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  1. shazam/TPP

    *.IPT files Inventor View 2020

    Inventor View 2021 can be found HERE
  2. shazam/TPP

    ModuleWorks help file

    go to the actual Mastercam website and under learning / documentation you will find the latest multiaxis help files. there also is a thread on this and you can find it HERE
  3. shazam/TPP

    ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    yes, that is correct
  4. @pro grammer so what country do you hail from, that is so standardized? looking to move
  5. if anyone is looking for the new version of Inventor View 2020 scroll midway down for the English version.
  6. shazam/TPP

    Keeping level manager always visible?

    James, your desk is to neat. you must not be working that hard. awesome setup!!
  7. shazam/TPP

    tool inspection / change

    yep, that's what I'm adding in, thanks again. If Daniel is reading this, can In House add some code to the MpMaster to have this tool inspection / change work?
  8. shazam/TPP

    tool inspection / change

    Thank you lLeon82, i added that into my post and it spits out the M00.
  9. shazam/TPP

    tool inspection / change

    Thanks JP, I'm using the current MPMaster mill post and haven't seen what needs to be modified.
  10. shazam/TPP

    tool inspection / change

    i posted this in another thread but have a feeling it may get lost so, i am using the Dynamic OptiRough toolpath and want to inspect / change inserts on a high feed mill. i activate the options but i do not see an M01 or M00 posted at the set time intervals. Is this a post mod that's neededd to achieve the above statement? TIA
  11. shazam/TPP

    Drill P20 with HSS drills

    resurrecting this topic. Is a post mod needed to achieve the above statement? TIA
  12. shazam/TPP

    Peel mill arcs

    I haven't noticed that and I've used it quit a bit. Are you using the dynamic peel or the old peel? do you have a file to share? edit: i saw Josh's reply and i never use the micro lift, good point.
  13. shazam/TPP

    Peel mill arcs

    curious as to why you don't want arcs?
  14. shazam/TPP

    ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    any updates to this thread?
  15. shazam/TPP

    Inverse time only posts minimum feedrate

    probably your G93 code. MDI that and see if you receive an error

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