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    Cleaning tool holders

    Hello Kevin, Varsal is a chemical company, I believe they make a couple different solvents for use in ultrasonic cleaners.
  2. JHyder2

    Best programming method

    For what it's worth, if the geometry/dimension was critical, (assuming you're cutting into a solid and the groove is not established/roughed at all), I would use an equal scallop, set to counterclockwise spiral, using the groove perimeter as containment, and containing the center of the tool to that boundary. Probably using a 4mm 2-flute ball. That would start the tip of the ball tangent to the top edge and make passes around the perimeter, spiraling inward toward the bottom until the groove was complete. This would be better/simpler motion for the machine with less deceleration/acceleration/direction change while also not being so hard on the tip of the tool. And, if I had to guess, it would be a faster operation also.
  3. JHyder2

    AutoRegen - CHook

    Gunther, Can you pretty pretty please get us a 2021 version to use in the technical preview/betas?
  4. JHyder2

    convert config files

    I've never lost anything you mentioned using the migration wizard. It converts tool libraries as well as operation and other defaults I've previously set. I can't comment on post changes, because I leave all post editing to my re-seller. That being said, my post works the same in each new version as it did in the prior.
  5. JHyder2

    convert config files

    File > Convert > Migration Wizard is how I've always brought everything over. Works great.
  6. JHyder2


    Yes, it copies and updates them.
  7. JHyder2


    I have only gone from one version to the next (2017 to 2018, 2018 to 2019, etc.) but the migration wizard has always worked fine for me. It is located in File > Convert If you select advanced migration, you will have the opportunity to select the location your source files (mymcam2018 and shared mcam2018) and Mastercam should handle the rest. edit: This will (should) bring over your current colors, quick access toolbar, tabs, everything.
  8. JHyder2

    Rookie Mistake

    There's a pretty simple way to do this without using any add-ins, unless I'm missing something about your question: Click on your machine group to select all operations Right click in the toolpath manager Select "Edit selected operations" then "Edit common parameters" Click the check-box next to planes and set your planes

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