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  1. shazam/TPP

    Peel mill arcs

    I haven't noticed that and I've used it quit a bit. Are you using the dynamic peel or the old peel? do you have a file to share? edit: i saw Josh's reply and i never use the micro lift, good point.
  2. shazam/TPP

    Peel mill arcs

    curious as to why you don't want arcs?
  3. shazam/TPP

    ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    any updates to this thread?
  4. shazam/TPP

    Inverse time only posts minimum feedrate

    probably your G93 code. MDI that and see if you receive an error
  5. shazam/TPP

    Speeds and feeds for dynamic milling D2

    +1000 to JP, you can always increase the RPM and Feed, don't want to blow up that end mill. Jeff's would be the max!!
  6. shazam/TPP

    open thing going on

    looks like maybe one of your tools has special geometry and it's looking for it in the public\public documents\shared MC2017\mill\tools\ProFab\Associated_DXF when you migrated you tool database that particular tool may still be looking for its geometry definition. double check all your tools in that file.
  7. shazam/TPP

    open thing going on

    looks to be trying to open a dxf file from MC2017. do you have stock file linked in this file. your Operations / Default file may not have migrated correctly. or a tool that is using a dxf file to describe itself, still linked to that location.
  8. x+ has been around for a long time, what version you looking for?
  9. shazam/TPP

    2018 Public Beta open now

    Jeremy, everything you want to know about X+ is here:
  10. shazam/TPP

    2018 Public Beta open now

    so far, really liking MC2018. seems faster in all regards.
  11. mastercam 2017, just trying to finish a tapered boss on an od and figured morph between 2 curves would give me a smooth toolpath. my two curves are in dark blue and the surfaces are tan. i am using 3 axes with all geometry in the top view. my toopaths do not stay between the curve and am getting frustrated. any help would be appreciated. tia TEST.mcam
  12. shazam/TPP

    another morph between 2 curves problem

    Ron, i did try the HST toolpath and used spiral, waterline, scallop and contour. the toolpath was just too choppy and would've left a bad surface finish. thank you though, i always heed your words!!
  13. shazam/TPP

    another morph between 2 curves problem

    Dave, i could not download your file (it says it doesn't exist), but i did a combination of what you and John recommended and toolpath looks great!! thank you.
  14. shazam/TPP

    Small to Mid-size 5-axis Milling Machines

    practically neighbors with them, great product!
  15. shazam/TPP


    multi-axis swarf or see this thread
  16. shazam/TPP

    Screen Shot

    just checked X9 and you can do the same as 2017, also you can go to screen tab and do a copy image to clipboard, then open paint or whichever editor you want and paste the image and save as jpeg. this will copy exactly as your screen is displayed, background color etc. the image capture will give you a white background.
  17. shazam/TPP

    Screen Shot

    i believe you can add the "image capture" function to your quick access toolbar. this is part of your setup sheet function from MC. click it and you have the option to name it, color or b & w, where to save it, edit, add dimensions, notes. it saves as a bmp just open in paint and then save as a jpeg. edit: above is for 2017, which you can also find in the machine tab, setup sheet.
  18. shazam/TPP

    Mastercam 2017

    sharles, if you remember when people were switching from v7, 8 or 9 to the x series, there was plenty of complaining. i've been on mc2017 since public beta 1 and now if i go back to x9, i have a hard time remembering where everything was at. just like anything else, once you're acclimated you'll like it. take the time to set your right click mouse button and such. i love having my planes and level manager on my second screen. jmho
  19. shazam/TPP

    Analyzing Toolpath

    Awesome never knew that was there thanks JP
  20. shazam/TPP

    Mastercam 2017

    will Cimco V8 be out soon? they're website still shows V7.
  21. shazam/TPP

    mpmaster post and G93 / using X9

    djstedman, i will check that out and test it. thank you
  22. Hi guys, i currently use two modified versions of mpmaster: no inverse (for general 3 axis work) inverse (for 4 axis work where i have xya axis moving simultaneously) better surface finish .... Question is can I get away with one version using a miscellaneous integer to switch between upm or inverse time? I'm thinking some sort of variable but not sure where to put it / call it out. TIA
  23. shazam/TPP

    mpmaster post and G93 / using X9

    found it, here is what i changed using mi7: #Feedrate calculationspfcalc #Feedrate calculations, gcode 0 does not evaluate if (mill5$ = 1 & rotfeed5$) | (not(mill5$) & rotfeed4$ = 2), use_frinv = mi7$ # ( was use_frinv = 1 ) else, use_frinv = mi7$ # ( was use_frinv = 0 ) if gcode$ <> zero,
  24. we recently purchased a Robodrill alphaD21MiA5 with a Koma TN-131 table mounted on the X+ end of the table with the B axis parallel with Y. I set it up with the generic fanuc 5x mill post and control-9 file, created my model and programmed my part. A simple tilt B 12 degrees and mill a pocket using XYZ, with my WCS at the center of the part and bottom face, and posted out the code. I then tried to turn on work shift (mi6) and then enter my shift values to the point of rotation in mr7-mr9 and post the code, no difference in code. So I edit the post to turn on the work shift and then entered the same values in mr7-mr9, this seemed to correct the values for x but not z. I then created another plane and shifted it to the point of rotation, turned off work shift, zeroed mr7-mr9 and posted. perfect! So my question, is there a bug in the generic fanuc 5x mill post and control-9 file that they don't fully communicate with each other, ie.. mi6 does not activate/deactivate work shift and that the post does not fully calculate XYZ when using axis shift, to the point of rotation? I have compared the two posted files, one where I programmed to the point of rotation and one where I use work shift to the point of rotation and they are very different. TIA
  25. shazam/TPP

    Generic Fanuc 5x Mill post in X9

    justchips, I am programming from the point of rotation. I just wanted to know if the axis shift works in case for some reason I would need to use it.

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