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  1. Byte, you are the man. Thank you so much for your time and attention in helping me get this solved. Members such as yourself are the ones who make this community such a valuable resource, and we would all be well-served to try a little harder to help one another like you do for so many.
  2. It would be much appreciated!
  3. Byte, Thank you for all you do for the Mastercam community! I hate to continue asking for more, but it seems at some point the 2020 functionality went away. In my testing, at least one version was compatible...maybe it has to do with the version of nethook_3.dll that you used? Would it be possible to take this latest rev and get it compiled for 2020 as well? I hope that's not too much trouble for you.
  4. Here's the library! Thanks again! Mikron.tooldb
  5. After using it yesterday afternoon, there are two adjustments that would be the icing on the cake if they are possible! Currently it is loading two of each tool as I have them stored as a cutting tool, and as an assembly with holder in the library. It is not seeing this as a duplicate and I would like if it was able to load the assembly only. The other thing is that it is currently not loading/displaying the assembly name which would be helpful for my programmers.
  6. I was trying to activate it via run add-in. Added it to my QAT and it's flawless. Thank you so much!
  7. I tried again in 2020 and 2021 with these files and I still get nothing. Event log shows that it is running and exiting same as before. Makes me think I'm missing something either functionality or setup wise. I'm confident I have the files in the right place. Beyond that, could you elaborate a little more on the intended function? I had in mind that it would read the default library for the loaded machine, and bring in all those tools so that opening the toolpath parameters would show an already-populated tool list. Is that correct?
  8. Event log attached. I did make sure to grab both files. I made all changes in a new, empty file and restarted before testing. I tried in both 2020 and 2021. I'll wait for you to recompile and see if that helps.
  9. JHyder2

    Computation Error

    Ah yes pastor Bill, preach to us about positive attitudes. Computation errors often occur when user inputs are conflicting in my experience. You have a parameter limiting/preventing another from doing what it intends to do. Could be anything from drive/avoidance geometry, cut depths, depth limits, tool geometry, etc., or some combination. This is often the case in legacy paths such as high-speed pencil and flowline at least.
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I tried both files in C:\programfiles\mastercam and C:\programfiles\mastercam\chooks with no luck. I also set it to run at startup via configuration but that didn't change anything.
  11. Big time saver here! I use a similar configuration setup for various undersizes when machining electrodes.
  12. Yes, I started with our dealer but figured I'd ask here while I wait to hear back from them. I do appreciate the different perspectives and methods presented, and while they may not be a solution to my current project I hope to apply some of these things I've learned in the future. Thanks all!
  13. To those suggesting the template-file idea, I appreciate the idea and it seems like it would work well in many situations. While I suppose this could accomplish what I'm looking for, it makes more sense for my people to be bringing in tools every time rather than parts every time. I truly hope not to sound unappreciative of the solutions that have been offered. The situation at hand combined with our shop work flow is causing me to have a very specific goal in mind, and not changing anything would be better than making the wrong change. The library is the default in control and machine definitions, configuration, automatically load tools when machine is read into group is on in machine def, and the specific tools I want are applied in the control definition operation defaults as Millman suggested. None of this is having the desired result.
  14. Awesome, thank you. If it speeds things up like on the official forums, there are actually four people who will be using it if/when it comes out In all seriousness I appreciate the help and we are in no rush.
  15. If you wouldn't mind, that would be an excellent solution!

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