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  1. Have you tried duplicating your top plane and then rotating it -90 degs then setting that as your WCS, C +T plane. It should flip the X's and Y's for you.
  2. thank you, I feel like I just stumbled into a whole new level of heightened understanding within the multi axis world. It all makes so much sense now, especially in situations where I'll need simultaneous 5 axis cutting motion. It seems so silly to think that there could be one feedrate in IPM for 5 independent axis' , but as of an hour ago that's exactly where my head was at.. You guys rock, thanks again.
  3. ahh so there is more going on here than I was initially aware of, the code is generating a G93 for inverse time mode. Doing a little research it makes more sense to me. I was thrown off because I'm used to most of our rotary work being posted using DPM. I'll have to wait until I get the part set in the machine to try it out and make sure that it likes what I'm feeding it. thank you for the input, and opening my eyes a bit more into the different cutting modes. You answered my next question before I even had to ask, Thank you!
  4. Good morning fellow bull fighters, I'm working on a fairly simple part, which honestly makes my situation all the more frustrating. I've accomplished exactly what I was trying for as far as backplot is concerned. yet when I go to post the code it generates an absurd feedrate (999.99).. I've tried tweaking my settings in machine definition / control definition but nothing seems to be working. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how were you able to resolve it? I wanted to reach out here first before emailing my reseller in case it's something simple that I'm just overlooking. 5 -AXIS SLOT.ZIP
  5. unfortunately I can't open the file you shared it's either a mcam 2023 or a home learning edition file. I'm still currently sticking to 2022 at work.
  6. right click tool in library, edit tool , then adjust the dimensions highlighted in yellow.
  7. Do you have access to the multi axis toolpaths?
  8. If you have the old model saved on a different level in the same file make sure that level is turned off before running verify otherwise it will import it as a workpiece.
  9. Would it be possible to use transform rotate instead of creating multiple planes?
  10. Seeing as how I get just about every technique that has helped me advance in my programming career from this forum; I figured I might be able to add a little something to help others just starting out. Besides utilizing levels, groups/subgroups, and view sheets to help keep my approach organized and traceable I started making a copy of my solid and then changing the color of the finished feature as I work through the part. Often times in more complex parts I'm not able to work simply from the top down and have to rough/ semi finish and then come back to finish before moving on to the next section. By modifying the surface color it makes it very easy to see what has been done and what still needs to be finished at a glance. My apologies if this was mentioned before in an older post and I just missed it. Also, if anyone else has any techniques or tricks for tracking finished features that has helped them along the way please share. I hope you all are gearing up for a great memorial day weekend
  11. It's so wild to me that this topic was brought up this week; literally two days ago I had the typical know it all type criticize the way I approach my programming by utilizing the dynamic and the new toolpaths in Mastercam. I did my best to defend myself, making similar arguments that were brought up here. But perhaps because of my age or only having 5 years experience he was blinded to my rebuts.. So it feels really good to know that I'm not off base in my thinking. I'll probably even print this thread out and hang it on the wall for the next "back in my day" micromanaging meeting
  12. Well said, one of the best changes I made in my programming was utilizing the levels and groups/sub groups for organization. Being able to see my thought process and approach makes it so much easier for me to pick up where I left off in the event that I get pulled off of what I'm working on. Which unfortunately happens more than I care to admit.
  13. this is exactly the direction I'm looking to go in, Thank you!
  14. Well hey there gang, I'm currently working on a part for our Haas 5-axis (a square with a dovetailed bottom) and I'd like to be able to have my work offset change for each plane (top=g54 front=g55 right=g56 left =g57). I tried setting my plane offsets to manual with top at 0 front=1 right=2 etc.. But something strange happens when I go to post the code. If I do the individual toolpaths they will have the altered work offsets but when I go to post them all at the same time it sets them all the same. This part is more for training than anything else. I'll add that it is the same tool facing each side, if that makes a difference. If anyone has had this issue in the past and has figured out the proper way to get the results I'm looking for your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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