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  1. shazam/TPP

    Peel mill arcs

    I haven't noticed that and I've used it quit a bit. Are you using the dynamic peel or the old peel? do you have a file to share? edit: i saw Josh's reply and i never use the micro lift, good point.
  2. shazam/TPP

    Peel mill arcs

    curious as to why you don't want arcs?
  3. shazam/TPP

    ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    any updates to this thread?
  4. shazam/TPP

    Inverse time only posts minimum feedrate

    probably your G93 code. MDI that and see if you receive an error
  5. shazam/TPP

    Speeds and feeds for dynamic milling D2

    +1000 to JP, you can always increase the RPM and Feed, don't want to blow up that end mill. Jeff's would be the max!!
  6. shazam/TPP

    open thing going on

    looks like maybe one of your tools has special geometry and it's looking for it in the public\public documents\shared MC2017\mill\tools\ProFab\Associated_DXF when you migrated you tool database that particular tool may still be looking for its geometry definition. double check all your tools in that file.
  7. shazam/TPP

    open thing going on

    looks to be trying to open a dxf file from MC2017. do you have stock file linked in this file. your Operations / Default file may not have migrated correctly. or a tool that is using a dxf file to describe itself, still linked to that location.
  8. x+ has been around for a long time, what version you looking for?
  9. shazam/TPP

    2018 Public Beta open now

    Jeremy, everything you want to know about X+ is here:
  10. shazam/TPP

    2018 Public Beta open now

    so far, really liking MC2018. seems faster in all regards.
  11. shazam/TPP

    another morph between 2 curves problem

    Ron, i did try the HST toolpath and used spiral, waterline, scallop and contour. the toolpath was just too choppy and would've left a bad surface finish. thank you though, i always heed your words!!
  12. shazam/TPP

    another morph between 2 curves problem

    Dave, i could not download your file (it says it doesn't exist), but i did a combination of what you and John recommended and toolpath looks great!! thank you.
  13. mastercam 2017, just trying to finish a tapered boss on an od and figured morph between 2 curves would give me a smooth toolpath. my two curves are in dark blue and the surfaces are tan. i am using 3 axes with all geometry in the top view. my toopaths do not stay between the curve and am getting frustrated. any help would be appreciated. tia TEST.mcam
  14. shazam/TPP

    Small to Mid-size 5-axis Milling Machines

    practically neighbors with them, great product!
  15. shazam/TPP


    multi-axis swarf or see this thread

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