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  1. ok i'm missing something, Ever since I've gone to MC 2022 the button circle in the attached does nothing. magically i noticed it was working yesterday, today not working, what am a doing or not doing to get this to work.
  2. THANKS GUYS, our tooling guys came through just now got taps and drills from OSG
  3. I have this already, my problem is i need up to 5/8-11 sizes are: 5/8-11 3/8-16 1/5-13 1/4-20
  4. Looking for a chart or formula for tap drill sizes, or ranges, for STI threads but roll form or cold form tapping .
  5. I have created multiple different planes from multiple surfaces of a solid model. we now we are moving the job from one machine to another, where now the top plane needs to be the front or whatever. but after translating and rotating things to their new place, the created planes do not move/follow the origan from where they were created. There must be a way for the custom planes to stay relative to a surface or model it was created from. Or is there a way planes should be created from the start next time so this process is easier to transition?
  7. Appreciate someone taking a look MORPH-3-AXIS.ZIP
  8. ok just got back to this.....I did what you explained, i was able tp create and select the new axis combination, but still get the first error. " rot_on _x is disabled etc. the second error no longer comes up.
  9. I'm using a morph tool path for 3 axis machine, but when i go to post i get these errors. is this my post? or am i missing a hidden setting somewhere?
  10. yes, i found the original post, just didnt notice the second page....oops i see hes been updating, im just behind thanks
  11. Im going into MCAM2020 and trying to transfer things, ihave a chook i like to use, so i copied the .dll & .ft files to the chooks folder. When i try to run it i get this error. how do i "rebuild" the files for 2020?? if thats my problem thnaks

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