I did a bunch of machining similar to this many years ago. Mastercam wasn't up to the task so we used Artcam from Delcam. It was amazing. It took literally seconds to create toolpaths that would take Mastercam hours to generate. The toolpaths from Artcam made the machine run smooth as silk. Carmen

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