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  1. After about 4 solid hours of giving it everything my primitive mind has to offer I'm waving the white flag. Usually a model would be provided with which I could reverse engineer and figure out how to go about creating this. But of course, this time around there is no model. This is my first attempt at creating a solid with this type of feature and I don't feel too confident with my approach. I've included my MCAM file and 3 cropped images ( ) that pertain all the available info I have.. If any of you solid/surface wizards are up for a challenge and can enlighten me on how to go about this It would be much appreciated. sincerely, Man trying to get some sleep tonight and not obsess over not being able to do this! ADAPTER SHAFT.mcam
  2. Jespertech

    Stumped.. (modeling roll die form)

    Wow, I definitely underestimated how much I could learn from that particular thread. I think this will be what I need to keep moving forward. Thank you, I'll hopefully have a finished model to post here soon.
  3. In an attempt to optimize performance on my laptop I was wondering if I should download MCAM to a separate SSD from my operating system. Is this common practice, or does it cause more harm then good in the long run? I'm currently using an Alienware area 51M with I9 processor, NVidia RTX2070 8GB, 32gb DDR4 RAM, 2 256GB SSD , 1TB SSHD, The plan is to have my OS on one SSD and MCAM on the other SSD. Then use the 1TB hybrid drive for random downloads etc. I figured id check in here first before finding out the hard way that this is just a can of worms not worth the time.
  4. Jespertech

    Downloading MCAM to separate SSD?

    Thank you for the input. The majority of my files are kept on the network server so I don't have to worry about that bogging me down. They are PCle M.2 NVMe class 35 SSdrives. I don't really have any issues given the type of work I do and my current laptop runs circles around the company provided unit (glorified toaster oven) I was using. I'm just finding that as I become more involved with MCAM I'm also trying to become more involved with the IT side of things as well.
  5. Jespertech

    Looking for suggestions

    Whelp, looks like I've got myself some homework for the weekend.
  6. Jespertech

    2022 Line Perpendicular

    I was able to get it to stick to that end point once I changed the WCS ,C , T plane from "3rd position" to "TOP". But I don't know why that would make a difference in this situation.
  7. Jespertech

    2022 Not impressed

    When using stock models I'll just create a separate group with the specific title for the model i.e. "OPTI RGH STOCK".. That tends to help in isolating it for me.
  8. Jespertech

    Curve Solid

    I'm struggling here trying to figure out the simplest way to take my planar solid and project it along set curves. I can take a very long winded approach at accomplishing this but feel like there has to be a simpler way. if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. MC22 file included . CURVE SOLID.mcam
  9. Jespertech

    Curve Solid

    This was the "aha!" moment I needed, thanks for taking the time to add that. I've used the solid from surface feature before but failed to modify it with "thicken" so I never saw much purpose. But that just eliminated all the extra steps I was hoping to avoid. This is gunna save me a lot of time with future projects.
  10. Jespertech

    Curve Solid

    Thanks guys, the part itself is just a flexible mounting bracket so dimensionally we've got a mile. It was more of a lesson for myself in the modeling capabilities of MC. I'm a sucker for making solids even when it isn't necessary and this was a good challenge for the day. I ended up extruding the 2d profile and then created wireframe on offset planes to cut out the rest of the shape. There are some spots around the rads' that may not be perfect but I think overall it'll work. It would be nice if eventually they can integrate a system where you can translate/project solids around solids to shape different profiles.. I may be getting dangerously close to SW works territory now though . CURVE SOLID.mcam
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to customize and save the toolpath parameters tab menu? seeing as how I cant change the window size I would at the very least like to be able to adjust the order of the tabs up top. I'd like to be able to hard edit this so that it displays Tool#, Tool name , Tool radius and remove the "status" tab. I'll include images to further explain what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.
  12. Jespertech

    Adjusting toolpath parameters menu

    I know, I've been going crazy trying to figure it out. I recently updated to MC22 and thought that maybe this was just a bug. I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem. This is the first time this is happening for me where it wont save it. But I'll keep digging and hopefully will get it sorted out soon. Thanks for the response Ron, have a great weekend .
  13. Jespertech

    Planes when Milling in a Lathe/Mill Turn

    Have you tried orientating your part and setting your WCS on the D+Z+ plane. Then depending on the Mill ops you can either select the Right Cplane (axial) or the Back Cplane (Radial) .
  14. Jespertech

    Globe/Ironman models needed

    You should check Grab cad too, I found a decent ironman helmet a couple months back.
  15. Jespertech

    Multi Axis pocket

    I've been putting some hours into one of the more complicated parts I've done to date. It's mostly 3+2 but there are a few features that require a live 5 axis approach to achieve. The file I provided has been almost completely stripped but I left in one of the pockets and the toolpath that I came up with to try and machine this nuisance. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. If there's a better/ cleaner approach or a "go to" toolpath that anyone uses when tackling parts like this I'd be very interested in learning the ways. Thanks in advance. MULTI AXIS POCKT.mcam
  16. Jespertech

    treat 2 arcs as a circle

    Have you tried holding shift while selecting one side of the arc to force the chain? I believe you could also select both arcs and then join entities to create one circle.
  17. Jespertech

    multi axis deburr gone awry

    Thanks Ron, that definitely helped . I need to do more research into the different miscellaneous integers and how they effect the post. Most importantly for me setting the offsets to zero for the G54 is going to save so much time and help steer me towards a more "post and go" friendly environment. As for the deburr tool path she's a thing of beauty, I need to break my habit of leaving the edges sharp and trying to drive the path as if its a 2d chamfer. Thanks again for taking the time to help, Its much appreciated.
  18. Jespertech

    multi axis deburr gone awry

    hey guys, I'm working on a pretty basic part. nothing crazy. A couple holes, a few pockets bing bang boom, piece of cake.. so I thought. Everything when ran through backplot looks correct yet when I run It through verify the radi on my pockets seem to be incomplete.. What made this known to me at first was the digging in of the tool on my debur toolpath. I was going to post and go and see if it was just a verify malfunction but then the code for my debur toolpath really set me off course. I've tried adjusting my plane selection for the tool to correct the errors but nothing seems to work. I do have a multi axis seat and have used these toolpaths for mill turn parts before with no issue. I figured I'd come here to see if there is a workaround for this or something simple that I'm missing. bonus points if you can assist me on figuring out how to keep my g54 as the only plane while using toolpath transform in the post. I've been manually deleting the various work offsets on those toolpaths to get by. emastercam deburr.mcam
  19. hey guys, My company is quoting out a new machine and our rep is pushing for us to switch over to the quick grip collet system. If anyone here has any working experience with these and can offer some pros and cons, id love to hear them before we make our final decision. One thing that might be an issue is the housing seems bigger than the standard royal accu length collet chuck which could cause some clearance issues with our radial tools.
  20. Jespertech

    Threadmilling problem

    Don't you just love when they do that
  21. I'm about as green as it gets when it comes to post editing, I'm also not entirely sure if this is something that cant just be changed outside of the post. But I figured this is the best place to find out. I'm currently using the generic Haas ST 4x MT lathe post, I would like to make an edit to the post so that the "G53" axis return at the end of the toolpath will also show up at the beginning and will put both axis' on the same line.. I'll include a pic as a reference to what I'm referring to.
  22. Jespertech

    Childs play?..

    Thanks Colin, I've been meaning to check out some of your youtube videos on this matter. This forum has definitely given me the confidence to venture deeper into the world of post editing.
  23. Jespertech

    Childs play?..

    Okay, I'll do some digging and see if I can figure it out. Fortunately my resellers are rockstars and can definitely make this happen. I just figured it would be a good introduction to self editing. I like the switch idea a lot, a few of the machines I program for need the X first then Z retract for clearance issues. I spend a little too much time editing after post and I want to break that habit while I still can.
  24. Jespertech

    Lathe Threading Methods

    I second this .. I've updated just about every thread program we have using this method and it has saved so much time on post op deburring / QC rejections.
  25. Once you have created a single circle wireframe you can rotate that around the OD like you have done. then in "solids" you need to select the "extrude" feature. Then select all of your circles making sure the chaining direction remains the same for all of them. Once you have finished selecting the geometry change "create body" to "cut body" and you can set a distance with which to cut the shape. This will create all of the holes from OD to ID. This is just 1 way of getting this task done, there are other options as well but I usually use this method.

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